Rochester City Council Committee Meeting September 12, 2019

questions comments concerns on introductory number three oh five. Second all those in favor hi the ayes have it thank you introduction number three oh six is amending the local improvement word it’s number seventeen fifty eight. Relating to the operation and maintenance of neighborhood commercial residential parking lot. The second. Second second any questions comments or concerns. Hearing none all in favor. Hi the ayes have it the last into that music directly number three twenty seven amending the two thousan eighteen nineteen budget for year end budget transfers. Any questions comments or concerns move it move their second second improperly movement second at all in favor please say aye I. Is there any other business to come before the finance committee. There’s none we are dark adjourned thank you . At this time I asked the neighbor I call the neighbor is developing water ask the clerk to call the roll councilmember Patterson peer councilmember Harris thank you. Here comes the number Ortiz. Vice president Mike but as of now presidents that year introduction number three oh seven authorizing sale of real estate we have any questions comments or concerns. Saying no money the motion and second. Nick motion. All in favor I item passes introduction number three oh eight authorizing appropriations and agreements for the zombie and they can properly mediation prevention initiative round two questions comments or concerns. Seeing none I’m. Got a motion and a second second all in favor. Item passes introductory number three oh nine many warnings number twenty eighteen dash to succinctly with regard to St liaison program questions comments or concerns. Seeing none need a motion and a second. All in favor hi item passes introductory number three ten many amending ordinance number nineteen dash eighty five relating to a loan agreement for the southeast power through rehabilitation program projects. Generally speaking is because of that particular size of this month. We think that it’s a state initiative only to address those projects with a lot of pre existing data. So I don’t think they’re gonna do it it doesn’t really make a lot of sense obviously did go up to a fifty year. Period but for new projects they don’t have all that back that that they’ve got to deal with. We were rolling over old projects like southeast towers it’s probably gonna be the state’s practice to stretch amount. Thank you. The question on asylum saying nominee the motion and second. Some of the second all in favor I item passes. The number three eleven authorizing the assumption of debt amending of loan agreement and payment in lieu of taxes from Saint Bernards affordable swimwear what’ll project beore we get the questions and comments I would I would actually need to amend the title of this legislation to authorize the loan agreement and payments in lieu of taxes available Saint Bernards affordable senior went from development. So we need a motion. And a second to amend is that correct. Thank you all right so questions com and I say I believe motion passes so now. Com a few concerns on the item as a man. Seeing none of the emotions that. Second all in favor. Item passes that completes the work of the neighborhood in this development thank you . So what’s the we got the part . The court . Absolutely . Everyone. Right I back. Right . I’d like to call the parks of public what many of my partner call the roll. South America over here councilmember evince. Council members Paul vice president light. Residents back here. Introduction number three twelve authorizing an agreement Campbell street our center gateway any questions comments or concerns. If not I’ll take a motion. Second. All in favor I any post motion passes introduction with three thirteen authorizing an agreement for jealousy valley park pool an ice rink operates any questions comments or concerns. The movie their second second all in favor I any opposed motion passes introduction number three fourteen amending ordinance number twenty eighteen dash two seventy three relating to the more more street bus shelter relocation project before we have any questions about that will have to do a motion to amend the map revision the map revision date from August twenty twenty nineteen to August twenty nine twenty nineteen most of the men from August twenty two thousand nineteen through. August twenty ninth two thousand and second se. Wonderful let’s take a vote on the amendment all in favor I any oppose. Amendment passes so now we have to vote on he actual introduction number three fourteen as amended any questions comments or concerns. If not. There any to take our motion again. All in favor hi any post motion passes interconvert three fifteen. Authorizing an agreement for organics composting feasibility study any questions comments or concerns. One second. All right all in favor I any post motion passes now inter introduction with three sixteen amending the municipal code with respect to bicycle riding and bike lanes any questions comments or concerns. If not not a commotion the move second all in favor I any opposed motion passes and that concludes the business of the parks and public works committee. Yeah . The right . I love my watch this thing on. I’m going to call the public safety you the recreation committee to automatic court would you please call the roll vice president Lightfoot councilmember Gruber here out the member Harris here as a member or tease. President that year thank you introduction number three seventeen a many to twenty nineteen twenty police department budget and appropriating federal forfeiture funds to purchase. Vehicles any questions comments or concerns. I entertain a motion. All in favor hi in a post election passes introductory number three eighteen authorized to grant agreement in budget amendment for the child passenger safety program. Any questions comments and or concerns. Second one favor I thank you both the three passes introduction of the three nineteen authorize an impermissible agreement with the county of Monroe for explosive storage any questions comments and or concerns. All in favor introductory passes. Introductory number three twenty a many to twenty nineteen twenty budget relating to the gun involved violence elimination grant any questions comments and door concerns if not I’ll entertain a motion motion to. All in favor. Post if your