Sherif Gaber MIRROR – What you don’t know about the Quran #FreeSherifGaber

Chapter One: Preface Over many years before the beginning of Islam Christians debated about an important topic. which was about “The divinity of Christ” “Was Jesus a son of god, and has the blood of gods, etc?” “or was he a normal human being?” That topic led Christians to differ between each other and led to many different denominations That was until 325 AC. In this year in Nicaea, Turkey The roman emperor held a council in which
all bishops from around the empire met to discus that topic and find a final answer for that question In that council there was a famous priest named “Arius” Arius said a very different opinion He said that Jesus is not neither a god nor a son of god like many people believe But rather, he was just a human being sent from god to guide humanity to the right path Just a prophet Arius’s opinion led to a chaos in the council as expected Until the other bishops decided to dismiss him and called his opinion a “heresy” And although Arius’s opinion was well known and many Christians even used to believe in it But it spread even more and many more believed it To the point that they almost turned against the empire and make their idea dominate even more But the roman authorities saved the situation and started to persecute them So, they started to leave the country as the persecutions started to increase And traveled to other places like the east and the Arabian Peninsula But in fact those who believed Arius’s thoughts weren’t the first to believe in it Those were a very old beliefs. Started to appear as early as the beginning of Christianity under many names Like, for example, the “Ebionites” denomination In fact, until today, until this very day There’re still christian denominations that believe in that Those are Christians, but they don’t believe that neither Jesus is divine nor there’s something called the holy spirit nor there’s anything called the Holy Trinity That’s why, unlike many people think The belief of “one god” and that Jesus is just a human being is not an “Islamic belief”, I mean it’s not an idea that Islam made it This’s a very old belief and it’s origin is Christianity And there was and still are many Christians believe in it But the question now is… If that belief was already there before Islam appears What’s the need of a new prophet to come and say it? Why’s the need for a third new religion? A religion with a new story, scenario and wars Just to say something that was already there and many people even believed in it What’s purpose of that third religion? a religion that said nothing new That’s a question. But what does this has to do with the topic of the video? Or… what does the story of Arius… has to do with the Quran? “What does this has to do with the topic of the video?” Arius and those who have been prosecuted When they left to the Arabian Peninsula, took their christian books with them As predictable But these books were written in a language that was the primary one for the writing at the time Not “Arabic” of course, Arabic was barely known at the time Instead, it was another language, the “Aramaic” language Which had a sub language called “Syriac” The Syriac language was one of the primary languages for writing at the time Now, what happened for that third new religion to appear is that this new third religion was not new at all It’s nothing but the ideas of those christian denominations The christian denominations that believed that god was one and Jesus was just a human being And that “Quran”, most of it, Is nothing but a translation of the christian books that entered the Arabian Peninsula By the people who have been prosecuted and left the empire The books which were written in Syriac Chapter Two: Is the Quran a translated christian books? Have you ever wondered why the Quran said many times it’s an “Arabic Book” Why would a book that’s supposedly clearly written in Arabic… Says so many times “I’m an Arabic book”? Why do u need to say the language of the information u say? For example, the Greek authors who wrote the new testament in Greek Didn’t have to say even for once that their book is written in Greek Because it’s clearly written in Greek Beside, the information itself is useless The repeating phrases in the Quran saying “It’s an Arabic book” Is suspicious and an evidence of a very different scenario Something like that there were people who knew that the Quran… was not really an Arabic book And that’s exactly what was happening Many people said that whoever wrote the book heard it from christian priests, translated it and claimed it’s his That’s why you’ll find verses saying: “Some people are abusing Moh. saying he’s an ear” Meaning he’s claiming what he heard from others to himself “Yes, he’s an ear” meaning he admitted it! “But an ear of goodness for you” “And anyone who’ll abuse Moh. again will be rot in hell when he comes to us!” And some said that the words of the Quran were copied from another place Because we know we’ve heard it before That’s why you’ll find verses saying: “When our verses are recited to them, they say we’ve heard it” Meaning they’ve heard it before And others said whoever wrote the Quran copied it from a non Arabic source Because it contains many non Arabic words So the Quran responded and said: “Yes we know that some say: There’s a foreign human being teaching the prophet” “No that’s not true, the Quran is an Arabic book” The accusations that the Quran is not an Arabic book is a lot To the point that the Quran kept defending itself and threatening anyone who says it’s not Arabic book Not once or twice… but more than 10 times! But let’s just put all these infidel accusations aside And try to understand why they said so What led not 1 