Queensborough Community College – 2014 Commencement Exercises

– President Call, I
have the honor to report that there are now present,
members of the graduating class, the staff and the faculty of
Queensborough Community College of the City University of
New York (audience cheering), the governing bodies
of the city of New York and the state of New York,
all gathered to participate in these, the 53rd commencement exercises, of Queensborough Community College of the City University of New York. (audience applauding) Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the 53rd commencement exercises of Queensborough Community College of the City University of New York. Please stand, please stand for the singing of America the Beautiful
which will follow immediately. Queensborough music students
Chandra Tjong and Stephen Tak under the direction of Dr.
Stephen Dahlke will lead us in the singing. ♪ Oh beautiful for spacious skies ♪ ♪ For amber waves of grain ♪ ♪ For purple mountain majesties ♪ ♪ Above the fruited plain ♪ ♪ America, America ♪ ♪ God shed his grace on thee ♪ ♪ And crown thy good with brotherhood ♪ ♪ From sea to shining sea. ♪ (audience cheering) – The audience will please be seated. Ladies and gentlemen, the president of Queensborough Community College of the City University of
New York, Dr. Diane B. Call. (audience applauding) – Thank you Grand Marshall Asser. On this very special day, the
53rd commencement exercises in our history, we celebrate
the accomplishments of our students who will
receive degrees and certificates and you all look amazing, really good. (audience applauding) And in a very short time, you
will be official graduates of Queensborough Community College. Welcome to your family and friends, to the many elected
officials, to representatives of the CUNY Board of
Trustees, the Chancellery, the Queensborough Community College fund, and especially the faculty and staff, who were such an important part
of your college experience. This year more than 2,000
students will graduate from Queensborough. Some will go on to university study. Our graduates have applied
to over 75 colleges across this country and
they will choose to study at extraordinary schools, such
as our CUNY sister schools Queens, Baruch, any takers? (student cheers) York, Hunter, John Jay
(audience cheering), New York City Tech, CCNY, College of Staten Island. Some of our graduates
will go to SUNY colleges, such as Albany, Stony
Brook (audience cheering), and Binghamton. Some of our graduates will
attend a private school, including NYU, the Cooper
Union, Dartmouth, Columbia, Hofstra, Adelphi (audience cheering), St. Johns (audience
cheering), UPenn, Syracuse, Brown, Cornell, Fordham, Georgetown, and even
the University of Miami. Some of you will graduate
from rigorous career programs which have prepared you
to work in the health, business and technology fields. You came to Queensborough
from all parts of the world, representing over 143 countries of birth, with 84 native languages represented. Each of you has a
personal story of courage, determination and sacrifice
to achieve the dream of a better life for you and your families through education, and all of us salute your accomplishments. Among you are military
veterans who placed their lives in harm’s way to protect our way of life. I’d like to call their names our graduates who are here with us. Bradley Adams. Brenda Carpenter. Myron Griffith. Davood Hajiji. Michael Lawrence. Franz Markas. Rusing Parker. Jasmine Rivera. Jonathan Rojas. Nasir Khan. Will you along with others
in the audience who have served our country, please
stand and be recognized? (audience applauding) Thank you. Our youngest graduate
today is just 18 years old. Kyle Marcus Enriquez. (audience cheering) Among our many graduates who have distinguished
themselves academically we are especially proud
of Miss Wu Ting Chen. We know her as Joyce. Joyce was chosen from
over 3,700 candidates across this country to be the recipient of the Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship. There were only 85 of these awards given in the United States, and it includes a $30,000 a year scholarship. (audience audience) Miss Chen graduated in
January and she’s now at Stony Brook studying biochemistry. As graduates you leave with knowledge, new and advanced skills, and most of all with personal values
developed through the journey which took to you to this special day. Your experiences in and
outside of the classroom have changed you. Interactions with one
another, with strangers who became friends, with faculty and staff who became mentors, all
influenced your life. Now you will apply your
knowledge, your skills, and most of all, the values
you hold to better your life and that of others. This is your day and many
important people have come to bring you greetings. It is my absolute pleasure to welcome the Honorable Toby Ann Stavisky,
New York State Senator, and ranking member on the Senate
Higher Education Committee. Senator Stavisky leads the
effort, without tiring, to maintain access to affordable
and high quality education for all who seek it. Senator Stavisky? (audience applauding) – Thank you President Call. I loved the way that sounds. We have a terrific president, and in fact, Queensborough has had a succession of really fabulous leaders. Let me quote Abraham Lincoln. A hundred and fifty