doctrine passes introduction number three twenty one otherwise a great agreement in a budget amendment for the flower city americorps program any questions comments or concerns councilman Gruber. Thank you I see in the response that the retention rate is a run sixty four percent. I’m just wondering has had any sense of bats changed considerably over time. We’ve we’ve always stayed on pace with what is happening across the state I think it’s also important to note that the population that that we target you know is not thatthe traditional population for americorps and so there’s- you know some additional attrition there but- we’ve we’ve always stayed on pace with this population. And what about in terms of the actual number of applicants because actually totally separately you know my other job food think we have a number of national americorps programs that we’re awarded slots and we just can’t even get applicants. Are you finding that to be an issue here as well. We have had challenges with applicants we have talked with the state I’m sure other programs has as well with in regards to the amount of this type and is that something that our funders would be able to increase. To be more attractive ten members and you know certainly they have not received that yet but they have taken RP back into consideration. And lastly is there has there ever been as far as you know commissioner any major conversations with our CST about. Trying to get graduating seniors who may be don’t know what next in their life to join americorps as it has there been an actual recruitment pipeline that way. There has not but we have started convert in them about a career or Asian or seat. And so that that’s something that we’re talking about with them now but they have not been historically a part of a the our America. I’ve got a fantastic. Certainly there is a new students in the. Track an opportunity if. Well not think so thank you for starting that. Thank you counsel Gruber. Questions comments or concerns if not I’ll entertain a motion. All in favor I am in a post your doctor passes in the docket number three twenty two authorizing a license agreement for the use of space and the public market any questions comments and concerns. If not I’ll entertain a motion. All in favor at nine in the balls introduction passes interlocking number three twenty three authorize an agreement for the joint facility use of Clinton baiting community center any questions comments or concerns. If not I’ll entertain a motion. All in favor I thank you both introductory three twenty three passes into Dr number three twenty four authorized an interminable agreement with the county of Monroe for the Rochester Monroe County youth group. Any questions comments and or concerns. The motion the motion second all in favor. In a post introductory passes introductory three twenty five amending when this simple cold forty seven dashfour relating to commercial dealing in firearms ammunition and explosives any questions comments and or concerns. Councilmember Gruber. So I see in the in the responses back to us that one of the potential concerns about making the barrier thousand feet or the- never the word I’m looking for is. The buffer of a thousand feet is because it may be too exclusionary is that a legal concern or is that a practical concern. And so the account number Patterson had asked the question if we could make the buffer a thousand feet and is there that the answer is there’s nothing legally prohibiting but then it says later however house if you prove to be too restrictive is there a concern that that may be too like lawsuits or things of that nature is the legal concerns. Well that would constitute a de facto provoke prohibition because there are no properties that would qualify within a thousand feet I see a couple. Of spots on the map. Doesn’t that doesn’t account. Not a chance that would hold up in court. Yeah you you can’t pro you can’t prohibited. By drafting a prohibition into the into the law without stating this it’s a prohibition and we don’t have a basis to prohibit it. So obviously we’re we’re trying to make it. Pretty difficult to do for safe public safety purposes but I think my somebody correct me the reset the thousand feet. Would prohibit that thee would be no qualifying properties so the stance is that five hundred feet is the most restrictive we can be while being. Kosher. In our judgment yes that’s what I see here is so we use we looked at the thousand we looked at five hundred five hundred is the next commonly used to offer in the zoning code. So that’s why we went from one hundred to five hundred. You’re right there are some slippers left in a thousand. Whether or not that would be cause for legal action we- I guess we don’t know. We felt pretty comfortable that the five hundred foot buffer accomplished what we were trying to accomplish. Thank you I guess my last question and it’s probably not something okay answer at this point is if there’s- other municipalities have have taken measures. I mean I’m I’m assuming that right now and in particular with all the- yes we see in the world and a lot of cities being democratically controlled there’s probably some say they’re trying to be the more aggressive measures to exclude. Guns ammunition dealers within the city boundaries with any sense of what other folks have done a been successful none that I’m aware of that did not come up in our conversations it did internally but we didn’t do any research at. Like Tim just referred to I don’t know that you can prohibit I don’t think from a federal perspective you can premonition. Thank you. I but hopefully support the measure it sounds like this is going to. This this will be very helpful I’m just wondering. There’s a chance to be even more. Thank you. I agree also fully support but I do have a question. Thank you counsel who were of the tight under the firearms licenses first one and realize we at these many. People with the fire marks is within our city. I see the location but it also has tight Los there seems to be two different types. Type seven. In type six what what is the difference. If you don’t have them for now you get to that later yeah I don’t have that answer I’m not sure if anybody. Does we can get you that answer that that be great thank you so much. Any other questions comments or concerns. I’ve not entertain a motion. Second all in favor Los introductory passes introduction number three