Secret to Success in Spirituality | Best Motivational Video | 2018 | Swami Mukundananda

through the scriptures and the Saints we
have the opportunity to hear so many wonderful gems of knowledge what is the
next step after this what do we need to do to move ahead and grow our
spirituality you the one important word is implementation
implement what you have learnt in other words reduce the gap between knowing and
doing if we know so much but we don’t implement those teachings and knowledge
in our life that knowledge is really not much use to us
as somebody said that good ideas are a dime a dozen good ideas are so commonly
available but they are not worth one broken nickel until they are implemented
and that is where we tend to get stuck if we have heard good teachings there is
a complacency that can easily creep up on us oh yes I heard Kripalu ji maharaj
and Murari bapu and Ramesh aha etcetera etcetera I have heard all there is to be
hurt and Swamiji I have heard you so many times when you came to Dallas all
right now the question is to what extent have you implemented those teachings
think about it one piece of knowledge if we truly
translate it into action in our lives that one gem of knowledge can completely
transform our lives that is the power of knowledge when it is translated into
action so we have received all these wonderful gems of knowledge now the next
thing is to implement it and what is the means of implementing how do you do it
how do you bridge this gap between knowing and doing the answer is practice of BR practice or
abhyaas is the ladder to mastery whether it is the material or the spiritual
realm you see these astonishing feats in the
sports world where we wrought Cooley he knocks up a century in a seemingly
magical manner how did he become such a world level world-class master player
what was the secret of it was he blessed with it no he had reached that mastery
by practice constant practice day in and day out whether it is a musician a
sports star a public speaker the CEO of a company a scholar anybody who reached
a level of accomplishment in their life it was the consequence of endeavouring
working hard day in and day out that is why it is said that genius
is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration a few years ago a study was done of people
who reached a world-class level of accomplishment in their fields this
endeavor to find out how did they become such masters did they start out at that
level it was found know in their early teens Deming and practicing and each of
them had put in about at least 10,000 hours of practice and the person who did
this study he then popularized this concept that to
become world-class in anything you need 10,000 hours of practice to the minimum
but his findings are only corroborating what Lord Krishna said thousands of
years ago because Arjun our Shri Krishna oh my lord
you said the mind is so important that we are what our mind is that our success
in life in spirituality is all dependent upon mastery of the mind so how will I
master my mind to me it seems like it’s more difficult than controlling the wind
Lord Krishna gave the same very key to Arjun he said Abbie asana to count there
by ear again H agree hiyatay Arjun mastery of your mind will come through
constant practice that is the abhi Hoss that is what is so necessary for our
spiritual progress so spiritual attainment divine love
will not just fall into our laps it’s not that one day I was subject to my
whims and emotions and tormented by them and next day I got freed and became a
master of the mind it’s never going to happen just like somebody practice the
skill of playing cricket you will have to practice this knowledge do it again
and again and again and again and slowly slowly slowly you will become expert in
it like in anything else that is why if you wish if there are different levels
of listeners there are the Jigyasa and the people the de gAHS who is one
who wishes to know and is content by knowing all right okay I know it now I
have the answer to my question but then there is the Picasso the Peppa’s who is
not contented by knowing the pipe a su has the thirst for God that has awoken
within the Peppa soo wants an experience of God wants to experience these
spiritual truths in life so the Peppa su wants to go one step
beyond knowledge Jigyasa will listen to Swamiji’s nature and say very good very
good he speaks very well I have passed him that’s enough and the people will
say so what I have to now practice this I am not contented so a peep a su in the
spiritual path if somebody has that yearning for God you are blessed not
everybody has it it’s a consequence of your son’s cars your good
NEADS of endless lifetimes that the hunger for God awakens within you if
that hunger is not awoken as the saying goes in English you can take a horse to
the water you cannot make a drink right even when the great our tower has
happened God Himself descended Lord Krishna etc it’s not that they took all
the souls back to Moloch with them because unless the soul wishes to do
something even God cannot help so this is a choice that we make that what is
the meaning of life to me is it enough to be knowledgeable or do I need to
become pure myself as some scripture says that the soul is not to be
satisfied by multitude words but a holy life is a continual feast for the
kingdom of God is not in words in the spiritual realm words don’t have
importance it is our thoughts our beliefs our actions that speak so much
louder than words there was a Western philosopher called
Henry David Thoreau he was an Age of Enlightenment
philosopher in the 18th century in the New England region he said what you are
is speaking so loudly to me I am unable to hear the words that you speak in
other words he was emphasizing the importance of not merely speaking and
listening spirituality but becoming truly pure and
holy and sacred the let us ignite that yielding in our life
let us enhance our thirst and then we will see that there is such a big gap we
fall short of true spirituality in so many ways the scriptures say become
totally humble and yet somebody speaks one harsh word and it hurts our ego and
pinches us to such a great extent every time we are disturbed from inside love
to anger desire greed hatred Envy if we are sincere we will realize it is our
