Monday Morning Musings – S04E07 – Represent!

Hey folks! It’s me, Michael Bach, your Diversity Dude, and this is Monday Morning Musings. (upbeat music) So some people who know me know that I like to play games. Not… like games with other people, no… like, video games. I like video games. I have since I was a kid. The first game console I had was an Atari 400, which I fought my father nightly to play Pac-Man. I had a Commodore 64. I like video games. Now, of course, I use my iPad to play video games. I probably use it more to play games that anything else. And not complicated games, not like Fortnite. I’m not good. I’m playing, you know, games that can be played by a six-year-old. Recently, I started playing a new game. It’s called Hustle Castle. Don’t get any ideas. You build a castle, you fight battles, it’s kind of silly but it amuses me for a few minutes. And the other day, the splash screen came up as the game was loading and it caught my attention. It’s the same splash screen that has been coming up since I started playing the game a few months ago, but it looks something like this. Now, what might I be focusing on? That’s right, the majority of the characters are white men. Now, we’ve got a Black guy over here on the right-hand side. We’ve got one woman here, she’s a mage, she’s right beside the Black guy. And then we’ve got this woman over here on the left that looks like some damsel in distress. And behind her *may* be a guy who might be East-Asian or he might be having some sort of dietary issue. Hard to tell. But I saw this and I started looking at the rest of the game. Let me show you what I see. These are images of my game play. I’m not very good. I’m a new player, I kinda suck. Every single character in the game is white. Every one. Now, from a positive perspective, you can do all the same things with the female characters as you can do with the male characters, except for the reproductive process, where you actually do make babies in the game, which is kind of weird to put in a game but at least it’s not graphic. It’s how you grow your population. And as I looked at it, it really got me thinking: If I was black or brown or anything but white, I don’t see myself in this game. And extrapolate that out, I don’t see myself in film and TV, in leadership, in politics, at least in the Canadian context. I don’t see myself and that must feel really lonely and frustrating. So when issues happen, whether it’s around the treatment of people from Black Afro-Caribbean heritage, whether it’s Indigenous people, and they’re angry, it’s hard not to be. We as a society continue to try to erase them. Now there was a recent module and I unfortunately didn’t capture it in a screenshot, but it showed the four developers of the game and they all appear to be white men. They may be gay, they may be trans, they may be living with a disability, things I can’t see, but four white guys. And the likelihood is they’re four straight, white, able-bodied guys. The point I’m trying to make in recording this video is to send a message to developers that your games should be reflective of the population. I should have the ability to change the ethnicity of characters so that I could have a great deal of diversity or I might have any entire castle of people who are Black. That’s up to me. It’s a relatively easy fix I suspect. But if you force me to have all white characters, what’s the message you’re trying to send me? You should have characters in a game that represents not just your community around you, but the entire world. You need to be thinking about that because games can be played from anywhere. They can be downloaded from anywhere and I want to see myself in those games. And extrapolate out, I want to see myself in media and politics and executive positions. But until I see myself in the game, it’s really hard to expect that I’m going to see myself as the CEO. Something to think about. That’s it for me. Thanks so much for watching. Remember to subscribe to my channel by clicking on the link above, and… ring the bell! Right, ring the bell so that you get informed about any new videos and like the video! If you like the video, like the video. (mutters) ‘If you like the video, like the video…’ That didn’t make… (normal voice) If you enjoyed the video, click the like button, or the love button, or click a button… whatever. And also remember to connect with me on other social media platforms. I am @diversitydudemb. Also my podcast is back up and running! We had a little glitch there but it’s okay, we’re back. New episode has been released where I sit down and have a conversation with the CEO of BASF Canada, Marcelo Lu. He’s a very interesting guy and I very much enjoyed that chat. I think that’s it… I hope you have a fantabulous day. Oh wait! Talking to Canadians You need to get it where you get podcasts or go to I really should write this out. I should write it out and kind of post it… I hope you have a fantabulous week and I will see you next week for another episode of Monday Morning Musings. Bye! (upbeat music)

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