twenty six authorize an inadmissible agreement with the Rochester city school district related to school resource officers. Yes councilmember event this is quick comment because got to a little tip with my today who do. We had a problem with leave I was in school so I thought I think that it’s important just to point out. That resource officers are not there to arrest kids they’re they’re being resources. So after some data on arrests from two thousand eighteen nineteen school year minimal they were they were. Very minimal arrest but a bright point I want to point out with that with this arrangement that we have with the school district in our S. R. O. is that there were twenty two hundred mediations with positive outcomes. So I just want people to understand that. At a time they asked me when people are wanting. To have school resource officers in in their schools nationally. We havea model in Rochester here that’s working. So they’re not over there and not arresting kids we have data that showed school by school numbers. Of a rest. I’m some schools have zero arrest. In most of the- interactions that our students are having with police officers in schools have been. Positive I think that that need to be celebrated. And I just want to reiterate that they are not over. Arresting folks that did the data proves that out. If anything I think that it hopes the police department. Because they’re able to build. Relationships with students at at that level get them interested in in in the program so I just want to. Dispel that myth I felt I needed to say that obviously I fully support this but the data. Is very clear available to anybody that wants to see it there been minimal. Rest I don’t know how was years ago but this past. Minimal if you. Have been more positive interaction with having. The option. I would agree with that because members and I will also say it’s yours. The youth recreation I’m not received. One complaint. Comic concerning resource office. Martina here so that’s one thing that it definitely must be working because again I have not. Received any by saying anything negative about our sorrows in our schools so. I would have to agree with your neck. Could I comment yes. Consumer small thank you so much so at least now is probably better than any of us a lot of what does happen then gets immediately. Refer to teen court so even when there is something going on. In lieu of an arrest you’re going to have an opportunity. So teen court which is usually working with a young person who has been arrested is that another whole level. Working with probation work with alternatives to suspension and we’re seeing kids. Before the arrest is made so. This is a program actually that was started here at city hall. League pushed one of our first young lawyers look how far he’s come. It’s great our but honestly it is it is a model and we- need to we’re so busy that we don’t celebrate some of our really good initiatives but- that’s another way. For young people who have done something they they need to take responsibility for the sentencing court. But they that are not. Gonna end up having to serve a minute our had in. Mind big so youthful offenders. So. I would support. Thank you. Number seven. If not I’ll entertain a motion. Motion all in favor hi in a post your doctor he passes there is no other further business to come before the public safety. You the wreck race can be we are done. And we will move directly into arts and culture and ask the clerk to call the roll. Councilmember spall here council member Clifford. **** a member Patterson. Vice president like but- back here thank you introductory number three twenty eight authorizing an agreement for design and fabrication of a mobile I love rock sign up there were a bunch of questions and you guys have answered them. And I see are two fabulous people from special events communications here we you know we didn’t have any information so we asked for photos we ask for designed whereas for why. Some in our gender review or committee meeting we also have had the same questions you’ve answered them force maybe I’ll take a minute and tell us where this came from and why you want to do it and all that and I think people are also concerned about where it might be stored. So we should be have you guys just give us an overview before we answer any other questions people have her where would you like to star sure it okay it came from the visit that we made to Albany where we saw and I love New York nine. Kay and we stop people taking pictures next to it and you know posing in front of it and we want it to you we have a lot of different events that happen in a city of Rochester you know this we have the French festivalgoing on. And we recognize that this is something that we should be proud of my city is something that we can be proud of in so we wanted to have HIM I heart rocks signed to be able to go around to different events Park Avenue festival. You know core help us fill every festival that we can possibly have it at in so that they can take pictures promote it have a hash tag and to promote positive energy and positive events in our city. And you know more people are getting the local tattoo other things like that is that this isn’t the way to highlight the positive things that are happening in our city and we wanted to purchase this to ski. If. Grab to it. At at twenty. Hi David so I think that was my initial questions like while I don’t think we’re giving the holiday visit. People that much right now we’re adding this expense so the utilization I think Millikan others had questions I’ll open up to council. Was a lot more about you know what’s the life span where is it going to be in and you’ve answered some of that so. Are there any other questions or comments from me. Yes thank you yeah I don’t think you are I think this is great. Of the young people say I think it’s dope. The movie off when I went in see my first conference at you know see they have one you know I love it see. And. I remember just run in front of it taking a picture. Just because it was cool so I think it’s a good idea I think it’s a it’s a great way of building you know. That that Lampard CD and I’m one of the ones of old enough to remember. The I love New York. Little patches and stuff that used to go around and to see. A run of almost everybody had a mother bridge writer. And I think it’s really cool I like to see it. Expanded to maybe some magnets