Modern Shakespearean Sonnet 84. On Keats’ “On First Looking into Chapman’s Homer”, by Andrew Barker

Hi, I’m Andrew Barker. This is “Modern
Shakespearean Sonnet Number 84: On First Looking into Keats’ “On First Looking into
Chapman’s Homer” in a Poetry Anthology.” Much have I traveled. Have I? Who has not/ Flown through and over poems taking in/ Our fill through many snaps. We’ve seen a
lot,/ And read some even. Most enlightening,/ The many, many thoughts here seen. And yet?/ That loud and bold way Keats heard Chapman speak/ Of Homer, who today would claim to
get/ That feeling flicking, clicking through the Greeks/ Then Romans, through
romantics, Moderns, Post-/ We do the tourist bit we’d like to stay;/ But who’s
got time? So many long dead ghosts/ We know as once seen prints upon the
page./ It’s true there’s much to see but much to miss/ In single sightings of bards/ greatest hits. Thank you. That was “Sonnet 84” from “Joyce is Not Here: 101
Modern Shakespearean Sonnets.” If you enjoyed that please Comment, Like,
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