years or so ago, he said, “If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, “I’d spend six hours sharpening my axe.” That’s what you’ve been doing. You’ve been sharpening
your axe, getting ready for graduation and either
a job or continuing on to other institutes of higher education. As the president said, you come from all corners of the world
because the United States and New York is truly
the land of opportunity, and it’s the land of opportunity and new opportunities for you. So no matter whether
you are the traditional 20-year-old or the non-traditional student as your student government president is, and he has an amazing story,
Queensborough is the place for the opportunity. Queensborough traces its
history back to the founding of The Free Academy in 1847,
which is now City College. At that time their mission
was to educate the sons and daughters of immigrants. It hasn’t changed, that’s
what we’re doing today. This mission is as alive and
vibrant as it was in 1847. This is a commencement,
but it’s also an end and a beginning. The legislative session in
Albany is coming to an end, and we’ve had some successes in Albany. We increased the Taft
Award by a small amount, but it’s the first time in 14 years that we’ve had an increase. But we had a major disappointment,
and that’s the Senate’s failure to pass the Dream Act. The Dream Act makes sense
because it would enable undocumented students to receive tuition at the normal price and that’s something that we in Albany, and I know, my colleagues here all support. So let me end with one
of my favorite quotes from Harriet Tubman, the abolitionist. She said, “Every great
dream begins with a dreamer. “Always remember you have
within you the strength, “the patience and the passion
to reach for the stars to change the world.” So let us continue the
dream that begins today. Thank you. (audience applauding) – Thank you Senator Stavisky. It is now my pleasure to introduce and welcome the Honorable David Weprin, member of the New York State Assembly, and a longtime friend to Queensborough. (audience applauding) – Thank you President Call. Good morning honored
guests, professors, parents and, of course, the
graduating class of 2014. (audience cheering) I wanna thank Queensborough
Community College and President Diane Call for allowing me to share a few words with
these accomplished graduates. I greatly appreciate this
opportunity each and every year because as a member of the
New York State Assembly I don’t have many chances to dress like a Hogwarts student in public. (audience laughing) Give yourselves a moment
to take in this day. Your college career probably seemed to be a marathon of classes, projects,
club meetings, job hunting and countless other challenges. Through it all, you grit your
teeth and charged forward exceeding every expectation along the way. You truly are a remarkable
group of young men and women, and some older men and women. With all your diligent work
and innumerable accomplishments you have earned the
privilege to wake up early on a beautiful Friday
morning while the college mispronounces your names. (audience laughing) To all the graduates here
today, I can say on behalf of myself and you’ll hear
from my colleagues as well in the New York State Assembly,
we are immeasurably proud of each and every one of you. I admire your steadfast determination and your hunger for success. There were those of you
who seemed to have wings and you just soared over the obstacles and challenges that crossed your path. It is a wonderful gift and one
that never fails to amaze me. The best among you will
go on to cure disease, spread peace and permanently
improve the human condition. You will make history and will be applauded time and time again. You guys will be fine. To the mediocre among
you, I suggest running for the New York State Assembly. (audience laughing) Commencement is a goal
and an accomplishment, however, it marks the beginning
of new challenges ahead. Each one of you will find
a way to change the world in some way. Armed with a great education and the love of those closest
to you, the class of 2014 can be a great force for
good for your families, your community and the
lives of those you touch. At every turning point in your lives, remember Mahatma Gandhi’s words. “Live if you were to die
tomorrow, learn as if you were “to live forever.” Thank you. (audience applauding) – Thank you Assemblyman Weprin. Also representing the
New York State Assembly the Honorable Nily Rozic. (audience applauding) – Thank you President Call. Queensborough grads, how y’all doing? (audience cheering) That was pretty lame. Queensborough 2014, where y’all at? (audience cheering) All right, that’s better. So I’m Assemblywoman Nily Rozic. I represent many of you
in the State Assembly. Such a great pleasure and honor to be here with so many of you, with
the board, with your parents, with all you academics, and as someone who can probably still consider
her a friend of yours, a colleague, someone of
the same age perhaps, I wanted to come by and offer
just a few words of advice that I wish someone had
told me when I graduated, not so many years ago. Hopefully one day I expect
you to be the kind of people to actually give elected officials advice, but here goes. Just a couple of things to keep