and different things of that nature that. The only people people take pictures with maybe they could take something with them as well. On that they could put on there for a generator or something that reminds them that. The price that we have in our community especially what we see in so many negative reports. About Rochester. I think that this is a good way to build. Community pride and that. Made you guys for. Putting together. Thank you councilmember group. Seven a common question is the design I guess two questions is the design done is this is this the final design. No I. Yeah I Merrick that up no compliment we haven’t this is really cool mirrored rendering because you have an authorized the actual design and. Construction so we wanted to give you a really. A very rough example how to walk I you know as I look at records myself obviously there’s work to be done to make it look as cool some of the final product we shared with you right that’s certainly the work will do in in the that would be a book. What much actually it’ll looked over I guess to use councilman alike with her well as I am probably the- least likely person to give any design he’s- certainly not what’s intended here. But I just echo what the mayor said in terms of the real value of the flower city logo it’s something that people really gravitate towards in this community and I would love to see it incorporated somehow into the- final design. And then my only other question I suppose is this going to be something at all these different festivals we have will be something that the city essentially rents out to the festival promoters are organizer’s or do we. We provide we bring it ourselves to these places. It will be owned by the city and we will bring it. Ourselves and I said it up ourselves thanks. And where we store it. Maybe it’s not that big and it looks big. It it would be big. And so we just have like garages and norms gone but we probably have a garage we can put it. Yeah any other questions or comments. All it can I have a motion some of. And the second. And all in favor. And I say I any opposed. Motion passes five zero and that is it for this committee the true testament to how someone can go throughout their career in the city of Rochester and we want this to be an example for other employees that you can star at. Entry level positions and move your way up and people are watching you when they’re looking at you and they and will that Meyer your work and be able to move you from lower positions to managerial positions and maybe possibly one day. Into you being the commissioner of the department and this administration have a number of people that have done that and we appreciate people wanting to be in public service and their service to our city for those many years cell I present to you Kerry Kirk Maier for confirmation. Sticker Meyer would you like to make a mistake thank you president Scott. First let me thank the mayor for her trust and support deputy mayor for his support you know I’m I think counsel for all these years the working relationship I’ve had with each of you. Some of you for many more years than others. But I’ve appreciated that and I look forward to answer any questions you have. L. I. with a Mister Kirk Maier Gary I I’ve admired your work for years going back to your work with. Let let poisoning. In the lead paint pointed issue in the city can you. I think that the city as a as I had a great model. In terms of engagement as it relates to what with the twenty thirty four plan the engagement in the community. Has been great but no one can say they didn’t know. That we had a twenty thirty four plan because we were begging people to. Pray for him before I got on council I remember filling out the survey. And at and I think that. Each portion of the community all segments bill for those though. They contributed to that plan that they that they had a chance to be involved in it. So my question is how can we- how do you see engagement. How can how can we how can we replicate. That engagement that we that that we had I usually just been other things too but I think the twenty thirty four plan is it is it. Is a prime example because I think. People felt as though they had their say. They felt as though they they wait and they they were they were part of that howcan we- do that. When it’s- when maybe something that might be a tougher issue with things that might be. Top we make sure that. Even if someone has like decision. They feel as though. They they they kind of had to say what’s gonna be approach that. So let me start with I lived. That engagement and- different levels. As my- another. Spent the greater part of many many many months at at meetings. You know N. B. D. is a public facing department no one’s touching the people that we touch you know there’s a lot of other public facing departments but we are public facing every element every aspect of what we do and we try to lead that effort through our neighborhood service center structure of course who are ladies ons to points of contact throughout the city. You know I’ve got some ideas on how to even you know stepped up out of bed but you know you can’t shy away from it you know this is there’s controversy conflict and differences of opinion and we live that every day sometimes a hundred people in a room with that conversation sometimes there’s one. People don’t always agree and you know we’re having to tell people know every day every element every person in N. B. D. as in that kind of position to navigate through those difficult conversation so you know we take a great deal pride first and foremost in customer service. And they you know when we look at our satisfaction. Surveys even through our CFO process. You know we hear about I don’t like paying a fee or didn’t like having a lead test. But you never hear about and I read them all you never hear about how they were treated. Poorly so they rave about how people teat him and throughout the process and you know we need to do more of that right so all of our process sees need to have satisfaction surveys attach them. Not so much to judge our treating because we know we’re going to know if we’re not treating people right you’re gonna know we’re gonna know the mayor’s gonna. But we want to know how people feel about process. And where they think the pain points are and stuff so it’s an ongoing effort we’re always doing it. We feel like we’re pretty good at