PISCIS HORÓSCOPO SEMANAL 9 AL 15 DE DICIEMBRE 2019 + Pregunta Interactiva Tarot

pisces welcome to your weekly reading from 9 to 15 December greets Jota and you’re here in my jack channel tarot I invite you to subscribe to activate the bell for you to reach all my Notifications and comments Leave me your name and your country to have you present when I’m doing my meditations before starting these readings also I can follow my instagram account and you can send messages down there is tarot 7 and there too I have daily horoscopes Let’s see what the energies are that You have for this week and I’ll be channeling different messages what will be happening this week overall in your life so I hope you enjoy this new format todito let up that way I know looks leaves you letter concluded in the the strange letter and the letter of the rebirth are telling me that your guides life the universe has placed you in a position in which you are not used to be you have placed in one area rather strange where you You feel you’re not familiar with the things you have around you It may be in your job may be in your Personal life’ve had to change residence to a place where you’re not used to being where there You know the people could have these warriors Piscean energies where You could be having new responsibilities You could be feeling that no eligible to make this new job or meet these new goals and you are saying Here your guides that of course You can do that this week you will to achieve a highlight and leave for later you will notice a growth but you have to believe in you not can allow the doubts and insecurities of others will reach affect you there is a situation in your life with this the conclusion that letter will reach an end a step of difficulty in which you do not You were hoping I was not sure what I was going on around you will I finish are also saying You are going to finally find the piece what you needed for a situation in your life have meaning there energies around you where you say you lacked something in particular say I have a feeling and I can not discover specifically what I need what I need this week you will have that clarity You have been looking the letter of the rebirth you are stating that this week you’ll be able to achieve take a beast and the beast you have to take can be a job It may be a touch may be something you have to perform assigned and yet you could not fulfill my Pisces warriors as you are indicating that you’ll be able to overcome that hurdle you have in your life now you’ll have the energies and forces to find the right way and overcome This difficulty for some it may then be as they indicate that difficult position in which you find yourself Now where did it all to you right now it strange’re not used people you have around you you change the department in I work with a new policy changed in the company and now everything is a way upside down you feel you have flipped and you can not find again your course your way you’ll do this manage to overcome this obstacle week you have to have been having forces Let’s see what there is another message here for you This week my warriors Pisces They have the letter from the wheel Fortunately the letter of the xota drinks and Letter Tower you are talking about looking I I was talking about you find the Part of what makes you finally missing and it could be that for some of you They are hoping to finish courses college training and finish you might need that title After college in order to claim some kind of new position at work a new position in your life to up and you indicate that definitely you are going to be finding this week so that you need You might be also thinking start college thousand degrees of Pisces and you are in these energy moments where you do not know which way to where you are afraid express your words I see you’re going to be having a conversation with someone important with This letter from the Page of Cups Where are you going to have a lot like fear or energies where they want to express your words because you’ll have to put an end to some stage in your life It could be also you’re thinking take some kind of radical change this letter from the wheel of fortune regarding your studies and you have to express that perhaps your family you no longer want to study law and no You want to study medicine want to leave employment where you are for do something different and that’s a Conclusion completion of something in your life is terrified you and this week you’ll have to give that news can unless this has already happened and does not have Reviewed anyone for this week have to because that truth is soon come to light and that could you generate many more problems than you could have if you’re the one who speaks First let’s see what else comes to you this pisces week Knight have to bastos 2 swords and Queen of Wands these letters here we are talking about a energies which seem to have to let go of two people in your life there is a person who is a toxic woman negative woman a vindictive woman this letter and Queen of Wands a young person who is the gentleman bastos they seem to be related these two people could be forgiving parents could be mother and son and daughter mother or father could be and daughter but it seems that here the father If that’s the situation he behaves a much more immature than daughter and is that seems to be the one who directed it and you’re in the middle can be then you’re the woman from of the center are women who are in the through this and this could be your partner and your daughter might not be a sister but here’s a conflict It is sparking between these two people and you are in the middle to go having to choose which of the two you you’re going to align with which of the two you You are going to agree and that will be a position that will be placed in a stage rather strange because you’ll having to turn away someone or your partner or your sister and that you have to do to avoid the destruction that seems to imminent comes to these situations and Here you indicated that manage more with honey and you manage to beat the beast who is it that beast is here so you can definitely then move towards a better horizons and if you have to be careful with these energies because both people They are related to you and then here one of two You will definitely end the heart hurt because obviously if your daughter you give back or if your sister who turns his back will stay with the injured heart because you are aligning with the energies You can then take your partner or brother there could also be attentive you are the mother who is in the middle and you have two children who are in Discord a daughter who is half bad man and a child is Half Nomadic it’s like nothing good relax this could also affect the situation and think you have the means may not have to choose with which one you align yourself how good I align myself with my daughter or I align myself with my son but maybe you and you feel they do not get along and you’re in center as well as critical and hands then settle their problems Quickly please I need peace and tranquility of my life and I need listen to one or speaking evil of the other and the other bad-mouthing the other because that does not work Power Let’s see how long it takes for will make your dreams come true my Warriors piscis you say you’re already ready and are ready at this moment you are ready Pisces to make your dreams come true so start taking action to they can manifest in your life and what advice they give you your angels in these moments Sorry if I’m a little congested He says you have to trust your say guides who have to rely on situations that are faring and also in yourself and your instincts Pisces my warriors do not let you convince others to do situations or say things that do not go with you and interactive question is going to go right now with numbers Lucky for this week you have the 68 have 10 or 11 and having that number and lucky day for you with a day full of positive energy where you will receive good news this week will be on Thursday and is that going to happen attentive to the Interactive question I will get two cards you have in these moments thinking about a question choose one of the two cards or you can also ask a question for each letter as you like you If you took is the option you did is a question for the answer option for you at this moment is a yes final fine if you took is the Option B the answer for you is a definite yes and this has been very rarely so if some of you was in doubt as ever they say and he tried to play him at the pacheca cards and see which of the two then you could stay because it has out twice a yes depends on what you asked for it may be positive or negative depends on your question but here is tried playing live with the cards you got it two other and is a tie reconfirmation these moments shows you the I recommend following videos here Love is the video for the month can see it in my channel j and tarot stores this side here is the link to You may have a private consultation me there can visit my page know then what are the different prices and consultations I Gothic decreed offer plenty of light and progress


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