Scholar Athlete of the Week: Cadyn Badeaux

Barrel this year we’re gonna spotlight some of the top student athletes in Central Florida not just the ones playing football. Football Friday night scene Whitehead has more on our first winner. Our scholar athlete of the week tales from east ridge high school home of the night’s senior came to know is a member of the girls swimming and weightlifting teams. And has a four point 967 GTA. The National Honor Society members also dual enrolled at lake Sumter state college. And graduate may 20/20 with a high school diploma and & Associates degree. I’ve always been ahead I’ve taken a lot of online Costas since I was in middle school. So until they’re graduating early I figured it would be best for me to graduate with my AA when I graduate high school she knows what’s important and her academics come first she’s exactly who I would suggest my freshman look up to I love being in the water and always lean towards the water. I love swimming I’ve always been told that I was. Pretty good swimmer. Anthony and. I started weightlifting afternoon couple it. Lots of cross what type another school because the weightlifting team myself clear I joined. Kaine says she loves both sports and can’t pick a favorite she’s also heavily involved in a high school community volunteering time to several organizations. And after high school came plans on attending Florida Florida State north or South Florida and would like to double major in criminology and psychology. Kate even up our scholar athlete of the week. Now we will have a new scholar athlete every week hence of the week you can submit a nomination by going to the high school football paid WS TV dot com it. Better hurry we have hundreds of nominations poignantly. Day.


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