in mind, day in and day out. One is have a lot of fun in
whatever you decide to do and pursue, but work even harder. Enjoy what you do and
be passionate about it, and want to get out of
bed every single morning. I have that privilege and so
many of my colleagues do too. And most importantly especially
on sunny days like today, don’t forget to wear sunscreen. Thank you all for having me. Enjoy and congratulations. (audience applauding) – Thank you Assembly member Rozic. I am also honored to welcome
New York State Assemblyman Ed Braunstein. We’ve given him a new name. Higher Ed. (audience applauding) – Thank you very much President Call. I represent the district
that Queensborough College is located in, and I couldn’t tell you, we couldn’t be prouder to
have such a great institution in our neighborhood, and
it’s really the people. When you guys are out in the community coming back and forth
from school, we see you, you’re always kind and courteous. We really appreciate the vibrancy
you bring to the community and for those of you who are moving on, you’re going to be missed around here. I just wanna remind you to take a moment and stop and reflect on this
milestone in your journey. You’ve worked very hard
to get to this point. Your families and yourselves
should be very proud and you deserve a moment to stop and celebrate how far you’ve come. So congratulations and
enjoy the rest of the day. Thank you. (audience applauding) – Thank you Assemblyman Braunstein. I am particularly pleased to introduce the Honorable Wellington
Chen, who will bring greetings as a member of the CUNY Board of Trustees. (audience applauding) – Good morning. State Senator Toby Stavisky,
Assemblyman David Weprin, and Edward Braunstein,
Assemblywoman Nily Rozic, and President Diane Call and Vice Chancellor Iris
Weinshall, faculty members, families, friends and,
most importantly, you, the Queensborough Community
College graduate class of 2014. It is my great pleasure to
be here with you this morning to bring greetings on behalf
of the Board of Trustees of the City University of New York. One of the most rewarding responsibilities that bestows upon me is to be present at commencement exercise as I’m reminded that it is you, our students,
who are the energy force of our city, state and country. This morning I have the
opportunity to commend around 700 students who will be marching to receive their degrees at
this commencement exercise. Class of 2014, there are many
of you who are here today who have come from other
countries, such as I have, to pursue your dreams. You’re all inspiring examples
of how to overcome obstacles. I know many of you the
path you have chosen to your degree was not an
easy one, and many of you may be the first in your
family to earn a degree and you should be very
proud of that achievement. I think you should also take this moment to give the family
members who are here today who have given you a
tremendous amount of support, let’s give them a round of applause. (audience applauding) Also, my sincere thanks
should also go out to all the faculty members who are here today as your success at
Queensborough College is due to their dedication over the years, and many of them over the
decades, adding so much more to your learning experience. So let’s give them a
round of applause also. (audience applauding) (audience cheering) You began a journey when you entered Queensborough
Community College and today you have attained your degree because of your hard work,
dedication and perseverance. You’re on your way to
success, class of 2014. I salute you. Be proud of yourself, but always remember, as the Chinese old saying goes, learning is a lifelong experience,
and so keep on learning congratulations and good luck and before your put on your sunscreen, remember to come back. After you put on your sunscreen, I expect you to contribute
back to this community. Good luck and (mumbles). (audience applauding) – Bringing greetings from the Chancellor is the Vice Chancellor
for Festivities, Planning, Construction and
Management, Iris Weinshall. (audience applauding) – Good morning. It’s an honor to be here
today on this joyous occasion in this celebrated company. On behalf of our Interim
Chancellor, William Kelly, and my colleagues at
the CUNY Central Office, let me say to today’s remarkable
graduates: congratulations. All of us at CUNY are so proud of everything you’ve accomplished. Your spirit, your determination
and your creativity are an inspiration. Today you have reached the finish line, but you’re also at the starting point for the next chapter of your lives. I can tell you as a fellow
alum of the CUNY system, you’ve made an investment in your future and that investment will pay off. My graduation was a pivotal moment for me and I’m sure it’s for each of you. My education opened up
crucial doors for me, doors that led me here
today and my career. I cannot wait to see what
doors you open in the months and years to come. It’s a real pleasure to be here today on this beautiful campus in
this rich and diverse community. Queensborough truly encapsulates the heart of the CUNY mission and experience. I’m so excited that all of
the new facility projects we’ve been working on on this campus will make it even better. With the superb leadership and the vision of President Diane Call,