it. But we can always get better for sure. And you know I know one of the- you have to give a- it could be a- you just a quick Buck Thurman up lifetime. I know disowning has always been a lot of a lot of conversations in terms of. There’s areas of the city where we need to re write the zoning to make it. More flexible more nimble twenty thirty fourth plan talk about that. What are your what were your plans. In terms of back. That process in the areas of really specifically in neighborhoods I think. Weird stuff just might be just not. His own correctly that’s been that way for fifty years out how can we- do that. What the same time protecting residence in maybe possibly attracting different types of investments that we can get on a tax bill that will help us. From an from an economic standpoint in writing what you thought on that so I mean we’re led by our comprehensive plan right once it’s fully adopted in the final draft doctor final document. That sheds a lot a light on where we should go as a city with our zoning code nerds only map. On that doesn’t mean the difficult conversations are over with. You all know just like we all know that there’s some pain points there but we are a different city than we were in two thousand three when we adopted the last code. I like to think based on the statistics that we have that were growing city and we have to act in accordance with that when we could reconstruct the code. We got to be clear with the priorities and. Where we want to have process lengthy. And then we need to stop worrying about the small stuff where that’s an obstacle in an unnecessary obstacle to progress. We feel pretty good about where we feel it should be but it’s about engaging the public again. We’re gonna it’s not gonna be whole heartedly accepted. There’s some people that aren’t about density and don’t think that that’s a way to go but you can look at city after city. People are talking about density the talk about using a limited land space they have their talk about inclusion the talk about smaller units that talking about using the land more constructively for a variety of reasons to attract a variety of people. And we have some ideas on how to get there. But you are going to have to help us get there. Option of a zoning code that is not going to be 1100% accepted by all. Thank you thank you and output to. Thank you. I just my present I just have a comment Kerry I just had a few cases recently I just want to commend you on the work that you’re you’re doing thus far and look forward to working with you out that customer service that you talk about start from the top down and I can see why you have such great customer service within your department because just in a few cases we work on together recently your responsiveness as list was amazing you got back very quickly to me to the constituent there had to issue. A developer that we had here in town you met with the server time on site yourself on it so that was very impressive on to myself and to the developer that you know again you not only if you embody the customer service yourself so I just want to commend you for that look for to work you congratulations I am the four to work with you more in the future. I appreciate that and you’re right it’s you’ve got to lead by example you know people need to feed off of their leader and they need to see the energy and the commitment that you have. To demonstrate very clearly how to handle situations. Councilmember spot thank you. So I have very mixed feelings about this you know. Because I want to know if I’m still going to hear from you within five minutes at six forty five. Multiple times a week it seriously I can’t it I totally. Agree with the vice president light foot the way you respond first of all it’s not just that your prompt in quick and nimble and up early which I appreciate. But you have a comprehensiveness and more than anything my experience with you is an enormous amount of fairness. And I think that’s the mark of what we need to do because people are not going to agree with us. Our people are not going to like a decision. That changes their backyard or their front yard or. Whatever and I think we can only say we were fair. We listen to everybody we open the doors we were inclusive we knew what we had to do. But there’s a depth of knowledge and- experience that you bring I want to know how you’re going to. I I’m only here for three months I think you you’re going to be okay with me. But honestly you have to find a way to transfer that depth of knowledge. In that responsiveness to a team and I’m looking at some of your team and they have it too for sure. You know Margaret is hearing date I mean these these folks know what they have to do. But it really is you’ve been a fine example at every level and this is exactly where you should be Kerry so. Congratulations and out I woke up I try not to annoy you in three months but I can’t promise. Up but you do have to trade those book beneath you and model because what you had is very unique. It’s a breath of knowledge of. Fairness and a way to articulate. The code and everything else so that comes from years of experience. So congratulations obviously but I don’t know if you have a plan for management training or how you take all that wisdom. And spread it further. We yes we absolutely do we’ve been doing that for a number of years you know my number one objective. You know we serve the mayor’s agenda because we got a make the push the city forward. But second to that is I want to leave this position so that the next person can be successful and take it even further right and sell and that’s not just my position that’s the position I formally had the one I had before that and so on and so forth. The will position Dana has and so you know we are working towards that we have some succession planning the city as a whole is working on succession planning. So it’s hard to learn the depth of that without practice in a you have to the one thing that we do when I’m the one we talk about reasonableness you know we use the word rape reasonableness if at the end of the day your. Conversation can be interpreted to be reasonable. And then we’ve done what we can. And then beyond that it’s people don’t learn this stuff in eight hours. You just don’t mean that’s the honest truth is I learned what I learned because I spent many more than eight hours a day doing it. And so you know we have some passionate young