or 2 or even 10… But so many people to say that the Quran has a non Arabic origins and contains many foreign words There’re battles between researchers and people of knowledge regarding the question: “Does the Quran contain non Arabic words in it?” But before i show you the non Arabic words in the Quran First, You have to know how to read the Quran correctly And to be able to read the Quran correctly You’ve to read it as a raw text… You have to take it to it’s first origin Meaning you’ve to remove all the doting Then you’ve to remove the punctuation marks Then you’ve to remove all the letters that were added later Because all of this were added later, over 100 years after the death of Muhammad When you do this you’ll find that the Quran looks so weird You’ll notice that almost all letters look the same To the point that among the 28 letters of the Arabic language Only 6 letters… that you’ll be able to recognize them And the other 22 letters, you won’t be able to For example, You won’t recognize the letter ع from the letter غ The letter ـة which refers to the “female” will be the same as ـه which indicates “ownership” The letter س will be the same as Ø Both the س and Ø will be the same as many other 3 letters which together look like them The letter ب will be same as ت and Ø« The letter ج will look like the Ø­ and Ø® And so on. what i’m trying to point is… The possibility to mistake something if you tried to put dots in the Quran in it’s raw version after more than 50 years from the death of Muhammad “The time which they say the doting process of the Quran started” Is very high! Especially because you’re not dotting a letter or two or even a few words You’re dotting more than 77,000 words! Of course they were more than 77,000 words But there are so many parts of the Quran that have been lost over 150 years of the death of Moh. But we’ll discuss that in detail at the end of this video, so just keep watching That’s why those Specialists in the study of the Koran And i mean by Specialists, those who dare to criticize the Quran without fear or taking sides Those people when they see a word that has hundreds of interpretations Or more precisely, no body knows what it means but they’re just making assumptions They take that word and then remove all the extras… Like the doting, the punctuation marks… And if there’s a letter that was invented after the death of Moh. they remove it too From there they take that word and read it again And maybe after they add a different dot or remove one, add a different punctuation mark, or remove one As if those who dotted the quran made a mistake That word starts to has a different meaning from the one written in the Quran of today Okay, give us an example, Sherif Chapter 3… Where are the non Arabic words in the Quran?… Like, in the Quran 6:146 when he says: “…and of the cattle and the sheep We prohibited to them their fat, except what adheres to their backs or… …الحوايا” What does الحوايا means? do you know what it means? you don’t. Let’s take that word into it’s raw version, and remove all the extras like we said And play with the dots, as if they missed one or added one by mistake Let’s put one under the letter Ø­ Then the word will be الجوايا. That word is Syriac one… which means “entrails” Okay now let’s take that word and put it back in the sentence, “…to their backs or the entrails” Now that sentence is clear in Arabic Now Of course if you looked that word in the Arabic dictionaries You’ll find a 100 Interpretation for it That is very predictable But think about what “Interpretation” really means All the thousands of interpretations of the Quranic weird words that exist in all Islamic books and dictionaries are nothing but mere imagination They’re just trying to find a meaning that can work in the context of the sentence Or in the Quran 19:24 when he was talking about the birth of Jesus… says: “He called her from below her, “do not grieve, your lord has provided beneath you a (stream – سريا)!” What does سريا means?! “different Interpretations” the word سريا in arabic means a river but here it’s meaningless if you’ll take it’s meaning as “river” So, some tried to make up another meaning that can go with the meaning of the sentence So they said “سريا can also mean Generous” You mean a Generous one? you mean Jesus?! That word as many others is meaningless in this sentence But it has a Syriac meaning! The word سريا in Syriac means “legitimate person” Now the sentence has a meaningful meaning The baby is saying to Maryam his mother, “do not grieve, your god… …made the birth of your child legitimate” Meaning don’t be sad you gave birth to me without anybody sleeping with you Meaning i’m a legitimate baby legitimate. not generous… or river. Or in the Quran 12:88 when they entered upon Joseph, they said, “O ‘Azeez, adversity has touched us and our family… …and we have come with goods (مزجاه – poor in quality) what’s the meaning of مزجاه?! That word is not an arabic word “different Interpretations” So some said it can have the meaning of “poor in quality” But this meaning isn’t right in the sentence What do u mean they went to the King and said to him we’ve a poor quality goods so give us money! It doesn’t seem right So what we’ll do is remove all the extras and take it back to it’s raw version and try with different dots, we may find a new meaningful word. It’d be مرجية The word مرجية is a Syriac word It means fresh or moisturizing Now the sentence became much more clear “when they entered they said, “O ‘Azeez, adversity has touched us and our family… …and we have come with fresh goods, so give us some money” If we wanted to name all the Syriac words in the Quran, we will take forever There’re tons of books that talk about the amount of Syriac words in the Quran All the