some really special things are in store. I hope you’ll come back to
visit and enjoy the campus. Know that Queensborough is a
home to which you can return and that you will always
feel the support and pride of this great institution on your back. I congratulate Dr. Call and
all the faculty and staff here for their unflinching
dedication to your success. Congratulations to all
your friends and families who’ve supported and encouraged you. It is my supreme honor to share
this singular day with you. Thank you and congratulations. (audience applauding) – Thank you Vice Chancellor Weinshall. Bringing greetings on
behalf of the faculty, Professor Alexandra Tarasko, Chair of the Faculty Executive Committee. (audience applauding) – Welcome students and graduates. On behalf of the faculty, congratulations to the class of 2014. We are so proud of you
and your accomplishments. (audience applauding) We the faculty know how hard you’ve worked to sit here today. Many of you have faced challenges as you pursued your degree. Like many of you and your families, I was not born in this country. Like many of you, I did not speak English when I began school. Like many of you, my family
struggled financially as they had to get jobs when
they didn’t speak the language. In fact, I remember as a
student in elementary school going to get a pair of shoes for the fall with my father, and I
wanted a pair of red shoes. My father said no, you can
only have brown or black shoes because they have last you the
year until you outgrow them. Well the first thing I did
when I got my first paycheck, thanks to my education, was
to get a pair of red shoes. (audience applauding) Like all of you sitting here
today, my education began at a city university. It was free at that time,
and if it was not for the City University of New York
I would not be standing here as a faculty member in
the nursing department it gave me the opportunity
to pursue my dreams. I also struggled through college. Although tuition was
free, I still had to pay for transportation and books. So during my studies I
worked in a sweat shop, packing sweaters into boxes in a place without air conditioning. I almost lost my job there
because I talked about getting a union in to increase wages and get some air conditioning in here. (audience applauding) During my career in the
sweatshop I got promoted from packing sweaters to
sewing buttons on sweaters using a sewing machine. I insisted that this was
a higher skill and I asked for a raise, and I got it. Why am I telling you these stories? Because I want you to consider
that as you move forward don’t be concerned that your path is not like that of others, it
takes courage to be yourself and not live in reaction to the likes and dislikes of others. Be courageous and follow your heart. You need to walk down your own unique path in order to honor yourself
and fulfill your purpose. We the faculty sincerely
hope we have given you the tools to be courageous and we hope we have instilled in
you a love of learning. We are very proud of you, congratulations. (audience applauding) – Thank you Professor Tarasko. Bringing greetings from the
college’s Academic Senate is the Chair of the Academic
Senate Steering Committee, Dr. Peter Bales. (audience applauding) – Thank you President Call
and distinguished guests, and congratulations to the class of 2014. (audience cheering) I am here representing
Queensborough’s Academic Senate. For those of you who don’t know, the Academic Senate is
the democratic voice of the academic community of Queensborough Community College. It is made up of the various
constituencies of the college, including faculty,
administration, alumni, and yes, most definitely students. In other words, for over 50
years now the Academic Senate has been the place where
we’ve all come together to decide collectively
what kind of a place we want Queensborough to be. A number of our graduates
have contributed to the work of the Academic Senate and I wish to acknowledge them by name. The outgoing SGA officers
are Stephen Jones. (audience applauding) Leia Ramos Arsay. (audience applauding) Nuwong Yankee. (audience cheering) Latiffa Facey. (audience cheering) Ross Dong. (audience cheering) Lindsay Benjamin. (audience cheering) Joely Kauffman. (audience cheering) Eric Vastad. (audience cheering) Jessica Opokwa. (audience cheering) Zufagara Sumrole. (audience cheering) These graduates have made a difference and we should thank them
with a round of applause. (audience applauding) And now, to all of you
graduates as you embark on life after Queensborough, remember
that you are citizens of New York City, New York
State, the United States of America, and the planet Earth. Along with its privileges, citizenship carries responsibilities. So care, form opinions,
get fired up, get mad and don’t ever forget to vote. (audience applauding) Take this world from your
elders and make it your own and while you’re at it, make it better. Definitely make it better. Today is a fine time to
enjoy your accomplishments with your friends, and tomorrow when you are making new
friends, always remember your old friends here at Queensborough. Thank you and congratulations. (audience applauding) – Thank you Dr. Bales. Bringing greetings from
