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[MUSIC]>>I have been a Microsoft
D for almost five years. I’ve heard all about the field, but I really didn’t know what it was. So when I heard that Microsoft Ignite The Tour was coming to 30 cities, I decided to stop here in Paris, the first stop of the tour, and see what the Developer
Relations team is doing here in France to make it an
amazing time to be a developer. In this episode of CodeStories, I’m going to sit down with some of the Developer Relations team at
the Microsoft France office. [MUSIC]>>Like butter and a good
croissant, Cloud Advocates, Cloud Advocate Program Managers, and Developer Relations Program
Managers go hand in hand. So tell us who you
are and what you do.>>So I’m Christopher Maneu and I’m a Cloud Advocates based in Paris.>>What does a Cloud Advocate do?>>Cloud Advocates are here
to make connections with all of the developer community and
our own Engineering teams.>>So I’m a Developer
Relation Program Manager. I focus more on helping the community leaders to
reach more developers.>>So I’m Cloud Advocate PM. So I worked with Cloud
Advocates mostly. My job is to make sure that
we are visible throughout of France and we are able to
connect with developers.>>So let’s talk about the community.>>So what we do is we help
them to do better events, to grow their communities, so in this way, we can
reach more developers. Not all the communities are in Paris.>>Okay.>>So we make pretty sure that we go meet the developers
even outside of Paris.>>It’s a collaboration with
all our teams together. Most of what we do is, as we say, go where developers are.>>I see.>>There are some places
where it pretty hard for the communities to find speakers, then to organize like
regular meetups. So basically, we can send them these events in a box,
so they can do a meetup.>>So what’s in the box here?>>Well, usually, in
these books, you have a few t-shirts, candies, stickers. Their goal is to
organize more workshops. So we call them this MS [inaudible].>>So what would you
say is different for the developer community in
France than everywhere else?>>I’d say we have a lot
of startups in France. Also, we have really a variety of technologies that are used
by developers in France. Most events are happening in Paris, but also some of them which are really good also outside of Paris
like in the south of France, we have some pretty big
conferences as well.>>You will want to meet the
developers even outside of Paris. So we do what we call
this MSDevRoadShow. So basically, we take a car, and it’s like three or
four of us and for a week, which is four cities. In every city, we stop. Then in every afternoon, we have these three to four hour
workshop in the universities. For every evening, we run a meetup. So we’ll just get in touch
with our local community, I mean, the roadshow wouldn’t be
possible without the community. We invited them to Ignite and there will be on the
booth delivering talk. So everybody elected to
bring friends who’d able to see that these
communities exist in France. So the idea is to do one per seasons. We had the spring as a roadshow, we had the summer and as a roadshow, and
then we had the fall one.>>That’s pretty cool.>>[FOREIGN]>>I’ve heard about this thing
called Station F here in France. Why don’t you tell us
what it is and how the collaboration helped there?>>Yes, Station F is a
big space for startups, so they host startups who are
working on their projects. They also host a lot of events. At this event, we are inviting some startups who are going
to show their projects.>>So that’s the collaboration
that we’ve been talking about?>>Exactly.>>So let’s talk about
Microsoft Ignite The Tour. How are we involved there?>>There are community booth here. So during the two days, there will be some communities
who will have a booth, a place where they will do talks. Also, be there to
meet the developers, so people know that this community exists and that’s one
of the thing to grow their community, once people
know that they exist, then can go to the meetups
and grow the algorithms.>>Well, this is amazing. You have totally educated
me on the wonderful things that are happening in
France for developers. I’m very excited. Thank you so much. We are going to like
it. France, high five. Booya, yeah. [MUSIC]>>We are here at Microsoft
Ignite The Tour Paris stop. I’m meeting with community
leaders around here. I have here apparently some awesome community leaders
and the TypeScript community. So tell us about the
TypeScript community here in Paris. What’s it like?>>Many people here are involved in this community and
this is very cool. We’ve got more than 1,000
people on the meetup.>>Yes. It all began in 2014 and a lot of speakers that come
and that’s great now.>>We are just the organizer, but all the attendees make up,
so this community very great.>>What kinds of things should people expect if they go to your group?>>Probably, knowledge-sharing
is the first one and after that, the
experiences with the language, especially in real projects. So people spend a lot of
time after the meetup to network and talk about how they use TypeScript in their
project in their company. Everybody’s happy about the sharing
because it’s really important.>>So I also understand that
you-all are releasing a book.>>Yes.>>Well, tell us about that.>>Yeah. So it was not really easy.>>Books are hard.>>That’s hard to understand
[inaudible] I can’t remember. Just writing that with Felix
and it’s released today.>>Today is the day?>>Yes, today is the day.>>That’s what they look,
so relax. They are like the book is done. That’s awesome. So where can people go to find
out more about your group, what you do, and how
do they get involved?>>We have a website. It’s pretty small, actually, but we plan to make it grow and list all the past meetups
in the near future. We have a flag group like Felix say. So it can be found
on the Meetup page.>>Thank you so much for all
you’re doing, you are awesome.>>Thank you.>>These are awesome community
leaders, am I right?>>Yes. Amazing. [MUSIC]>>Hey.>>Hey, [inaudible] .>>It’s so good to see you-all.>>Well, I’m Nicolas. I am the Main Organizer of the
Microsoft User Group in Rennes. Rennes is in Brittany,
the west part of France. We are a small town
with 158,000 people. So we wanted to organize some
meetups to meet some developers, but not only developers
because some people would use Microsoft technologies to
learn from each other, to wanted to come to organize some roadshow
and some meetups. They brought some
algorithms and worked on the IoT on Azure. It was nice. We invited some students, some developers who maybe 40
peoples or something like that.>>They were the first top
on the first roadshow.>>First top, first roadshow.>>It was nice for Rennes
because once again [inaudible].>>There’s not many events
there and maybe cut.>>No. Not for the developers.>>I see, and I love that
you’re actually going out to the community, and helping out, and doing all
these amazing things. Now, listen, I have
to go give a talk. Can you go talk to some of
the other [inaudible] ?>>Sure.>>All right. So I’m going
to go. Well, see you later.>>See you later. [MUSIC]>>I’m here with Guillaume. Guillaume is one of the
leader of the community live in the north of France. What does it mean to be
a leader of a community?>>It means to organize some free events in order to
bring technology to everyone. So it’s local event, you just have sign up and
then you come as you are.>>Perfect. I heard that you are
part of the Microsoft Roadshow. Can you tell me more about it?>>The subjects of the
talks was interesting because it was IoT on the library. It is very interesting on the
Azure about the Azure Functions. This is the first time that
Microsoft came to us at dinner. So that was wonderful.>>Well, thank you
very much, Guillaume.>>Thank you really.>>See you.>>See you. [MUSIC]>>I’m with Antoine with the
Marketing and Communications Manager in the Developer
Relation Team. Hi, Antoine.>>Hi.>>So let’s say I am a developer in France and I want to
know more about Microsoft, about your technology, and
even if I want to meet you, where should I go, what should I do?>>This is the best tool for content creation
that we have right now. The newsletter is called
Microsoft.source and it’s designed by
developers for developers. I’m working with the whole team to take some contents like articles, tips and tricks, and how to
code some things like that. You can also find all
the events and also training sessions
mostly on Microsoft.>>That’s perfect.
Thanks for joining me.>>Thank you really. [MUSIC]>>Thank you so much for watching. Be sure to like and subscribe
to CodeStories to see what else we’re up to this week in
Paris and where we go to next. [MUSIC]

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