religious names in the Quran are written in their Syriac form Names such as Soloman, Ishmael, Isaac, Yaaqob, Zakaria, Maryam and Noah The pronunciation of these names in the Quran is in it’s Syriac form And not only the names but even the religious terms were written in it’s Syriac form Among them are words people think they only exist in Islam Like Ayah, Kafer, Salah, Nafs, Ganna, Sai’at Even when the Quran call Christians “Nasara” There were no other language that call them that, other than the Syriac And of course there’re other words that has no meaning neither in Arabic nor in any other language nor even if you tried to remove the doting and tried to find new words from it Like for example the word “Kawthar” which has a whole Sura named after it Nobody knows what it means and as usual, hundreds of Interpretation So some said it means “the war booty” And some said it means “the good and the blessing” Or someone like “el-qurtubi” who gave 7 different meanings for the same word Or “Ibn elnaqib” who gave 26 different meanings for the same word This huge number of meanings and interpretations for many of the Quranic words itself indicates that nobody really knows what they actually mean Or for example in the Quran 80:31 when he says “And fruit and أبا” What does أبا means? It has no meaning “different Interpretations” Or in the Quran 11:75 when he says, “Abraham was forbearing and “أواه” أواه! what’s the meaning of أواه! And as usual… hundreds of interpretations Some said it means he used to say “oh” because he fears god so much! And some said it means “Merciful”! And some said it means “He guides others to good”! Notice that even though nobody really knows what it means They always come up with “good” meanings Why? because the meaning’s supposed to be on Ibrahim That’s why it has to be “good” But if he said “The infidel Pharaoh is أواه” Then it’d be different They’ll say أواه sometimes can mean cruel And sometimes can mean oppressive They just imagine the meanings Or in the Quran 26:63 when he says: Then we inspired to Moses, “Strike with your stick the sea” and it parted and each portion was like a… …huge mountain (الطود) الطود؟! what does الطود means?! They said it means “mountain” Logically, he said he split the sea and every portion was like… a mountain Makes sense They did imagine the right meaning On a ward that was originally written wrong It was supposed to be الطور not الطود The ر instead of د but it was written wrong And the evidence is that the word الطود was never mentioned somewhere else in the Quran But the word الطور was mentioned… 10 times And in every one of them the meaning has the same meaning that’s supposedly in this sentence Means “mountain” Coping the Quran from other non Arabic sources Led to many errors in the book Not only in the meaningless or nonsense words But also in the Syntax of some sentences There are so many sentences in the Quran that makes no sense at all Like in the Quran 60:11 when he says: “The Quranic verse in the picture is an imaginary translation, the Arabic one makes no sense” What does it mean? what does وإن Ù I want you to try to understand this verse by yourself… you won’t be able to Something doesn’t seem write in the Syntax of the sentence And as usual, hundreds of interpretations Most of them say it means “Escaped” Meaning “If your wives escaped and went to the infidels” But in fact that’s just an imaginary interpretation And even if this was the meaning of it, “Escaped” Then why didn’t he just say “If your wives escaped” or “If your wives escaped and went to the infidels” A simple, clear sentence that nobody would doubt it’s meaning And there won’t be a thousand interpretations for it Or in the Quran 24:61 “There is not upon the blind, nor the ill, nor yourselves any constraint when you eat from your own houses” Meaning that it’s okay for the blind, the ill and you all to eat from your houses I don’t understand You mean that the one who created the universe, made all these wars, stories and chaos to send a book and write in it, “it’s okay people, you can eat from your houses” That sentence is so pointless And at the same verse it says “There is not upon you any constraint to eat from houses whose keys you possess” So if i stole some house’s key, i’m allowed to go and eat from it? And at the same verse it says “There is not upon you any constraint to eat alone or together!” “Okay guys don’t worry god allowed you to eat alone or together!” We’re allowed to eat alone or together… Can there even be any other option? So just 1 sentence contains tons of nonsense topics And beside that, the whole sentence is pointless, there’s no use for it And if you deleted it from the Quran, the Quran won’t be affected at all And those who won’t read it won’t miss anything Chapter four… Unclear book… There’s a verse in the Quran that says: “We did not send any messenger except in the language of his people to state clearly for them” But that verse was contradicting to what’s really happening Mohammad himself didn’t know the meaning behind many of the Quranic verses Which’s supposed to be Arabic And was sent by the language of his people And his mission was to explain it to them Al-tabari once said that Aisha “Moh.’s wife” said that Mohammad had this habit… Which is not explaining any verse in the Quran except for a very few “Which were obviously the clear verses that need no clarification” And that’s true even if what Al-tabari said was a lie Because if Mohammad explained the Quran to the people he was “sent” to There wouldn’t be tons of thousands of interpretations Which increase every time a new sheikh’s born Simply we’d have only the Quran and it’s a clear book for all people to understand And even if it needed an interpretation, there’d be only one… Which