leader to be. That we are you know recognizing and fostering and helping grow. More to continue to do that because we have some pretty good leaders that are even some of our- younger hires. Number eighty. Great thank you well I echo many of the things that comes in the members have said I also feel great working relationship and I’ve always appreciated you having an open door policy if you will with getting together and discussing issues and responding so clearly or doing that with everyone because it you know everyone has that experience with it which is great one of the questions that I had when reading through some of the material that had come back regarding references than other people’s thoughts and stuff. I was just when I read it out you know good question because of your background right so I’m just curious as to your thoughts on it one of the comments that came back and said absolutely has his strings in regulation. I think we can definitely learn some of the other areas around project development housings on of the from from that perspective. Just curious about you know your thoughts on what your strength. Obviously really is and being able to develop to. Develop the other side of what and B. D. is so I’m just. Your thoughts on that and kind of how you think that you want to approach. That whole thing or maybe you do think you’re great I don’t I’m not. But I was I’m confident I’m caught. Here’s what break you know are in regulation but there’s project. Thing all those things that have to come together the package in all that work so let me start by saying and let’s not forget this anytime soon M. B. D. is three departments okay always has been and always will be it’s one. But it is made up of three and a broad based knowledge that you have to have is so extreme it’s so extreme you know you go from a meeting where you’re trying to bring two hundred jobs here to a meeting or a developer needs a million dollars in between somebody’s email and the mayor about spider infestation. So you know all of those subjects no it’s all of those. So yeah I’ve got about 80% of the department knowledge base that I believe I am. You know one one of the expert knowledgeable persons on but I have spent a great deal of time since August diving. Into the other areas. You know I know enough. Ten years later probably don’t support the best most efficient structure. We already recognize that and were you know collectively looking at how we can fix that rather quickly in a budget neutral way. But aside from that no I know I know where my strengths and weaknesses are and I’ve been meeting with staff on the other side of that a table and spend spending most of my time in those conversations over the last in a month or so. Okay wonderful I guess one of the other things and kind of talk a little bit about it in terms of that engagement if you will. And really maybe some. I’ll a different approaches are ideas that you may have in terms of. How we continue to improve. You know getting out to the community again we you know we’re only space with these decisions that we have to make that again I like you said. We’re never gonna make everyone happy but when we continue to hear that there’s still room for improvement for that. Input portion for that you know feedback session for all of those things. How you may approach. Something like that a little bit more innovatively different whatever it might be because for some reason it still seems to be. An issue for us as a whole when it comes up projects if you will so I’m just curious your thoughts on how we might. Approach that a little bit differently or just maybe I don’t know. Well a long time that yeah let me let me start by saying. I mean I. Engage with a lot of other cities on a lot of different topics nationally. I don’t know anybody who goes the extent that we do and catch the public quite frankly not and again there’s no perfect system or process and everything can be enhanced. You are always going to have situations where there’s controversy and conflict in our business. And the most we can do is make sure people are aware that there’s a community engagement opportunity. We can’t we can’t bring the horse to the water we can’t you know I mean so we can only deal with the hand that we have and yeah I would think we can do some sharpening of that. And but but at the end of the day you’ve got to care enough. When you first get invited. Not when it comes on the council ideology and that’s kinda way into that process and- being good stewards of the process. There’s not a bail us an opportunity to stop. Because we’re serving somebody so you know we’re gonna do our best to get the word out early and often to you all and to the public and engage everybody that wants to be engaged. And take in the comments and try to make adjustments to projects that coincide with what their interests are to the extent that it’s reasonable. Sometimes it’s not reasonable for us and or the developer. But you know I don’t think we’re ever going to not have some of those issues unfortunately just because of the nature of the business were and it’s you know it’s disrupting people’s lives it’s changing their neighborhoods it’s- and not everybody is always going to agree with that change. But yeah we’ll we’ll we’ll do our best to make sure that people are advised early on in the process and you all as well and. And see you you know do the best job we can. Thank you a member here. I’ve had the opportunity to work with you through the neighborhood business development department as a member of the nineteen working the association and it’s been great you’ve always greet done good top with communication and making sure that you know you stay on top of things I’m looking forward to working with you and congratulations. For shade that thank you. Councilmember Gruber. Thanks I won’t I won’t throw more accolades issue Gary got it got enough I’m already know and I go with the mayor said it’s I think it’s a- great point that it’s- this is this also. Really salute solidifies you as a role model for the entire. City hall body which I think is a really important thing. And all the work you’ve done over the years to grow personally is tremendous. My no one would deny your expertise. Locally regionally nationally on on the things that you know very well you talked about it did maybe being a twenty percent. Gap of things you need to learn about but when I think about and media I