your fellow students is Mr. Stephen Jones, president of Queensborough Student Government. (audience cheering) – President Call, Vice
President Hartigan, professors, faculty, staff, honored
guests and, of course, my fellow graduates, we made it. (audience applauding) It has been a privilege
to serve as the college’s student government president. I want to thank God for
carrying me this far. If not for him, I would not be here today. It is an honor to speak
at this esteemed event. I was very scared when I
first walked onto this campus. You see, being 60 years
old and back at school, (audience applauding) Being back in school after
43 years and after only completing the 8th grade,
enrolling in college was a big adjustment. (audience applauding) Coming from one of the most under-economically-privileged
communities in New York City, which is South Jamaica Queens, (audience cheering) where one is not expected
to excel, let alone survive, I want to tell you, there are no excuses. I have made it. (audience applauding) Allow me a few minutes to tell my story. When I was 16 years old,
my father signed me up to go into the Army. I had to wait until my 17th birthday before the Army would take me. Mind you, all I had was
an 8th grade education. Then when I was discharged from the Army, I tried to find work. Since I was a veteran, I
thought it was gonna be easy to get a job (chuckles),
but quickly I learned being a vet made no difference. I could not find any work, anywhere. Finally, I found a job off Liberty Avenue and Dunkirk Avenue, a
place called Modern Made. It was a factory. Since I did not have
a high school diploma, they hired me to do minimal work. They had me climb into a big
flour vat around 30 feet high. Once inside I had to shovel
flour into a metal garbage cans until they were full and use
a pulley to bring the cans out of the vat. That was my job for eight hours a day. When I was not in the vat shoveling flour, I was walking around
the factory scraping gum off the floor with a paint scraper. Even though I was a veteran,
back then without a diploma of some sort of degree,
the only work I could get was less than a factory worker. I could not believe that
while being a veteran and serving my country
well I still could not get a decent job. I worked at McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, K-Mart, and various other similar companies. What really got to me was
that I was not a cook, cashier or even a stock worker. All employers hired me
as a maintenance person, still scraping gum off the floor. Believe me, coming from
South Jamaica Queens, I was faced with a lot of
obstacles, just trying to survive. Every time I tried to advance,
something would come up to set me back. I knew in my heart there
had to be a better way. So I prayed to my God
to show me a better way. I don’t know exactly when
it happened, but one day I saw a sign saying
veterans, get your GED. I signed up in June 1975
and I completed my GED that following year. You see, no matter how hard you fall, the answer is how fast you get up. (audience applauding) It is no excuse and today,
I am graduating from QCC. (audience applauding) I made the Dean’s List with a 3.3 GPA. (audience applauding) While going to school full
time, I worked from 5 p.m. to 11 and working again from 12 a.m. to 8 a.m. Before coming back to school. (audience applauding) Finally, I wanna thank my
beautiful wife Shirley, who’s here today. (audience applauding) Who stood by me during
this journey of achievement and who supported me from day one. I wanna thank my close
friends who are also here in the audience and have
supported me since my childhood, and again, to my fellow
graduates, we did it! (audience applauding) By the way, never stop
your desire to learn and as Dr. Call is known to
say, always remain curious. Congratulations and thank you. (audience applauding) – Thank you Mr. Jones. Truly thank you. With us on the platform are
many distinguished guests, so please hold your applause
until I have finished recognizing them. From the college, Provost, and Senior Vice President Michael Reiner, Vice Presidents Karen
Steele, Ellen Hartigan, Rosemary Zins, William
Faulkner, and Denise Ward. Deans Liza Larios, Michel
Hodge, Paul Jean-Pierre, Arthur Corradetti and Laura Bruno. Representing our own
Queensborough Community College Fund Board of Directors,
Miss Eleanor Imparato, and the Chairpeople from our 17 amazing academic departments. (audience applauding) We now move to the
portion of the ceremonies when we recognize those
members of our graduating class who are receiving honors. It is my pleasure to
present the college awards. The recipients please come
forward as I call your name. The John F. Kennedy Memorial
Award goes to the student demonstrating outstanding
college and community leadership. Mr. Damien Ewko. (audience applauding) Congratulations. – Thank you. – The Martin Luther King Junior Award presented to a student
who has demonstrated exceptional leadership in
promoting racial harmony and appreciation of cultural diversity. Mr. Stephen Jones. (audience cheering) The President’s Award for
Outstanding Achievement in the Associate and
Arts degree is awarded to Mr. James Conroy, who
could not be with us today, but he did an amazing
job in his degree area. The President’s Award for
