Political brawl over Perth CBD

take a walk through the city on any day and you'll see them men women even children sleeping rough this is the worst I've seen shelter waa says homelessness services can't cope every day two out of three people who ask for help don't get it Lisa Harvey says the government has failed she's also slammed the city saying the CBD is dirty and unsafe over the last couple of years it's actually become quite bratty but it's her comments the city is crawling with myth zombies that has the government seething Minister for five years as Police Minister suddenly finds out that meth is an issue well congratulations here's the certificate look the zombies I'd be worried about other zombies on lazer Harvey's backbench the new opposition leaders not backing down she says the city's and embarrassment and despite all the problems with Lisa Scaffidi she at least had it looking good it looked Shawny we were proud of it you seriously have to question the judgment of the opposition leader when she's saying that the suspended law bear lisa Scaffidi did a good job and this is where Lisa Harvey believes the solution lies it's been more than a year since the Perth City Council was suspended and she says installing new elected members here would help get things back on track but that could take a while the first public hearings of the inquiry into the previous council only start next month


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