Ole lochmann – Var Peter Madsen Flat Earther?

Moving on. There is manny conspiracy theories,
lets talk about what happend here in Denmark (Copenhagen) The terrible incident with Peter Madsen
also called Rocket Madsen Peter Madsen is accused of murder & dismemberment on Swedish journalist Kim Wall Ole lochmann whats your view on this? I don´t know what happend. What you know is what you read and see on different sources of news & media And the media in this event got their infomation from the police The police did a press conference then the danish news media spread the same information Thats all we know. But Peter Madsen was working on a rocket to go up more then 62 miles & its illegal to go further And he may not do it on solid ground only from a launch pad in the sea that also explains the submarine And i think he was stopped
so he didn’t reveal the truth about flat earth Peter Madsen is a person everyone know in Denmark. And thats why they stopped his space program Peter Madsens privat space program was the biggest of its kind in the world without government influence How hard is it to get a corpse? Peter Madsen say that Kim Wall walked out the submarine at rafsal øen There is surveillance at rafsal øen from there you can see if she did exit the submarine or not. When Peter Madsen set foot on shore a tv crew is there with him and you see him walk with a gold foil Like he is rescued from water
– They did that?
Yes but Peter Madsen is dry, completely dry cloth – How do you know that?
Watch the yt video when Peter Madsen comes to shore and this tv crew asking about Kim Wall and his cloth is dry Peter Madsen is shocked & sad that the submarine is sunken Peter Madsen reacts to the situation and are sad about the submarine & confused then arrested I think Kim Wall got double identity.
She worked as a freelance journalist in a big company From there she link to a fake Twitter account where she presents herself as Nicole Goddard And Nicole Goddard is a american space center. And also the name of a female astronaut i think Or space researcher, call it what you want.
I usually call them liars – Dear women have many names Yes she had multiply accounts And her family life is also interesting
because how do you make a fake identity? For example Her dad works at google
and her mom is a journalist Kim Walls mom went on stage, short time after her daughter was killed standing there with fake tears
(And promoting facebook grp to get donations^^) I think this is a setup to stop Danish space exploration – Who want to stop this? Before the submarine event. Peter Madsen
got a new partner Christian B a NASA rocket researcher And he starts to interfere in Peter Madsens worke
and they also didn´t get along really well I think NASA wanted to get influence in Peter Madsens space program trough Christian B a NASA employe Christian B is a Nasa architect & rocket researcher and have influence on technology for moon exploration And now according to Trump we need to
explore the moon instead of mars they change their mind all the time
as long as it cost monny then its fine So yes i think NASA is involved in the
submarine event & this is a coverup They wanted to neutralize Peter Madsen
and stop Danish space exploration – So what about Kim Wall? Kim Wall had connections to governments. She worked for the american & swedish state department I will describe Kim Wall as a insider And maybe she wasn’t on the submarine at all
– There is pictures? How do you know if the pictures are real or fake? Looks like Kim Wall but can also be someone else or photoshop – Your talking about the picture with Peter Madsen and Kim Wall on the submarine same day he cut all her limbs off? Yes. And Kim Wall shows the
illuminati sign upside down ………………. Peter Madsen is maybe a part of it. But first and foremost this is a big & important coverup They also say that Peter Madsen change his statement on what happend to Kim Wall The police didnt lock him up in a isolated cell. People had access to Peter Madsen days after he was charged for murder And Peter Madsen is maybe forced to say certain things In one way or another This is a serious thing Peter Madsen is accused for and gets a long sentence if he get convicted for killing Kim Wall


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