Outstanding Achievement in the Associate in
Science degree is shared because these two students
have a perfect GPA. And here that’s a 4.0. Mr. Kim Jin Ung and Mr. Sun Song. (audience applauding) The President’s Award for
Outstanding Achievement in Applied Science degree
goes to Mr. Allan Perlow who could not be with us today. 50 years ago Queensborough
Community College celebrated its 3rd commencement ceremony. This year the college
celebrates the golden jubilee of our class of 1964, and
the silver anniversary of the class of 1989. Members of these classes
have traveled back to QCC to reunite with their former classmates and to salute you, the class of 2014. They’re with us today, the
50th anniversary class, Herman Berger, Ira Swartz, Patrick Cline, Michael Kalin, Michael Petricious, Joseph Macone and Michael Tobin. From the 1989 class, celebrating
its 25th anniversary, Kristie Cobarro, Oris McKay, Elizabeth Hanson, Ethel Kato, Asraq Isiz, Laureen Bacter, Karen Clonsberg, Sabrenna Lomohammad and
Angela Menarie Rubio. (audience applauding) Welcome home alumni. – We shall now proceed with
the conferring of degrees and certificates. (audience cheering) The candidates will be
presented by the Provost and Senior Vice President
for Academic Affairs, Dr. Michael Reiner. Will the audience please
refrain from applauding until each degree group has been conferred and certificates granted. Will candidates for the
degree of Associate in Arts, please rise? – President Call, these
candidates have met all the requirements for their degrees. I am pleased to present them
to you, and I respectfully request that you confer
upon them the degree of Associate in Arts. – Upon the recommendation
of the Vice President and the faculty of the
college and by the authority vested in me by the Board of
Trustees of the City University of New York, I hereby confer upon you, the degree of Associate in
Arts with all the rights, privileges, immunities and
honors thereunto appertaining. – [Female] Chante Rice. (audience applauding) Elon Okechukwu. Debra Goodman. Bruce Canselo. Johairo Lopez. Khadija Anderson. Shadazia Covington. (audience cheering) Danielle Warner. Ana Valdez. Patricia Acosta Almonte. Katrina Robbins. Yomayra Ferreira. Paressa Hailazopoulos. Elizabeth Ulathe. Stephanie Villacis. Dayana Flores. Sheila Ferguson. Josephine Carleo Bonanno. Jessica Cologne Olivia Roach. Nancy Figueroa. Dennis Corpeno. Shanelle Rivera. Tiffany Patterson. John Duran. Wendy Gonzalez. Catherine Fiore. Jenny Ma. Betty Walter. Adrian Williams. Nicole Volkarick. Magali Alexis. Irina Musayeva. Hennessis Castillo. Shelly Singh. Moddie Cannon. Jazmyn Bernard. Joevanne Ledres. Landena Muratovich. Daisy Leon. Nazir Khan. Natalia Kass. Shakia Hall. Alexandra Charles. Karen Romero. Roberta Hudgens. Andrew Jean. Katia Kisbay. Angelo Jiao. Marwa Elgizawy. Marsha Horne. Angela Cimieri. Genesis Fernandez. Magdalena Arvelo. Alejandra Velasquez. Melyssa Banks. Amber Wilds. Julissa Wilds. Tracey Monroe. Thomas Williams. Natalie Wyatt. Danielle Fleming. Andrea Patino. Angelique Medina. Latoya McCrae. Jallisa Cadet. Melanie Binanti. Jayne Chierico. Cartier Alonzo. Jeffrey Torres. Elesha Joseph. Shannon Reid. Sabrena Kearns. Naiema Townsend. Christina Cabrera. Destiny Banks. Shannon Montgomery. Carlithia Harris. Selena Netram. Mandy Persaud. Vandana Pablo. Barbara Benjamin. (audience cheering) Yanique Frith. Khaliyafah Guthrie. – [Female] Shampagne Charles. Oneka Dean. Jalissa Ben. Ashley Falla. Akilah McKenna. Laura Mosquera. Jeffrey Carlin. Omar Abbas. Danielle Colombo Miller. Zachary Cruz. Richard Tejada. (audience cheering) Ryan Clarson. (audience cheering) Catherine Ardian. Krisjan Polonia. Kanu Umenta. Diana Cardona. Esmeralda Mornachel. Elizabeth Askari. Ashley Evans. Gabrielle Villacis. Esther Frisch. Glorimar Gonzales. Michelle Singh. Amal Ulla. Karen Rodriguez. (audience cheering) Rosario Castillo. Melissa Hincopy. Arvy Guzman. Brian Huevalla. Raymond Brown. Marco Arango. Renald Castillo. Daphney Pauyo. Icama Belabe. France Legerme. Denise Hernandez. Karolina Zavulonova. Latiffa Dobbins. Amarneep Ramprashad. Priya Shiwgobind. Hema Hakoordeen. Hepzibar Prem Kumar. Maryn Pittman. Gloria Odaba. Natalie Ramos. Luis Vasquez. Dee Lynn. Chad Maccuo. Jolie Kauffman. (audience cheering) Eric Vehstedt. Julie Belaustegui. Zulfiqar Soomro. Sharlese Mathews. Trevor Green. Luis Gonzales. Roger Smith. Alberto Alvarez. (audience cheering) Bilal Hussain. Amanda Just. Lilian Talavera. Tracy Artis. (audience cheering) Queen Toussaint. (audience cheering) Kenisha Gibbons. Alyssa Ruiz. Ajee Mapp. Tequalynn Vassell. Jenny Chabla. Francisco Frias. Juan Pinto Franco. Shonte McKenzie. Divyea Singh. Darline Bertil. Catherine Rivera. Dayne McDonald. Sharon Belessia. Lauren Diaz. Rolddy Auguste. Alexandra Sala. Alyssa Siano. Fiza Sami. Melanie Horowitz. – [Male] Emily Fonseca. Reneisha Williams. Sara Sarti-Hernandez. Yuan Jumani. Jabari Brown. Kirandeep Kaur. Hamidullah Sahibzada. Miguel Tola. Kozel Waldron. Francesca Ulysse. Natalie Desamours. Cosbert Henry. Kayla San Martin. Marines Lago. Genesis Feliz. Alexandra Aguilar. Daisy Pilar. Alshanette Moodie. Mauro Ramos. Zulia Aviles. Mary Rodriguez. Laura Restituyo. Gina Licastri. Denise Cruz. Lisbeth Collado. Claire Albrecht. Jonathan Rua. Samuel Sencion. Uma Singh. William Clamente. Muneeza Ahmed. Tyecia Samuells. Jiuen Zou. Janeesa Bakhous. Fitzcarl Reid. – Yeah, it’s the next group. You want to do it now? – Those students wearing
