Slovakia vs. Czechia – Cultural Differences

So if you work internationally and you
have Slovak or Czech clients or even colleagues you might have already
wondered how are they similar? It used to be one country not that long time ago so
today I’m going to be talking the difference between Slovakia and Czech
Republic, coming up. Hi this is Petra with
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consider subscribing. So I’m on a business trip in Prague. Hello Prague, good to see you. I just arrived at the hotel and I’m very excited because I’m
in my second home country. I originally come from Slovakia but I have family
in Czechia too, And so I approached the receptionist in Slovak because normally
if I would meet a Czech person, I speak Slovak, they speak Czech, and we would
understand each other. So approach this young lady, I give her my ID and ask her
about breakfast, which in Slovak means “raňajky”. Now she looks at me in a very
confused way and asks “raňajky”? I was just about to repeat the question again
when it hit me, she didn’t understand, there is another
word in Czech for breakfast. But I couldn’t come up with the word in the
situation so I would just say it and repeat it in English and she would get
it immediately and respond in English too. And I don’t even know what she said
because in the moment in my head I was like what the heck just happened?? So my
dear Czech friends if you’re watching this just stop translating the Slovak
movies into Czech. I think it’s a great thing to grow up with two languages and
let’s be honest here it is a weird thing if a Slovak speaks Czech. Now besides the
difference in language, even though we have a lot in common,
we are still a bit different when it comes to our mentality. First of all
Czech are more liberal whereas Slovaks are still very conservative
and the main reason lies in the religion since 90% of Czech are atheists whereas in
Slovakia we are mainly catolic. Now Czech are more confident and can also better
sell themselves, whereas Slovaks still struggle with this and might often even
feel that they need to prove themselves first and the reason lies in the history
because when you look at Czechia they had their own kingdom and they are more
established as a nation whereas Slovakia has always been a part of other nations. So we are very young country, it’s been only 24 years and we are still building
our identity and our self-confidence. Now on the other hand for the same reason
Slovak tend to be more open when it comes to new ideas whereas the Czech are
a bit more skeptical. So for instance if you are trying to introduce some changes
in a Czech company it just might take you more time and effort. Last one is that
Czech are culturally more close to the Germans whereas the Slovaks to other
Slavic nations. So Czech are more task oriented, a bit more organized and better
planners, whereas Slovaks are more spontaneous, emotional and very
relationship oriented. So if you are doing business in Slovakia, just be aware
that sympathy plays even a bigger role than in a Czech Republic, especially when
it comes to decision making and so including a bit more small talk into a
business meeting will probably be a good idea. Now I would love to hear about your
experiences. So what are some more differences that you encountered while
working with both of those countries and even what has helped you to win the
Slovak or the Czech over. So let us know in the comment section below, I really
hope this helps and if you enjoyed the video, give me a like, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and I hope to see you next


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