will be Mohammad’s. Because it’s his main mission as a prophet, to explain it to the people Now how do you claim that the Quran was sent by the language of his people And his own people didn’t understand it And contains many words that neither Arabic nor make any sense And if you’ll send a book that’s not clear at all That neither the one who claims that it’s revealed to him understands it Nor those whom the book was sent to them understand it Nor after 1400 people agree on it’s meaning because it has hundreds of meanings and interpretations Then why did u send it? That’s why it’s almost impossible for anyone to translate the Quran to any language Not because the quran is supposed to be written only in Arabic Or because Arabic is the best language out there Or because Arabic is the favorite language for God No, it’s just because it contains nonsense words That are not clear neither in Arabic, nor in any other languages So obviously you won’t be able to translate them – “Are you allowed to translate the Quran into English?”
– No! No, it’s forbidden You can’t even translate the word Quran itself! I mean, here’s a question for you… Do u know what the word “Quran” really means?! The book which you’re willing to die for don’t know it’s meaning And if you tried to look for it you’ll, as expected, find a hundred meanings That’s because the word Quran isn’t actually Arabic, it’s a Syriac one. It’s origin is the word “Qurian” which means… “A liturgical christian book” Chapter five… The Quran is a christian book?… Have you ever wondered why did the Quran mention Jesus 36 times… …and Muhammad only 4 times? 36 times the Quran mentions Jesus and his life And only 4 times does he mentions Muhammad As if the book was made for Jesus And even the 4 times where he mentioned Muhammad in them The name can also refer to Jesus If you took “Muhammad” as a meaning, not a name of a person And the evidence is that the only time he mentioned the name of a prophet (claiming to be the final prophet) He didn’t say his name is Muhammad He said his name is Ahmed! Of course Sheikhs say they’re one. Both Muhammad & Ahmed have the same meaning (a great person) But if that was the case then he wouldn’t have said “His name is Ahmed” (61:6) He would’ve simply said “A great prophet… or a good prophet” But he said his name is Ahmed. meaning he called him by his name Or the Quran is very precise in all of it’s verses except here, here it’s not very precise?! And in another verse he said, “Muhammad is not the father of any of your men” And that applies to Jesus Jesus wasn’t married and never had any children But Muhammad? he had kids and married 12 times! And in another verse he says: “Muhammad is not but a messenger… …other messengers have passed on before him” The problem is that there’s another verse that says: “Jesus is not but a messenger… other messengers have passed on before him” The two verses are identical, except the word Jesus was only replaced by the word Muhammad You’re not convinced yet, right? okay… There was an old coin that was found in Palestine dates back to the year 647-658 Meaning after Muslims were supposed to have entered Palestine with at least 10 years The name “Muhammad” is written on one side of the coin But on the other side there was a man holding a cross! I want you to think about this for a moment How did the coins of a country that’s supposedly Muslim Contain both the name Muhammad and a cross on it? The cross which Islam refuses completely… …because it says that Jesus wasn’t crucified and all this is just a lie… …is the formal coin of the country… How?! Or you’ll tell me that this’s a sign of the forgiveness of the Arab rulers? The rulers whom when they entered those countries prevented any new churches to be built And prevented any crosses to be put neither on someone’s neck nor even on churches Same was found on a Syrian coin between the year 686 to 687 That coin has the name Muhammad on it, and a person holding a cross I’m not here to tell you how did this happen Cuz literally no one really knows what happened All opinions on that matter are just thoughts about what happened at that period of time All what i’m trying to tell you is that, that history you think is the real one of Islam is very different from the real history. The real history is very vague. All i’m trying to tell you is that all evidences point to the fact that most of the Quran is translated from Syriac christian books Not only in the words, sentences or even the name of the book itself Even most of the stories in it were translated and copied from other religions and legends Chapter six… The sources of the Quranic stories… Let’s take for example the story of Uncle Adam and his wife Eve When god created Adam and then ordered the angels to kneel to him Then the devil refused and said “no, Adam was made from clay and i’m from fire” “I need to kneel to someone on my level, lol” Then God got mad and kicked him out of heaven That order of events wasn’t mentioned in the bible It’s true. But it’s mentioned in the Rabbinic literature The Rabbinic literature isn’t the Torah to say that God borrowed a story from his other book No, the Rabbinic literature was written by humans It’s a Jewish literature about creation and life that was written more than 300 years before Islam That means that the Quran copied the story of Adam and Eve from Human books Or the people of Saturday’s story, that famous story It was written in the Torah thousands of years before Islam even appears In Exodus, Chapter 16 Or the story of the Cow in “Quran 2” It was written in many Jewish legends long before Islam appears Or the story of Gog and Magog, which people think it only exists in Islam That story existed in the old Testament in Judaism And in many other Syriac legends