a blue and white cord are graduating with honors and students wearing a
yellow stole are members of Phi Theta Kappa, the
National Honor Society. – Will the candidates for the degree of Associate in Science please rise? (audience cheering) – The candidates for the degree of Associate in Science are assembled. President Call, these candidates have met all the requirements for their degrees. I am pleased to present them to you and I respectfully request
that you confer upon them the degree of Associate in Science. – Upon the recommendation
of the Vice President and the faculty of the
college, and by the authority vested in me by the Board of Trustees of the City University of New
York, I hereby confer upon you the degree of Associate in Science with all the rights,
privileges, immunities, and honors thereunto appertaining. – [Male] Kaydian Grant. Terryann Hodges. Veronica Molina. Sung Sung. Kim Jeong Liong. Hamidullah Propal. Jonathan Morales. Jae Sun Choi. Vijay Shenoy. Dao Hagukui. Stephanie Katechis. Danny Reynoso. Ladislav Rajsky. Jane Simmons. Dale Nathaniel. (audience cheering) Eliza Pacheco. Pamela Ramsewak. Dionna Wright. Phil-Ann Allen. Kamila Pikora Vujovic. Lakisha Seabrook. Seka Beau Maledidi Shinelle Chin. Jean Decarum. Bernard J. Fortin. Jessica Rivera. Sherlana Rooplal. Vivian Florian. Fitzgerald St. Herbert. Wei Wu Li. Anthony Godette. Nicole Fernandez. Teriane Braithwaite. Chun Hon Lai. Brenda Carpenter. Michelle Ulloa. Suzette Hilton. Bobby Davis. Freddy Perez. Aisayma Hernandez. Kimberley Martinez. Shayline Saltar. Shirin Akhter. Radica Arjung. Sabina Ramesar. Jazmin Rivera. Chia Yi Foo. Hector Quinteros. Janina Guaman. Ronald Price. Mariah Hamilton. Jessica Opokuah. Latiffa Facey. Racquel Breg. Mesha Saunders. Diana Poveda. Nazia Bhatti. – [Female] Edward Chong. Omar Thomas. Sabrina Harriot. Yamisha Young. Kimberley Depeaza. Lisa Rodriguez. Jabriel Pierce. Keila Ottero. Harry Prasad. George Solorzano. Michelle Figueroa. Dachka D. Fidele. Slims Florentino. (audience cheering) Catherine Bravo. Shenece Findlay. Ayannah Woods. Desiree Hicks. James Torres Anne Barrella. Gaelle Muzac. Emil-Car Senat. Annette Aquirre. Noshin Fatima. Lida Ramos. (audience cheering) France Marquez. Andrew Garcia. Keisha Mullings. Amanda Boating. (audience cheering) Alex Escorcia. Israt Sharmin. April Sol. (audience cheering) Andres Mora. Natalia Velecela. Edelis Rivera. Cadeha McNish. Rushain Parker. (audience cheering) Brandon Palmieri. Maribel Traverso. Patrick Gilles. Alyssa Chiarelli. James Fares. Mianmian Liang. Shalanna Wilhelmsen. Jose Lopezmacias. Chai Wong. Michael Rodriguez. Jordy Silverio. Joseph Sussman. Nirom Miravey. Huai Xi Chen. Chung Yin Tsai. Kara Eppich. – [Female] Charmain Feurtado. Audrey Gonzalez. Ranook Reika. Ruirong Li. Chaoyi Zhang. Lisa Sooknanan. Carlos Caro. Monica Garduno. Billy Cazorla. Sandy Sosa. Maria Peralta. Suzanne Marcoland. Rabbi Gassambe. Lauren Condon. Malik Collier. Sabrina Suseran. Edith Kamorudeen. Brenda Cortez. Charles Smith. Astrid Pineda. Rosa Pineda. Edissa Cerda. Antonio Bhikham. Ashley Belizaire. Nicholas Rodriguez. Ricky Menyu. Lorena Fernandez. Yanicia Matias. Laura Jolicoeur. Rudy Midence. Michael Lawrence. David Listhrop. Joseph Salcedo. Young Jin Kim. Shanice Bailey. Joanne Jean. Kimberley Dare. Ee Shiun Hong. Karming Xie. Justin-Ryan Schoeffel. Joshua Maria. Michael Mulcay. Ho Quo. Nicole Cruz Gomez. Christina Santos. Deshawn Curtin. Jasmine Evelyn. Darian Daguilar. Genisa Gill. Xingyan Cheng. David Pacheco. Mohammed Akhmad. Cheli Zuni. Rodney Watson. – [Male] Philip White Vladimir Lacrete. Shanna Lord. Diana Gordillo. Kimberly Gordillo. Denisa Vandez. Jessica Varela. Jonathan Rua. Adriana Jimenez. Steve Ramos. Karen Marie Anchundia. Jennifer Carbuccia. Christina Paul. Carling Nuguo. Jessica Mores. Diego Barona. Melina Rosario. Fereshtah Amani. Nyong Yaki. Luis Fernandez. Girrell Banks. Miyo Terrain. Aneesha Gunday. Christina Romanta. Miriam Ali Rodriguez. Christopher Labay. Alexa Jade Chiantella. Catherine Meredith. Gabrielle Rodriguez. Jessica Rappaport. Lewis Gurgis. Doryan Robinson. Katerina A. Cinquemani. Ravina Raminitar. Michelle Baptiste. Crystal Blake. Yves Jean. – This is the last group. Will the candidates for
the degree of Associate in Applied Science and for
certificates please rise? (audience cheering) – The candidates for
the degree of Associate in Applied Science are assembled, as are the candidates for certificates. President Call, these candidates have met all the requirements for their degrees. I am pleased to present them to you and I respectfully request
that you confer upon them the degree of Associate in Applied Science and grant their certificates. – Upon the recommendation
of the Vice President and the faculty of the college, and by the authority vested
in me by the board of trustees of the City University of New
York I hereby confer upon you the degree of Associate in Applied Science with all the rights,
