Pokémon Go Community News October 11 2019

Good morning this is Hype GamerNetwork coming at you for October the 11th 2019 a couple of things I would like to talk to you about this morning here is tomorrow We got the trap pitch Community Day going on from 11 a.m. Till 2 p.m. Your local timezone So it’s one of wish you guys all good luck going out there to capture shiny trapinch tomorrow a couple of other things We’ll be talking about here today is that Niantic is made some significant upgrades on what’s going to be happening here in Pokemon go First and foremost we get the Pokemon Center event that’s going on in London so again This source is coming from our friends over at Go hub the second thing I’d like to mention out to about Niantic is that Niantic is announcing weight fair review system Now what wave fair review system? I had a chance to take a look at it last night it’s a basically a way for users to submit information regarding pokey stops, or make corrections like say there’s a pokey stop that’s like in an oval lake or something or not accessible to the public out there you’ll be able to You as a creator or earth that you as a trainer will be able to Make suggestions or add pokey stops or have them for you to become focused ops or gyms now. This is working both with Pokemon Joe and ingress This will be launched out before the end of this year. So I’m pretty hyped about that we’ve been wanting that for a long time in the States and It looks like our prayers are being answered as far as that is going to be concerned In other news Pokemon go px Jim’s update October 2019 So if you guys may or may not notice that we a huge boost here in Central, Florida As far as a XJR local park, which is nerve in ERP Northeast Regional Park over in Polk County, Florida Our second Jim Guffey boosted up to aex Jim status, so I’m pretty happy about that Jake Tavella I sent him a tweet yesterday. It looks like a lot of the gyms over Lake Eola actually got boosted up To eating status as well So I just wish they were he have status of me and him and hope you are l7 were actually out there Earlier this year for tortured community a that would have been pretty cool but um In Japan it looks like the October community Day has been postponed due to typhoon So I’m sure they’ll be getting a makeup day for that as well Basically that’s all the news that I’ve got right now, but I’m going to go on to a more of a personal type rant Not really a rant But just something that me and a few other Concentrators have been kind of been talking about behind the scenes here for the last month and a half or so So I like to encourage my antics you possibly if they’re able to to add the shining sound effect into Pokemon go a Lot of us if we’re catching pokémon or not sure, but Shawnee say for example, this is what I’m talking about Like say you got a shining Sun crane There’s not too much of a difference between the color scheme and let’s just say we’re distracted We’re talking to you a couple friends or whatever. It’s just a son current You know, so we’re not really noticing You know, this doesn’t happen with all Pokemon, but you know, there are some color schemes It’s kind of hard to figure out if it’s shiny or not What I’m requesting if Niantic is interested is basically that add Six generation shiny sound effect me poke the girls seven a few others have kind of edit our videos a little bit To give that appearance. Who’s the matches Sparkle? perfectly on And pokegrill seven I believe was using fifth gen Shiny sound effect on a couple of her videos back in the days. So, you know, they both fit the scheme pretty well Hopefully that Niantic will take this from the heart and maybe implement it into their game at some point soon That’s the first half of the coin so the other thing that I Would like to request for Niantic is basically to make the screen black a little bit like maybe darken it like if you are familiar with This gem six gen or seven Chinpokomon games. I’m sure you guys probably are This screen would turn black with it’s like hey, I’m looking at my phone late. Oh That’s a shiny now So hey You know, that’s another thing that can get our attention just to help you guys out and you know be informative as a curator something that you know Bring positive economy help to you guys if you guys are interested with definitely mean a lot to us the trainers out here And on that’s basically all that I’ve got right now. But so again tomorrow from 11:00 till 2:00 I’ll be over at Disney springs to Florida capturing Pokemon out there when we going for the high Ivy’s and High levels hopefully, so I’m looking for anything that’s like around level 30 or so. I don’t have to worry about Stardust or whatever We will be podcasting later on tonight So if Lauren if you guys want to tune into that I don’t have a set time so it might actually just be a video then again I might talk to maniac about back making it a live stream Oh, so we’ll talk about that but we will definitely have a podcast out tomorrow of hyped Pokemon go podcasts and that will be out tomorrow evening probably will add some more extra features to it talking about community day how we did and then For the other content creators out there. I put out a challenge to you guys earlier this week. You can just send me a Your total scores of shiny pokemon that you captured on to my twitter if you will again, this invite is out to everybody So I don’t have my work cut out for me for the week. And that’s for sure So again, if you guys are going out just have fun. Be safe stay hyped and I’ll see you guys in the next video


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