own shortcoming if we are insincere we will blame the circumstances this person
is bad that person is bad everybody is bad that is an immature way of thinking
if a child blames others for their own sentiments it’s acceptable but as you
grow up you are expected to mature and what is the sign of maturity the sign of
maturity is you become responsible what is responsible the ability to respond
which means no matter what the situation I need to be positive I have to break
this rut of blame game this person that person this person I am responsible for
my own positivity or negativity I am responsible for the state of my
mind if we are sincere we will see that and then we will find that we are
falling short every time a negative emotion and negative thought arises it
shows a deficiency within us it exposes the lack of holiness within us and again
if we are sincere it should inspire us it should go to us you need to go
further that is what human life is all about that is what religion is all about
Swami Vivekanand said these prophets were not unique they were men as you and
I and they had attained super consciousness and you and I can do the
same the fact that one person attain that state indicates that all people can
do so and that ultimately is religion what we call religion is the teachings
of the scriptures and the Saints that is telling us how to become pure Noble
sublime like God Himself is pure Noble and sublime and until we reach that
point we should not be contented we should not compromise with our
infirmities you know God is pure but I’m a sinner it’s all right no it’s not all
right that’s not what God wants from you he says you have to purify yourself you
have been given this human life as an opportunity as a facility as a blessing
I just had a program with the children and one child said Swamiji how do I
become responsible how do I become responsible by realizing how many bless
you have received along with every privilege in life comes a responsibility
in the bank there is a cashier who stands on the counter and there is the
manager who’s sitting in the cabin inside the manager has been given many
perks from the bank he’s been given the car he has been given a house they are
all the perks that are coming along with the job of the manager and the teller on
the counter doesn’t have those folks he also has a lower salary so the manager
has more privileges but he also has more responsibilities if the manager says I
will do exactly what the teller does why do all this the bank will say then we
take away all the perks then you also stand outside on the counter we gave you
more and more is expected of you so similarly when God gives us more he
expects a sense of responsibility from our side as well
think of what God has bestowed us with the first was the privilege of choice we
have the freedom to choose that freedom was not given to the animals the moment
momentum unstart the Meuse has to fly southward it
doesn’t have a choice no I will go to the east this time I’ll prefer the
Western direction for a little holiday or a devotion to the north itself it’s
genetic code is forcing that goose that now it is getting winter you have to fly
south but in this human body God bestowed us with the opportunity to
choose you can choose whether you wish to go north south east or west that’s a
privilege bestowed by God alongside with that we’ve got a million other
privileges the graces of God Kripalu t maharaj said if you start writing it
down a whole book will get created the earth on which we live the sunlight that
we receive the air that we breathe these are all graces of God and we are
all privileged to receive so many graces so now what is our responsibility if six
year old child was asking me Swamiji how do I become responsible as grown-ups
shouldn’t that sense of responsibility have deepened how do we turn to the wind
and say oh no I’m an adult I can do what I like
drink smoke whatever because I’m an adult you don’t become an adult by age
you become an adult by accepting your responsibility so then you become aware
and conscious of the innumerable graces of God upon you then you realize you
have to become a profitable servant of God this is a concept from the Bible say
you have to become a profitable servant of God he’s given you much to whom much
is given from that person much is expected
what does God expect from you you are first and primary duty we will talk
about this later we have a series out here in the month of July or August
called seven divine laws for happiness and fulfillment and there I’ll talk
about our duties etc and so many other things but right now the first and
foremost duty in him life what is it what is our first
commitment to God to grow spiritually and improve ourselves from within that
is the first and foremost purpose of human life you may not be able to attain
him in one life you may not be able to become God realized in one life but at
least move ahead at least give it your best shot try and be the best person
that you can be that is your param dhama try and be the best person that you can
be have you asked ourselves am i trying to
be the best person and then we realize well I have so many weaknesses so many
infirmities so many shortcomings I have this huge gap that I need to bridge that
I need to narrow that then ignites the desire the yearning the thirst to move
ahead that ignites the yearning for implementing the knowledge that we have
heard and that makes us divinely discontented in other words there is a
contentment and a discontentment it is said Santosh as tissue kartavya swerd re
pooja need honey Trisha Naivasha kartavya Aswad dia jap
Adana you in the world be contented in your spouse Joe behave over Ganesh
three-car garage a lot he can be contented on the food that you are
eating thank you God for what you are offering to me be contented in your
wealth I need two sets of clothes to wear and
two rotis to eat so in the world contentment is an ornament it’s an inner
ornament that you wear santosh done the wealth of contentment
but in the spiritual realm contentment is a blemish it’s a defect
it’s an impediment in your spiritual path if you become contented you will
see I’m all right now you can create a hundred reasons you