privileges, immunities and honors thereunto appertaining and I grant you your certificates. – [Male] Filia Corps. Mohammad Ghanizadeh. Stag Ulit. Xuebing Zhao. Arjun Hemwattie. Ewko Damian. Sharmaine Jones. Marion Moore. Elesha Joseph. Cherelle Miller. (audience cheering) Sasha Cleary. Stephanie Torres. Timothy Luciano. Andrew Pilvert. Lucy Singh Fan Jin. Karen Gray. Bradley Adams. Soraya Ricardo. Marsha Stevens. Mohammad Ashfaq. Lynette Williams. Cheryl Wakkim. Tristan Bredwood. Tajae Tate. Ariana Torto. Shane Garth. Sophia Eveillard. Mellie Mayers. Natasha Jowaheer. Nicole Lewis. Lacquelle Briggins. Neviswah Siswankar. David Juarez. Jawad Hera. Sashressha Leas. Francisco Latacela. Radcliffe Brown. Enrique Haro. Christian Bonifacio. Abelito Martinez. Matthew Thomas. Tracey Morris. Luis Para. Alfredo Castil. Leonard Jean. Mike Valeus. Chinwe Oluonye. Kamal Jewnandan. Stephanie Anne Delosreyes. Michael Bowen. Andy Ceron. Ya Chuan Chan. Geetanjalie Sheokumar. Hilda Pizzini. Jeanette Evans. Victor Arganaraz. Paul Tapia. Zakia Hatami. Ramdai Pereira. Jenny Chao. Kimberly Hildalgo. Brian Santiago. Ana Onofre Pluma. Janine Chen. Jonathan Arias Dominguez. Priscilla Yada. Estidwar Lopez. Ashley Williams. Aaron Medina. Christopher Rivera. David Yakubov. Farhid Saleh. Sera Rivas. Linda Morales. Juneth McFarlane. Jiao Meng. Jun Park. Ian Spratley. Stephanie Gutierrez. Ilana Slavin-Hughes. Brian Tang. Artur Felich. Jakub Glab. Ana Rivas Carranza. Nancy Rodriguez. Kevin Lopez. Imani Smith. Chauncey Merriman. Yumira Clamen. Jessica Membreno. Tanisha Ruis. Magaly Leon. Christopher Anakhu. Tegram Pergoseum. Crystal Bado. Lin Hot Ong. Ma Zhang. Jonathan Bravo. Winifred Gram. Berna Ozcelik. – [Female] Cristian Muenala Castro. Laneesha Remiki. Jennifer Mingo. Jeffrey Lawrence. Brandon Milliner. Shaquille Evert. Mikhail Soltanov. Aavinash Khandi. Eric Sequenza. Morris Mingueguirra. Mario Valbuena. Andre Johnson. Janelle Anderson. Joelle Singleton. Aleshia Asbe. Nieka Peters. Yetaram Paremdio. Henry Johnson. Franklin Hayes. Tariq Hussain. Ralph Jumani. Chirella Sands. Sabrina Nandram. Karesh Maramprasad. Denalyn Patineo. Sandy Enrique. Chung Tsai. Michelle Nereate. Mochcan Guramsede. Chung Rao Li. Mina Pancheko. Qui Li. Maria Akehay. Mercy Tacquiri. Miguel Encarnacion. Sean Saunders. Diaffalo Hierra. Sandra Hussit. Cynthia Cardova. Aaron Anthony. Joanne Ochoa. Tania Amin. Nina Nerahim. Michael Hatrick. Fernando Guirere. Derek Cruz. Yuan Wen Cao. Yuen Kim Chong. Diego Chufloke. Julio Campera. Jamal Burgess. Edward Castillo. Rene Moreno. Stephen Blanco. Lenny Stylis Jackson. (audience cheering) Stephen Jones. (audience cheering) (audience applauding) – Graduates. Graduates. Graduates of 2014, your education at Queensborough in and outside the
classroom has prepared you to engage in a world marked by uncertainty and ambiguity. Even with all you have
learned, you may experience some anxiety or apprehension
taking the next step on your journey. Believe in yourself as we believe in you, and take a risk, don’t
stay on the sidelines. You have been conferred
degrees which bring rights and privileges. As a graduate, you also
have responsibilities. You should participate in your community and the larger society. Make a difference. Among our graduates today is Hoon Jee Kim, we know her as Anna. She was one of the Queensborough students who participated in the
Salzburg Austria Global Seminar this spring. At that time she visit
the memorial at Dachau, which was a concentration
camp in World War Two. When she returned she
reflected on that experience and Anna drew from the
words of Nicholas Winton, the hero of the kindertransport,
who risked his life to save the lives of hundreds of children from the Nazi camps. Anna shared this message
with me and I do so with you. “Do not be content in your
life just to do no wrong. “Be prepared every day to do some good.” Will the class of 2014 please stand? (audience cheering) In recognition of the
conferment of your degree, please move the tassel of your cap from the right to the left. (audience cheering) The class of 2014 will
now, this is your part, sing the Alma Mater,
lead by music students Chandra Tjong and Joseph
Tak, under the direction of Dr. Steven Dahlke. Following the Alma Mater,
the audience is requested to remain standing for the recessional. As the ceremonies come
to a close, please remain in your places until all the
members of the platform party and the students have exited. Afterwards you’re all
invited to the banners in the back of this tent,
outside on the track where you can meet the faculty
who had such a important part of your life while at Queensborough. (off mic) ♪ Far beyond Manhattan’s clatter ♪ (background music begins) (off mic) ♪ Stands a hilltop crowned. ♪ ♪ Far beyond Manhattan’s clatter ♪ ♪ Stands a hilltop crowned. ♪ ♪ Where a Queen, our alma mater ♪ ♪ Overlooks the Sound ♪ ♪ Queensborough, Queensborough ♪ ♪ We will always sing your praise ♪ ♪ Come what may of joy and sorrow ♪ ♪ We’ll remember college days ♪ ♪ Born of city, state and borough ♪ ♪ Proud to serve their need ♪ ♪ Building toward a bright tomorrow ♪ ♪ For every race and creed ♪ ♪ Queensborough, Queenborough ♪ ♪ We will always sing your praise ♪ ♪ Come what may of joy and sorrow ♪ ♪ We’ll remember college days ♪ (audience cheering) (upbeat instrumental music) – [Female] Ladies and gentlemen
you may leave the tent. Congratulations once again. (audience cheering)

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