think there’s two really important things that are happening right now in front of us one of our to talk about with the comp plan. Which you know you’ve you’ve been engaged with and a variety of ways the other seems to be the changes and red coat. And what’s going to be happening with the city being a little bit more aggressive in terms of an economic. Development entity itself what is your first what what’s your sense of what your role is in that and what is your- for how the city’s gonna before in that regard I think it’s a work in progress I think we’re still in. The assessing evaluation creating developing stage. We’ve been meeting you know both with the mayor deputy mayor and bay. To talk about you know how that moves forward how it evolves. Were were trying to engage some external experience in that respect for consultation. It you know no transition is easy. It but we you know we’re we’re still creating that we’re still. We’re still trying to develop what that how that’s gonna look like so it’s kind of early to. The forecast that it’s not you know it’s my role and that is. Not as large as bay is for example so you know it could be a collective effort we’re gonna do what whatever comes out with it’s going to be to better serve. The city and the businesses and you know trying to get businesses here so it is going to definitely enhance the way we operate. How it comes to be and what the time frame of whatever strategy that’s developed that’s yet to be defined okay. And in my only other question is terms the president’s meeting do you that the month its monthly I presume where you meet me with all the neighborhood presidents is that something that you anticipate making any changes to that. We’ve heard a number of. Kind of questions and concerns about the utility of those meetings over the years. Or at least my two years here I counsel I’ve I think I some of what you’re describing in a way is that. Somethings are probably never going to be perfect and we need to continue to try the best we can but I’m just curious do you imagine any major changes to the format or the frequency of those meetings. I do not you know I will engage that population because- you know we have to have productive meetings and so we can have conflict. And we can have debate and discussion and disagreement but we have to have productivity. So you know we want to educate people and you know what that’s a group that represents themselves as representing others. And so it’s easy to get with a smaller group to get messages to a larger group so there’s you know there’s definitely opportunity keep doing that and to protect that value. But I’ve alsoseen how some of the meetings have went. And you know it we’re trying to we’re trying to keep people. Engage cell you know you can bring. You can bring debate discussion to that but we still have to have some productivity coming out of it you have to. Tell us what you want to know and we’re going to engage on it right so it’s really it’s an ideal situation to set up for them to tell us what subjects we want to talk about. But it’s not. A form to debate something that’s passed. Right. Councilmember Clifford. Thank you. This sounds like it’s going to be a real squeaker this confirmation. So I don’t know I don’t know how this is going to go but- on itGary and I can’t say enough about my time working with you and- I enjoyed it I learned a lot. I thank you for teaching me. A lot of stuff I’d never wanted to know about food enforcement really appreciate that. And I think it’s absolutely true and you know when you talked about the reason ability that’s one thing that I’ve always appreciated about your approach is. If we can do something let’s do it if we can’t do it let’s tell people why we can’t do it and- generally not everybody but generally people. Are reasonably accepting of that so I look forward to your leadership continuing in that vein. I guess for me too I see this as a real opportunity for a neighborhood relationship reset. And I hope that’s the way that you will look at it too is that. You know your new Dana still fairly new that it’s a good opportunity to say. Whatever happened in the past let’s. Go back and talk about all of that let’s talk about how we’re going to move forward and I think that people will really appreciate that and you know hopefully. Really take that to heart. So that obviously is a statement but can I ask you about sort of your priorities over the first year. I know you have some because- pretty culture yes so you know getting back to what I said earlier about the department and in some of the ways. Department went structure within an engine of two thousand nine. That doesn’t quite fit. As ninety in. You know. I truly am not a proponent of did jointed process. Is challenging enough and be eight and our department. That you know we have to rely on external departments and we try to. Keep those lines of communication really good and productive and so that people understand the timeliness of our expectations in process because people are expecting of us. And were holding the bag. Where the one talking to the customer touching the customer. So but we have to start internally and I think there’s some ways that we can enhance our process these internally. Just by tweaking the structure slightly. I will tell you that you know as somebody that has that 80% knowledge base. Of a very large subject department. That if we really want to set somebody up for future success there’s a flaw on the structure. And I think I you know in consultation with the mayor and it up you may or I think I have a budget neutral way to fix that. It is so it’s you know it’s that first. You know clean your house first% make sure that we’re all we can be in our processes are as efficient as they can be. And then you know start to look at pain points that we don’t have direct control. Because everybody wants to quickly point to the ones that we don’t control but we have to start with what we do control and I think there’s some really quick. Fixes that year one. Year to is mostly about continuing that drain the brain transfer of knowledge and- getting people in younger leaders through leadership training and- an energizing people to want to be all they can be. Sooner than later. I guess I will wait and see what all of that means because it. Sounds exciting. One of the things that I know we’ve been talking about on council and I know is also of interest to