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I'm bud I've collected asst medium also on this book's Council of the Church of the collectivist Commonwealth this is sunday March death the year 2013 this is on the ideology of collectivization of the Church of the collectivist Commonwealth we begin with a history that does not declare ancient Asian dragon stories of celestial dimensional space travelers breeding and saving the Earthlings from evil like other war in heaven stories of the Bible and send crit text collectivization lesson one collectivism the meeting the only way for control and ownership of the means of production and distribution as a whole collective society is democracy capitalism is inherently monopolistic thus anti-democratic so avoid the money system share collectivist distribution sharing through collective management of socially own collectives is classes not dividing a group into kapitein warring factions of capitalists who are subtly and crudely seeking conquest of people and things as property now before you can know marks our VI linens have polished money and all other private property are the distribution to Jesus are the harmony of the 6,000 BC Sanskrit unknown you must know this basis of thought dialectical method this is from the 1971 275 editions of my 1963 blind notes at the age of 25 no capitalist culture subtleties as I say I was greatly dumb and blind to any subtle culture in the world now Karl Marx separated from the philosophy of gwf Hagel and further developed his dialectical method karl marx combined Hagel's dialectical method with materialism karl marx developed the Communist philosophy of dialectical materialism now the dialectical method a synthesis is an intermingled form of matter in motion matter moves to establish many types of synthesis a synthesis must be maintained if desirable a synthesis will not remain whole because other particles of matter traveling in the universe hit a synthesis causing disturbance conflict struggle and other particles not compatible with the news force are dislodged forced to travel if they could not be intermingled in harmony this new outside force of matter that was traveling and hit a synthesis is called an antithesis the moment the antithesis new particle outside force touches the synthesis the synthesis is no longer in a state of rapport it is not a synthesis is not a harmonious whole the former synthesis entered a state of inner conflict here's an example a problem develops in the mind and there is inner conflict anxiety the problem is solved as it develops and there is a greater degree of tranquility inside a greater degree of happiness of harmony peace of mind a competitive struggle between incompatible forces the forces being extra thesis particles and particles of the former synthesis which are called the thesis thus the whole mass of the former synthesis and the new intact instances come into conflict constituting a class struggle this will inevitably end with the dislodging of matter which will not be entered intermingled in rapport harmony a new synthesis they manifest by the movements of history the past movements of matter as I say to understand marks you need to understand this basis also to understand why linen abolish private property and the exchange of money buying and selling the property because marks believe that it that capitalism is what caused disharmony with an conflict within a society and they were trying to leave but get rid of that conflict in society caused by capitalism the buying and selling of personal property of labor now here's the note from me karl marx used methods of analysis his form of Hegel's that is marxist dialectical materialism and seeing the basic cause of social disharmony is the struggle for private property the cure is collectivization sharing is the way also Jesus seen that sharing was a way to eliminate the disharmony in society carmax also seen a future reoccurring economic crisis of capitalist imperialism but did not see these crises creating an iron antique and antarctic general populace who discover sharing is the solution now we know that's collectivization now saving Karl Marx from extreme darwinism entities that do not share breed satanic disharmony mark Singh the cause of social economic disharmony was the struggle for private property he believed the sharing waves of communism bring harmony Lenin Stalin and Mauro from the Marxist abolition of buying and selling personal property of labor through collectivization now our church of the collectivist Commonwealth even jesus knew that from antiquity the competition between factions for property was a way of Satan's angels at disharmony you they see the hutterites who have lived the acts of the Bible sharing a communal livelihood for 600 years the Hutterites and are in a large facilities in the United Northern northwestern United States and Canada they have not just communal farms that share they have communal kitchens that feed everybody they do not pay wages they do market externally to support the church the Hutterites they also have even though they do not like I said they do not pay wages they furnish everything for them with their communal kitchens and that they do market externally they have industry they have their building their own industry they don't just have farms with wheat and livestock but they also have industry which and they market everything externally to furnish things for the hot right way of life which is the sharing of Jesus now our church of the collective's commonwealth we believe that marriage is property of disharmony but sex between female and male is normal that's the babies that result our responsibility of social responsibility a communal responsibility now even though space angels were able to animate Jesus they and we should look upon other entities only as equals that is our way of harmony now enter our spokes console of the church of the collectivist commonwealth taking the commanding heights of now with our parallel communal industry and distribution not the corrupting element of property wages of cash our mutual aid of collectivization replaces capitalism's competitive disharmony of buying and selling personal property of labour for a bigger piece of pie while others start drawing on failing capitalism's anarchy of competitive labor our mutual aid of collectivization replaces the competitive disharmony of capitalist cultures wall street center of support for factions who seek people and things as property in the competitive evolution of Mussolini's corporate fascism capitalism is monopolistic thus anti-democratic Jesus chased the money changers from the church and Islam calls them satanic properties so avoid the money system share collectivist distribution sharing and teamwork is the driving force of a communal economy social collectives are run by our members simultaneously to delegates and referendum which democratically empowers our parallel society of social communalism now enter the emphasis of our industrial strategy with an eye for sunzu that spelled su n tzu he was a warrior ms military strategist of ancient asia now our strategy is the logistics civilian argumentation program which has which we can use for external marketing excuse me among our collective is the Church of the collectivist Commonwealth aerospace now we are going to his media of course we are part of the spokes Council of the collectivist church Commonwealth Church of the collectivist Commonwealth and this is March 10th the year 2013 I'm but i just want to mention that we need to observe how the Hutterites function even though we are not pacifist but they do have we can't see how they function in the society of the united states and canada and as I say we are the church of the collective's common mode and I'm going to close for now I'm bud

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