aside from Judaism Or the story of Noah and the ship That famous legend was mentioned long before the 3 religions took it The first mention of this story goes back to the year 1600 BC More than 2200 years before the Islamic religion appears Or the story of Cain and Abel, when Cain killed his brother Abel and killed him Then the Quran said, “whoever kills a soul unless for a soul it is as if he had slain mankind entirely… …and whoever saves one – it is as if he had saved mankind entirely” The verse which many repeat it and take it as a sign for the mercy of Islam And some upload it as a Facebook cover and beside it some red hearts Fact is, the Quran isn’t the source to neither the story nor the sentence itself That sentence and the story were mentioned in a Jewish book named “Mishnah Sanhedrin” That book was written 400 years before Islam a Jewish book that talked about the laws that the Israelis should live by In chapter four that book talks about murder And says that the Israelis shouldn’t kill, especially an innocent person Because by killing someone, you kill all the people who can be born because of him And by forgiving him, you’d be saving all the people who will be born because of him Then he gave the story of Cain and Abel as an example When Cain killed Abel he killed all the people who could’ve come from him The story was taken from this book And the evidence is that in the story of Cain and Abel in the Quran the “Israelis” were mentioned in the middle Have you ever thought what’s the relationship between the Israelis and Cain and Abel?! You’re talking about the story of creation and Cain and Abel What does the Israelis have to do with any of this?! The Israelis were mentioned because they’re mentioned in that book Where the advice was meant for the Israelis? So those who copied that sentence in the Quran translated it and also advised the Israelis The irony! Or the story of the people of the cave That’s an old story that was mentioned in Greek legends and has many versions with different details But it’s source was probably a christian under the name of “The seven Sleepers of Ephesus” In it there were 7 christian men escaped from an emperor named “Decius” and hid in a cave But the emperor discovered their place then closed the door of the cave on them So that they could die inside Those seven kept praying for Jesus so that he could save them So Jesus made them sleep for 1 year and then woke them up That story is not Islamic! Even the story of Youssef which a whole Sura in Quran is named after it And some believe it’s the best story anyone can ever write That story was mentioned before in the Torah and bible with just a few changes Meaning it was written before and was written many times Or the story of Solomon and the King of Sabaa The same story was mentioned in a Hebrew book titled “The book of Esther” The same story in the Quran was mentioned there except for a small detail Instead of the hoopoe that was mentioned in the Quran The story in the book has a rooster So it seems whoever translated the book confused the rooster with a Hoopoe And so on. Take any story in the Quran and look for it’s origins And you’ll find that it was mentioned hundreds and sometimes thousands of years before the Quran You only find it meaningful because it’s mentioned in the Quran But if it wasn’t written in the Quran and instead was written in the Torah and then you read it, you’ll laugh at it Chapter Seven… Is the Quran a good book from a literary point of view… Now let’s look at the Quran from a literary point of view, as a normal book Let’s remove all the enticement and intimidation “You say that the Quran itself is okay to be criticized?!” “This is blasphemy!” Let’s take it as a normal book to be fair while judging it In fact, the Quran from the literal point of view is a very poor book For many reasons, like what? Like the repeated overrated unusual amount of the enticement and intimidation in it Almost in every page of the book you’ll find either… insults and threatens with death and hell or promises of different rewards and heaven Using the enticement and intimidation repeatedly is known to be a helpless way used by someone who can’t convince you to do something So he has no choice but to threaten or reward you There’s no order in telling events or stories The Quran, at least compared to the Torah and Bible, Doesn’t have an organized order in telling the stories or events Many stories are mixed together And you’ll always find a cut or a part missing in almost every story in the Quran For example in Quran 2:221â€242. For seventeen straight verses these passages discuss women, marriage, and divorce but suddenly verses 238-239 interrupt the discussion to exhort the Muslims to maintain regular prayers in war times Then, just as suddenly, the passage returns to the subject of divorce Those two intervening verses have nothing to do with what came either before or after And they distract the reader in unnecessary way Now apply this to almost every page in the Quran While reading it you’ll always find yourself going from one subject to another and then get back to the first one And there’s no focus in one particular topic That’s not a good way to write that’s like collecting parts from other sources and mixing them together. There’s no literary sense in finishing sentences or stories More than 90% of the sentences end with assonance And they’re only there to add a tone to the sentences It’s like someone copies and pastes a particular few words with assonance and then puts them in every sentence he doesn’t know how to end. There’s too many unnecessary words and verbiage in the Quran And if we removed it, neither the Quran will be affected Nor the lives of those who won’t read it will be affected On the