Socialist "Occupier" Clams Up As Former Soviet Citizen Reminds Che Guevara Was Homophobe and Racist

are you promoting socialism my little little confused so in other words he wants to change our system to a socialist system anything you're gonna change for the better give our socialist what's to give our socialism Oh chichi Guevara you know Sochi evarro was not that socialism you know here was a homophone me it was a Roy rayray racist like he was the race leader's about quali you know that right okay and people are working bah-bah-bah see look I kept from Russia I'll tell you our prime so that's why when I see you know both socialism what kind of stuff I'm honestly shocked because that's the system that I escape from we all know how it ends up if you're saying there were some aberrations in the past I mean how is gonna be different now well what's how can I make it different this this time around help me help me I'm confused Russia was France with Eastern Europe occupied it I mean symbol China right then they were friends with sour still in Southeast Asia Vietnam Laos Cambodia then they had their tentacles in Mozambique in Cambodia Ethiopia the middle is the South and Central America so how can you say that Russia was kind of isolated and stuff like that help me why II didn't work in any of this countries and it's gonna work here I mean by well you see it's a public space you know I mean the or you are you want to be to be interviewed no I mean that's already or four actually my battery's dead I think all right no problem you are if you were sitting in your home behind closed doors it's one thing you want me to join your movement and at the same time you want to be exposed it's like running for the President of the United States but behind closed doors


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