know others are just like me so how does it matter oh you know my parents are to
blame the situation is to blame so whatever the reason if you become
contented your sadhana your progress will come to a standstill and then you
will not be discharging your primary duty to God which is to grow to improve
and become a better person so in the spiritual realm always be discontented
in other words I have not done anything so far I have not offered any service
that’s worthy of consideration all my efforts are insignificant I need to do
so much more I need to strive harder can any of you identify with that sentiment
I am sure all of you can because that is the true spiritual sentiment I have not
done anything so far I need to do so much more that is the spiritual
sentiment that is the sentiment that is coming from God and that is creates the
thirst within us and now I am thirsty now I understand the need I need to
implement I have heard Swamiji’s the thousand times I have been hearing him
since 2000 when he first came to Dallas all right
so what have I done about it now that yearning comes and with that yearning
comes the effort of implementation whether you implement it by trying to
come to the Radha Krishna temple every Sunday whether you implement it by
offering service in various ways or whether you implement it by doing your
daily sadhana in whatever way there will be the striving to put that knowledge
into practice and when we do that that will lead to the inner bliss that will
give us the sense of euphoria this this sense that yes I am doing what I am
supposed to be doing that will give us the sense of discharging our
responsibility to God so in order to get that feeling we need to pick up this key
that Lord Krishna gave to Arjun 5,000 years ago and what was the key of us
practice practice practice practice where is this great swimmer USA who won
so many goals what’s his name Michael Phelps right I just read about him
recently you know he had an abnormality as a child and he was diagnosed as
having a deficiency syndrome so he had this ADHD and his teacher said he will
not amount to much but what he did was that he started he was introduced to
swimming and he started practicing six hours every day now
the weekends there was no practice so he said let me add Saturday’s to it because
that means 52 into six more hours in the earth and then he said why not practice
on Sundays as well because that will add again 52 into six more hours for the
year and that’s the kind of commitment to practice that he had and what was the
consequence he became the most felicitated Olympian in all history 22
gold medals right so now people can say oh you know that’s the way God made him
I can never be like him I don’t know what is the secret of a success well
what was the secret it was all the practice that he did now really we are
not interested in becoming Olympians out here but we are interesting did in
mastering our own mind because the scriptures and the Saints tell us
repeatedly Shankaracharya said jagged item cane of Manoa he aina who shall
conquer the world that person who has conquered his her own mind shall
influence the world so if we wish to succeed as human beings we need to learn
and master the art of mind management and how will we do it will me be born
with it or will be blame or you know I was not born with it that guy was born
with it no you pick up one gem of knowledge and practice it again and
again and again the more you practice the better you will become it so how
much of practice are you doing on a daily basis how much time do you take
out for your spiritual practice you don’t have to answer me you answer
yourself now you want to go faster what do you have to do practice a little more
if you’ve been in 30 minutes every day bring it up to
45 if we’ve been putting in one hour every day bring it to one and a half
it’s a simple formula for spiritual success increase your practice alright
and one practice that’s very important from my lifetime experience of teaching
people and guiding them in this path or is that it is a regular participation in
such Sangha I have seen it again and again because every week I’m addressing
a group of people for one week and then keeping a track to what extend they
succeeded and I find those people who started coming to satsang within the
space of one year their whole life changed it may seem like a little bit
just coming for satsang two hours a week where it was a commitment a starting
point you build on one discipline you add another discipline you add another
discipline nobody suddenly jumps from being a sinner to a saint everybody
moves ahead one step at a time and at one step they took they made a
commitment I will come to satsang regularly made this big transformation
so if you wish to implement I would strongly urge you to consider to make a
commitment we have the sunday satsangh here in place right why for the sake of
Radha Krishna for your sake make that commitment I will do it for my sake and
then see in one year the transformation that takes place and you can validate or
invalidate Swamiji statement right the proof of the pudding is in the eating
you try it out and see if you get the results it’s scientifically validated by
the experiment if you don’t get the results the
hypothesis is rejected so my hypothesis that I’m presenting to you is that if
you just make this commitment every Sunday I’ll come for satsang in one year
you will find your life has been transformed and I’m not just taking it
out of a hat it’s a result of 34 years now of preaching and guiding people all
around the world they tried out these disciplines these
commitments will bridge that gap between knowing and implementation so if you are
fortunate enough to have the thirst of sincerely trying to become a better
person then the implementation the discipline required I am presenting the
first Sutra to you make a commitment and keep it and then see you will keep on
taking further steps and before you know it you will have left that path behind
such a long way that you will realize how exciting this world and life is as a
gift of God as an opportunity to do our best to be our best and become the best
person that we can be Sri Radha Krishna van Warneke second guru Sri Kripalu ji
maharaj ji ki


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