contrary, there’re things in the Quran if we removed it… a lot of negativity things in the world will be decreased Take terrorism as an example, which became a daily thing in our days Now say “Terrorists don’t understand the Quranic texts well” Or say “They don’t represent Islam” Say what u want, what’s important is that these verses that those terrorists use to kill the innocent Doesn’t benefit anyone, except for the terrorist himself That means, removing these violent verses is better than keeping it It’s disadvantages are way higher than it’s advantages, if there’s actually any The Quran is full of unnecessary repetition Not only in the words, sentences or even the assonance But also in the stories For example, the story of the prophet “Lot” was mentioned 8 times The story of “Noah” was mentioned 11 times “Ibrahim” was mentioned 69 times “Pharaoh” was mentioned 74 times “Mosa” was mentioned 136 times and his story was mentioned 7 times Why?! What did we gain from you telling us that Mosa turned his stick into a snake or split the sea into two or made his hand glow What did we gain? Especially when these stories are not only not logical, have no evidence to support them and were repeated many times in the same book But because they’re copied from other legends and religions that came before Islam itself And even after they were mentioned all these times no one actually benefited from them And even if there was a small benefit to gain from them, it doesn’t deserve to be mentioned that many times But not only is there a repetition in words, sentences, assonance and stories But also in repeating whole topics Like for example, the prohibition of eating pork. That was repeated 4 times 2 times of them were typical in words! Why?! Why do you have to repeat the same command 4 times?! Haven’t you say it once? and your message was received? then u don’t have to say it again. Didn’t the prophet say: “Good brevity makes sense”? You delivered your message, then u should remove all these repetitions In short, and like the orientalist payoneer Theodor Noldeke said: “Muhammad is not in any sense a master of style” But the most important point to mention about the Quran Is that it’s not a complete book, but many parts are missing from it Let’s mention for example The Hadiths “In El-Bukhari, Muslim, Muwatta and El-sunan Elkobra” Which say that there were verses in the Quran about Stoning adulterers But after Muhammad died and people were busy burying him There was a chicken or a goat that went and ate the parts which contained those verses I mean it’s funny to think that a goat ate what’s supposed to be the most important book for god And if you were from those who will say that it’s one of God’s great plans Okay, then why did he send it from the beginning? Why did he send it as “revelation” and then after Mohammad died he decided to delete it? Why did he send it from the beginning? And if god was really planning to delete it… Then why didn’t he tell Mohammed before his death to take those parts and remove them before he dies? Why after his death the Quran changes and many verses gets deleted from it? Omar Ibn Elkhatab (A companion of Mohammed) said himself that the Quran are missing many parts Among them is the part that talks about the Stoning And said that we must Stone as God said even after the verses got deleted from the Quran Because we did stone others when Muhammad was alive “Omar said, and the Hadith is very correct as I’ve shown to you” “God sent Muhammad and sent the Quran to him… …and a part from what he sent to him was the verse of the stoning… …and Muhammad did stone and we did stone others after him” So now i want to understand something “Sorry, i’m a thinker and i have to know the answer for this” Now the part that was talking about stoning was lost, right? Okay, so now should we follow that command that was deleted by god from the Quran? Like ISIS and like what some sheikhs dream to apply And like what Omar said? Or not? And if we should apply it… Then why did god delete it? If god wants us to do something that’s in some verses Why would he delete it? “God removed the verse itself but the command itself remained” “Like the stoning verse” And if for example god felt guilty and noticed that the verse is a little bit barbaric and he should remove it Okay… then why were some people stoned by the hand of Muhammad… When these verses were in the Quran? Why should these people get killed and then god removes the verse and those who come after them won’t get stoned? And not only the stoning verses Aisha “Muhammad’s wife” once said that there were verses in the Quran that talked about breastfeeding adults! The topic of breastfeeding adults The hadith is in the Bukhari, and it’s a correct one that was said by Aisha It means that if a man and a woman wants to be together alone in any room Then the solution for it to be “Halal” would be for the woman to breastfeed the man 10 times “What a logical solution to be honest” So Aisha said that the Quran used to have a verse that talked about breastfeeding the man 10 times “Aisha said that the Quran used to have verses… that talked about breastfeeding the man 10 times” But then god changed his mind and made them 5 not 10 times “Then god made them 5 times not 10” But then after Muhammad died the whole verses that contained that part Were lost. The same with Sura 33 which Aisha also once said that it used to have 200 verse But after Muhammad died most of the Sura was lost Now that Sura have only 73 verse. And not only some few verses or Suras that were lost, no! Al-Bayhaqi for example once said that a whole partition of that Quran was lost And that Sura 33 was as huge as Sura 2 There’s also Hadiths that say that there was a Sura in the Quran which was as huge as Sura 