ROOF CULTURE ASIA – Official Theatrical Trailer

It’s the next challenge. We never really put ourselves up against any mega city before. If we wanna do what we wanna do then it’s gonna be so fucking hard. So I had no idea what to expect… No idea. I call the police. Go out!! Of course there’s risks. But we’re not taking that ‘leap of faith’ that everyone thinks that it is. Cya later lads! Everything is against you…. everything. the time, security, the weather everything is against you there’s nothing that goes your way. But there is that constant drive to just push through it and if there is something they can question they will question it and if it stands in their way of them, being creative or breaking a jump or doing something that is gonna push them to a new level that is what they will do and thats what they do best… it is why Storror are as successful as they are, because they don’t let a challenge get the better of them… Run! This is our culture This is Roof Culture.


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