MSc Journalism – Sean Dodson

the master's degree in journalism is really a multimedia dig postgraduate degree without web multimedia in the title and nowadays journalism is multimedia no matter where you go so our masters degree mixes words images sound and ate it together on one platform got our own website all the student work is showcased and the philosophy underneath it all is that essentially we try and get our students to do real journalism almost straightaway when they begin the master's degree we try and connect our students with the real world as often as possible we have visits to the crown corps magistrate's court at the local council and we get our students to attend as many press conferences in local business as possible the staff delivering the course come from a wide range of backgrounds I was at the Guardian for 10 years we've also got the former deputy editor of Cosmopolitan we'll service as well as the regional local media here are represented and the expected career outcomes are traditional journalism of course newspapers magazines particularly and increasingly online but Leeds also has become a digital hub of new industries including things like search engine optimization and many of our students have found themselves working in these kinds of roles as well as digital marketing

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