Purdue Human Library 2020

SPEAKER 1: The human library
is a collection of people rather than traditional books. Each book represents
a community member that has a different experience
with discrimination, stigma, prejudice, or
unique walk in life. SPEAKER 2: For me, it
was a good experience that I was able to share
perspectives of individuals that I would have never had
the chance to understand in my life. SPEAKER 3: I think the
whole format is really well organized. It kind of flows when you come
in, you have some selections. SPEAKER 4: I came here and I saw
like the board with everything on it. And I was just amazed of how
many different people they were trying to represent here. And I think that
was in itself, just like a very
enlightening experience that many people from that
many different backgrounds just wanted to come
and share their story. SPEAKER 5: It was so
interesting because they touched such in a personal way. And it was well a lot more
like easy to connect with them. SPEAKER 6: I learned
a lot of things. Not only more about myself,
but more about other people’s perspectives. SPEAKER 7: It’s really
easy to be in your own head and not really understand
that other people are going through things
that are similar to you. SPEAKER 8: I got
to talk to someone who had struggled
with the things that I’m struggling
with right now. I think she gave me insight on
how she overcame those things. SPEAKER 9: I will
remember everything that we talked about today. I will use some of the
information that I’ve learned. SPEAKER 10: Being at book is
a really different experience. SPEAKER 11: To get the
different perspective of why people wanted to
read me or hear my story. SPEAKER 12: I feel like I’m
floating on a cloud afterward. And that’s the same
with other folks I know who’ve been
books from a variety of different perspectives. SPEAKER 10: I’m
glad I’m doing it. The things I’ve found
so far or the people are really interested
in other experiences. SPEAKER 11: And so it was just
fascinating to talk to people and hear their stories, and
kind of weave some of my own. Lessons learned as part
of the conversation. SPEAKER 12: I think that speaks
to the vulnerability, right? Of being a book, of
being an open book, and making oneself
available about something that’s very tender. SPEAKER 13: You know,
I’d came here for a class but I’m actually really
glad that I came. Would you come back? SPEAKER 14: Yes. SPEAKER 13: Yes. SPEAKER 9: It was great. It definitely was
unexpected, and I definitely want to come back. SPEAKER 15: It’s
something really amazing.

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