9 But it was lost. That’s beside the parts that were deliberately deleted for political reasons Like when “Othman” showed his people his Quran which he collected and claimed it was complete Some people rebelled against him because they said he deliberately deleted 2 Suras from it A sura named “Alwlayah” and another one named “Alnawrain” I want you to go look for those Suras and compare them with the other Suras in the Quran You’ll realize something Either those 2 Suras were from the Quran but someone removed them Or they are nothing but hoax… But whoever wrote them was a genius because if they were put in the Quran no one would’ve doubt them because they’ve the same style as the rest of the Quran And that alone contradicts the challenge you always hear that no one can write a Sura like those in the Quran Thomas Patrick in his book “A dictionary of Islam” said: “No one really knows how many verses were lost from the Quran but they’re many… Al-Suyuti for example said the number could reach up to 500 verses” That’s like double the Size of the largest Sura in the Quran… disappeared All this editing in the Quran with the adding and the deleting of verses Was enough to let the son of Omar Ibn Alkhattab once say: “Nobody say that he has the whole Quran… …How could he when many parts were lost from it? …instead, let him say i’ve what’s left from the Quran” Chapter Eight… The story of collecting the Quran… The traditional story of how the Quran was collected Starts with a person named Muhammad Who went to a cave, and then an angel appeared to him And said: “From now on you’ll be the one who’ll save the whole humanity from it’s corruption… …and i’ll give u a book which contains the cure for all humanity” According to the Islamic texts that book was already with God But all what Gabriel did was just giving it to Mohammad “Do you really believe that the stories in the book were already written in it before humanity came?” Yes, it were in it by the knowledge of god “Most of them were personal stories related to specific people” And Of course for some reason he didn’t give it to him at once. He kept dictating it to him for over 23 years! “Especially when it wasn’t sent to Muhammad at once… it was sent over 23 years”. And as expected when do u think it was finished? of course… right when Muhammad died. And by then the Quran was finished, right? Wrong. In fact it wasn’t even begun! But after 20 years of the death of Muhammad There were “Some” Arab rulers who thought of collecting all these verses into one book And i’m saying “some” because many other rulers thought it was a heresy to do so Why? because Muhammad didn’t collect them when he was alive, so why would we? And i’m saying “Collect” because those verses weren’t together at all No. That book was split into two parts… The first part was written on the bodies of animals, sheep and the leaves of the trees, etc And the second part was memorized by some people Now the one who ordered to collect the verses of the Quran and put them into one book Was someone named Othamn Ibn Affan After Othamn finished and collected the Quran He made many copies of them, and then sent them to every Islamic country And by that time the Quran was finished and it’s the one we have now, right? No, not really After 50 years from the time he collected it and sent it to every Islamic country… The process of putting dots on the Quran Started The process “Started” And for over 50 years from that time the process of dotting the Quran continued And after 50 years from the time of collecting the Quran and sending it to every Islamic country The process of putting punctuation marks and adding extra letters started Like the letter Ø¡ And of course the story ends here saying that the Quran from that moment till now Hasn’t been changed or altered at all Not in any letter, dot or punctuation mark And no one should doubt anything in it. Of course this complected story alone should make any rational person doubt the whole story about collecting the Quran However, the real story of collecting the Quran is much more complicated than this That story is full of gabs. Like what? Like when Othan wanted to collect his Quran he burned two things 1- The many versions of the Quran that were made by others claiming it’s the real Quran “Now Othman collected the Other versions of the Quran… …after he did so… …he said burn any other version other than mine” And burned the parts that were supposedly written in the time of Muhammad “Other companions didn’t think this’s right… …and it’s a matter of opinion, Othman thought it’s the right thing to do” So Othman burned the sources Like the animal skins and tree leaves that people wrote some parts of the Quran on it And that alone should make anyone doubt the intentions of Othman Why did you have to burn the sources? The supposedly priceless sources that you took your version of the Quran from The sources that were written at the time of Muhammad Those sources are considered your best evidence, in fact they’re the only evidence… to prove that the old Quran is as same as the new one. Why did u have to delete those sources? Unless you know that your version of the Quran is different from the sources u burned Now if the Quran was so important and many copies of it were sent to different countries And everybody knew it, like some hadiths claim We’d have at least found non Islamic sources or foreign historians from the countries Arabs invaded Wrote about the Quran or at least mentioned it’s name But that’s the opposite of what happened to the Quran Nobody ever mentioned even the word Quran in any historical record till the beginning of the 8th century The first mention of the word Quran from a non Arabic source was in the year 710 Meaning after at least 80 years from the