Populism Will Save the Democrats

to save themselves Democrats must save capitalism Democrats suffer from a painfully common misperception that they're the party of the economic elite and it's not entirely false Democrats have shown exceedingly little concern for the problem of crony capitalism for the growing concentrations of economic power at the top the white working-class is convinced that the Democratic Party is on the other side of cultural and economic conflicts Democrats can dismiss the anger of this group or they can harness that ire for their own benefit in the good of the country populism is a much strided word these days but it's also part of an honorable American political tradition a strain of rhetoric deployed by the likes of Thomas Jefferson and Franklin Roosevelt Democrats need to craft their own reasonable version of it not Trump style economic nationalism but a program that rails against monopolies and not just monopolies but the ways in which big business manipulates government to beat back competition a center-left populism would excoriate the corporation's the tech companies the bank's the airlines that choke markets and trample consumers it would defend fairness rather than emphasize the redistribution of income and while economic populism won't ever turn West Virginia blue it would erode the devastating notion that the Democratic Party is the defender of the status quo Donald Trump might well implode and his implosion might take down his own party but to truly create a governing majority Democrats need a genuine populism that rescues capitalism from itself


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