Risk of Cervical Cancer

[A27]ALEX LIVE 1-INTRO Cervical cancer impacts thousands of women each year. January is Cervical cancer awareness month. 27 First News reporter Alex George joins us live again in the studio with ways women can LOWER risk of developing the cancer. The American Cancer society estimates that 4-thousand women in the U-S will die this year from Cervical cancer.. Doctors say if it’s detected early – the survival rate is high. In fact – According to the American Cancer Society – cervical cancer death rate in the U-S has declined by more than 50 percent in the last 30 years.. Doctors use pap smears to screen for it. There’s also another preventative step you can take. Doctors say almost all cervical cancer is caused by HPV..or human papilloma virus And there’s a vaccination available.. I’ll have more information about that coming up in just about 30 minutes. Live in the studio – Alex George First News this morning. [A29]6AM TZ

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