time in which the Quran was supposedly completed And after 60 years from the time in which the Quran was supposedly collected and sent to many countries and everybody knew about it That makes no sense Because the Arab rulers invaded many countries in these 60 years If they invaded those countries to invite them to their new religion while holding the Quran in their hands, etc then how’s it possible that not a single historian or even a normal person mentioned the word Quran even once in his books? It’s like the Quran wasn’t even there But not only is there no mention of the Quran There’s also no mention of a religion named “Islam”, or even the word “Muslims” for over 70 years from the time Muhammad died Now the historical evidences we have say that the Quran was collected by The Umayyad caliph “Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan” and his assistant “Al hajjaj ibn yusuf al thaqafi” “Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan” once said “I fear to die in Ramadan… …because i was born in that month, i was weaned in it and i collected the Quran in it” So Abdel Malik admitted to have collected the Quran in the month of Ramadan Now if Othman really collected the Quran before him then why would some Muslim leader like Abd al-Malik collect it after at least 40 years since Othman collected it Why and how did he collect it again after it was supposed to be already collected and was in every Muslim country and everyone knew about it? One from two scenarios happened, Either the Quran wasn’t collected from the beginning Or it was but Abdel Malik didn’t like it Maybe he needed to change something in it Like forbidding something under the name of God, or making something that was forbidden, legal And like the story of Othman Al Hajjaj (Abdel Malek’s assistant) ordered every other version of the Quran to be burned And again, like the story of Othman, He made copies from his Quran and sent them to every Islamic country Even this is mentioned in the Islamic books When someone came to “Anas Ibn Malik” Asking him: “Where’s the version of Quran Othman is supposed to have collected?” He said, “it disappeared”! That means that Abdel Malik burned the Quran of Othman to make a whole new Quran for him That means that the new Quran which Abdel Malik made is different from the version of the Quran Othman made The version which is itself doutable because it was made after more than 20 years after Moh.’s death and many things were lost from it many verses, Suras and whole chapters disappeared and many political chapters were deliberately deleted Chapter Nine… Is the version of the Quran Abdel Malek made, the same as the one we have today?… But the question now is… Is the version of the Quran Abdel Malek made, the same as the one we have today? I mean, is the version Abdel Malek made the last version of the Quran that has been edited? or did this too changed? To be able to answer that question We must have a copy of the Quran that dates back to Abdel Malek’s era to be able to compare it to the Quran we have now to see if something changed from it or not Luckily for us we have one of the oldest manuscripts of the Quran which dates back to after the era of Abdel Malek Ibn Marawan “We did already found a few manuscripts that dates back to before Abdel Malek’s era” It’s name was the “Sana’a Manuscripts” And we did find signs of alteration in it But as we said, it’s okay, we’ll forget about all the old versions that have been altered and focus on the version that was collected by Abdel Malik and his assistant Al Hajjaj These new manuscripts contains roughly 2/3 of the Quran And dates back to over 100 years after the death of Muhammad A whole century These manuscripts are in the British library one of the largest libraries in the world So you can log in their site and see them by yourself and compare them with the Quran we have today just to make sure of every information i’ll say now The first thing you’ll notice is that this Qurant doesn’t have any punctuation marks even the dotting is not complete That means that even after 1 century from the death of Muhammad The Quran didn’t have neither dots nor any punctuation marks So it wasn’t complete by then The second thing you’ll notice is that many verses aren’t in it but exist in the Quran we have today And in it many verses that aren’t in the Quran we have today For example if you looked at Sura 8 in this old Manuscript You’ll find that it has 77 verse Sura 8 in the Quran we have today has only 75 verse that means there’re 2 verses that were lost Sura 9 in this old Manuscript has 130 verses Sura 9 in the Quran we have today has only 129 verse That means there’s 1 missing verse Sura 11 in this old Manuscript has 122 verses Sura 11 in the Quran we have today has 123 verse That means 1 verse has been added Sura 20 in this old Manuscript has 140 verses In the Quran we have today it has 135 verse Meaning there’s 5 verses have been removed Sura 21 in this old Manuscript has 111 verses In the Quran we have today it has 112 verse Sura 22 in this old Manuscript has 74 verses In the Quran we have today it has 78 verse That means 4 verses have been added Sura 26 in this Manuscript had the name “Taa Sen Elshoaraa” not Just “Elshoaraa” like today Sura 27 in this Manuscript had the name “Taa Sen Elnaml” not just “Elnaml” like today And it had 94 verses… not 93 like the one in the Quran we have today And it’s not just about some altered or deleted verses If we wanted to talk about how many alterations whether in the letters, words or sentences Trust me we’ll take forever What’s important is that you’ve got the idea Until the time of the Abbasids The Quran wasn’t complete yet And it’s not the one we have today.

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