Rep. Dennis Ross announces Victims of Communism Caucus

a hundred years ago this week in Stalingrad Russian the Bolshevik Revolution took place and changed forever the makeup of not only the world but also humanity communism was born and unfortunately 100 years later despite all the successes that democracy has and continues to have and allowing people free opportunities innovation growth personal development most importantly Liberty communism still exists we shall never forget what those victims went through the millions of people who lost their lives to a dictatorial rule that saw the state to be the absolute and supreme ruler over the individual and the individuals freedom so today I look forward to continuing to not only celebrate the freedoms that we still have but also to never forget what those victims went through whether it be Eastern Europe whether it be Cuba wherever be even in Southeast Asia communism is a threat to all humankind into everyone's freedoms we should continue to be vigilant which will continue to fight on and thank God God is on our side so we will show that the freedoms of democracy will prevail in this world and god bless you all and let us never forget those who lost their lives to the perilous and torturous way of the Communist world

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