Quickie: The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence)

So I saw “The Human Centipede”
and it was extremely graphic. The second one. Full sequence, whatever it’s called.
It was filmed in black and white for absolutely no reason, and then, later it turned out that there
was a reason and I was okay with it. It was really disturbing, and I think it was
supposed to be, so you can call it a good movie. It doesn’t make any sense, but it’s
kind of hilarious and you should see it, because it’s ridiculously graphic.
It’s ridiculously, ridiculously graphic. In the first movie, it was kind of implied what was happening,
and this one, it just just straight up shows it, which is kind of awesome. New review coming soon.
I’m trying guys. I’m really trying. I’m broke. [Friend] I think you said “Human Centipede”
about “Human Centipede 2”. [YMS] I … corrected myself.
[Friend] Oh. [YMS] I said the second one.
[Friend] Okay. [YMS] Shut up, you whore…s. [epic YMS sound] Yeah, I’m broke right now, and I’m moving again in like,
six days, and then, I will have plenty of time for reviews. But right now, I’m just like: “Oh my god! Stress!”
and I’m really trying to get it together. I’m putting together whatever time
I can. So be patient. Thank you! [Friend] Bye!
[another epic YMS sound]


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