Save the World Dev Update #10 – Future of Fortnite and Community Questions

hey it's Darren here to talk about our near future of fortnight and answer some community questions hey we recently posted a new blog on the future of fortnight and we've been checking out all the places you guys like to hangout and and looking for your feedback and one of the first things I wanted to make sure we addressed is that we are on track to do to give you guys the number one feature you've been asking for for many many months which is to access your inventory from the front end of the game so you don't have to load in just to send stuff to your outpost do stuff and if we if I cross my fingers we're gonna get the ability to craft on the front dent as well so you can manipulate your whole inventory yeah so no more load screens in order to do that I'm actually personally super excited about that that piece the next thing we're working on is the evolution of schematics now we talked a little bit about the blog hero evolution specifically but it is actually our long-term goal to actually to add evolution to you every schematic in the game but one of the problems is is that as a running nose there's modifier perks on all of those schematics so how you handle those through the evolution system everything else is going to take a little bit more time for us to work out but it is something that's on our list we know you want it what can we expect for endgame content bunch you've been asking is where is the endgame content well as many of you know that once you start playing beyond candy it's a little bit different than the early part of the game well rest assured we're diligent ly working on Act one of candy Valley and we're recording all new vo and with our all our cast of characters and we're really excited to bring that to you even now and then a bunch of other people want to know hey what's the future going to be like well one of the things we're striving to get views is our event content coupled with leaderboards allows players to sort of define themselves against you know the community of how well they're doing and say survival mode or challenge the Horde so look forward to that next year could we get a feature where we can upgrade traps or remove them without destroying walls all right a bunch of people have been asking for quality of life fixes to shield defenses how you destroy walls upgrade traps move things around trust us we feel your pain about that I am NOT a big fan of all those pieces coming together right now myself one of the one of the challenges is as traps are used they all have durability that fires off and then so if we allow you to move those pieces back in your inventory then you're gonna have to pay attention to how many points have been fired etc etc and it creates a bunch of usability things and an inventory space nightmare now I think we can still get around that but that's one of the challenges that we're sort of investigating the other thing I think we're going to be able to do is reduce the time to placement during the construction while you're in your shield the shield itself doesn't really need the time to construct that you do in the normal game because you're not in the action phase so simply placing something and having the wall come into being will save you a bunch of time so we're also exploring that so with survival coming back in December instead of a winter event yes kind of we're gonna take our holiday event and our survival mode we're gonna put them together so that means snow is falling in our survival mode so expect a winter wonderland while you're trying to survive we're also adding new heroes new weapons another thing we've got from your feedback is we're adding voting to the system that means you can skip through your surviving modes if your team is ready to move on so that's going to save you some time the other thing we did is we only offering day three and day 7 survival modes and this time around the day 14 was just too grueling and we did it for a bunch of you but but wasn't quite the amount of time we wanted you guys to be playing the mission and one last thing we're adding mini bosses so that means all new properties all new abilities for you to be challenged while you're trying to survive what's next alright thanks for stopping by just as a reminder fort nightmares will be ending on November 29th and in the interim we're gonna run a little micro storm event as we prepare our holiday plans which are going to be cool don't forget to leave your questions below or in our forums and we'll see you next time


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