you and I think we’ve talked about engaging more and this is the issue of corner stores. And what to do about them and the fact that they’re so difficult to deal with it and- people really dislike them. So I guess I just wanted to throw that out there to see if you had any. Thoughts about that sleep you know something’s coming around the bend but I think I learned learn some tough lessons there as well so. Have any thoughts on that. Well I mean as a city. You know it’s like the family dollar saga right we can stop that if we can encourage others. To participate right so we need a real brochure. Then we don’t need a- corner store so you know we are focused on that right now that’s been a struggle for our city I you know I don’t know what the answer is we we’re gonna need a lot of people to help participate in that conversation but that’s one way. Yeah I know that the administrators in the service centers have some proposals for the business permit process to ge you know the food stores back in the equation that we’ll be talking about relatively soon. Yelling consultation with law we know what we had in the issue we had with the you know that the changes before in his own code but this is. Something that is supported by law. So I think we’ll be talking about that around the corner. But it’s really about what kind of business is can we attract to our neighborhoods to what would be in our food desert’s what what what can we- what can we get downtown you know and it’s exciting because of all the development exits to the X. exciting the opportunities before us. Raised me why am I am in this is the misli Justin job. Because the state is doing really well and- don’t get to see that. I mean you look at. That number. There through the roof there’s- AZ development going on and has been going on for many years so you know we gotta get the zoning code to coincide with that the foster growth and you got to get the map to match that so people are inconvenienced by unnecessary process and I don’t mean everybody should be. Bypassing process but where it is believed to be unnecessary because of our goals and what we want to see eight and then you know trying to you know where you have the right dynamics trying to increase somebody to step up and be an exam so that others can follow on. On the food store and- the hope yeah thank you ma’am. Gary would you say is your greatest challenge during your first year in particular. It it’s getting all of that stuff in line first. So I mean you could say it’s keeping up with. Everything I don’t know what I’m learning on the run here but it’s it to me. Those are more time consuming inconveniences. It’s really about trying to get some time. To proactively reconstruct and reassemble and reposition people to be successful in our department and one of the challenges I’m sure every department head is suffering with it is it’s really hard to find time to do that. We’re running so it’s really hard to find time to do that right so we’ve got to start with. Allocating a proper amount of time to do that we have a general sense for how to do it and what needs to be done. But I intend to do it and get it done and get it done in short order so that we can position ourselves to that not be an issue. Processes are not an issue anymore now we can focus more on. You know serving people at a higher level. What kind of customer service feedback. The card do you have on the first floor so from from buildings in zoning we instituted customer service satisfaction surveys in both our CFO process and our permitting process sees that’s been happening since two thousand ten I think and I and we report that as a KPI it’s been crazy successful I mean I. Again I can’t tell you you know not everybody submits one right you get a small population it we get it to four thousand sea of always a year if you get a couple hundred responses that’s- what you’re gonna get. What people generally respond when they’re passionate one way or another. They’re passionately please or they’re passionately this please. And you know. 90% 85% 95% mean that’s that’s on heard of them when we go. And engage in a national level with the term code enforcement. No one’s doing satisfaction surveys and code enforcement no one because we’re not selectively choosing who gets it everyone gets a sea of gets it sold four thousand CMO somebody’s getting ticketed there. I saw some portion of those four thousand even if we’re at 88% voluntary compliance rate. 12% of those people got ticketed and they’re still finding positively. So it starts there and we got to broaden that across department what do you think about the- sep. Program Matix support that we had. A wild that for neighborhoods. That we actually had staff that was helping neighborhoods to organize and- get things done and interact with us. Now I don’t think we have anything quite like that. But have you thought about that because we do often get a lot of dissension between the various groups and of presidents and this and that. But I’m wondering if you’ve considered ways that we could. Small that over better. Well you know one of the ways use the structure we have to strengthen our service centers right is our you know our point of contact with the community and it you know we’ve got a couple ways that we want to strengthen the service centers. It’s a little premature to talk about it today but within the next year leading into next budget year. And you know getting people reason o come there other than a complaint right is that’s kind of what it starts with. You know they can come there for handicapped permits now but you know most it is complaint driven we want to give them. Other reasons come to the service center. You know we can help you are we can get you a grant or you know so that kind of thing. You know about if you’re referring to N. B. N. but- I felt planning is dedicated to supporting any neighborhood that. Help in in developing plans and things of that nature so I think we- deserve. From planned to do. I don’t there’s ever. Thirty two central fire decentralized more staff beyond some of the things we talk about now to do more but you know we’ll look at it for sure. If there are no additional questions. They have a is the motion that is conduct I’m sorry some of. It is their second second. All in favor hi there any opposed. Motion carries and Serra. Thank you. We stand. The journey

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