SOLA (ehem. Plag) – Ein social Network ohne Follower! Infiziert die Welt mit euren Nachrichten :D

Hi Guys! Yes, actually again
a video of me … I do not know exactly what I would call the series here, but that should already be in the title… I want to show you an App today,
which is called “Plag”. You see it here, its taken from my cell phone, I just do not know if I point in the right direction, probably it will rather be there … somewhere.
Whatever. You can see my screen there and I would say: We try starting the app!
And there is the Loading screen and now we can
Create an account here. I’ll log me in quickly. Lets just fill in all the Data… This is an App that has no Followers at all! The system is, that you have the opportunity to be heard without
Followers! On networks like Twitter its like when one creates an account, then no one sees what one writes, so you need somehow
Friends or something, or people who know you from somewhere, whatever. to have an Audience. On “Plag” this is quite different! As you already see here, if you pull down cards, then there is a “Skip” at the top. and if we pull those posts up (…) then it says “Spread”. We have the ability to “Vote” Posts by others. The app uses GPS, that checks where we are in the world and if you swype something up, then it spreads what you just swyped up to a certain amount of people in your region. If one just created their profile, then it spreads to 4 people. That means if i just swipe up now, i am influencing 4 people.
Upswype=4 People get it Or i swype down=4 people “dont get it” so… the 4 people less would get that card respectively. Because i rated it as “poor” (in my opinion). The same procedure happens to every Post. So… If i would create a new Post now, it goes out to four people.
And if i wrote spam, then my four people would say
“What a crap” So they swype down and the Post is completely “dead”. but if it is cool and a lot of people swype up, the post will grow and if we we have a really good run, then we could quickly reach a lot of people without any follower base or sth like that. I liked the Idea! The App is
generally in English, but there is also a german Area, so there are
some German Posts and there is also a relatively large German community
now, but the general Language is English and you should
already know English pretty well, if you want to really use that App. As you can see, I have just found one of my own cards by accident that i posted here… It’s an election Advert of a funny party “The Party”. and as you can see, it has 300 hits, I can click on my profile, then you see here – you can get a
Profile profile picture and so on and when you click the card, you can comment on it. its really quite varied what you can do here Iam using the app now for some time and i really like the concept its interesting and
supportworthy. Let’s log in with my main Account, so we can check out the cards i posted, (…) and there we are! If we go in the menu we also see that I influence more people than the previous Account i created, if i swype up, i reach 23 People. And also every post i am creating instantly reaches 23 people. I had enough “good” posts, or enough Popular Posts so my ranking has gone up. When the app detects: “Ok, the user is posting good content, which is not only spam, people dont just swype downwards”, then you’ll get more points and your Infection Index is going to rise. you are considered a “good decision maker”
and if you think sth is good, then that is distributed to many more people. Thats how to ascend “ranks” in this app.
Lets look at a pretty popular post of
me, “Magnet Art”, that i created for some fun in a school lesson, 56% of the people swyped up that have seen it, And the best thing is: The Map feature! [loading…] and then that happens: you can see an animation of how
this card has spread, starting from Germany – in all
directions sprayed this card their Infection, so it’s kind of a “plague” that affects the world and whenever people swype upward, there is a red infection point going out and
infecting other people around. So according to the principle works the
App and as you see, this magnetic card or these cards on my magnet structures…
went around the whole world and there really has been someone in (almost) every country who liked and spread the post! That one really went through the roof, I think it reached 2000 infections or even a few more, i dont know. Lets zoom in on Germany the app is only popular in major cities I think 6 people in my hometown But i hope that number will increase in the future. Maybe this Video will reach out to some more users 😉 I recently crated a card and asked for some statistics, so maybe you’d like to hear them: They are a little outdated… but whatever. The most popular card was spread 42,200 times – and the second most popular was spread 30,000 times, thats really impressing! The funny party: the most popular card is a Information card, where a, very active user – and I think Plag blog Moderator has been giving some general Info to new Users of the App. And the second most spreaded card is: “What should I name my cat?” …well, a survey about a cat name… On Plag there is really a huge variety of posts! Political discussions, Surveys just for fun, whatever, there is something for everyone. I recommend you to try it yourself! Next for the statistic part i have the following: [rambling] At any moment there are approximately 30,000 active Posts! And 12.3% of all users use Plag more than ten times a day (!) thats reeeeally often… [(Pling) phone sounds …]
and 3.3% of all sessions last longer than 30 minutes – so the app has a certain addictive factor – sometimes you just swype the hold evening and you are just randomly being flood by content More Statistics: 50% of all Users are from Europe, 26% from the US and 12% from Asia. The rest comes from somewhere else … So the most Users are Europeans, therefore with English you should completely
get along well. Yes, that’s it with the App, I believe there is nothing remaining
to say further… I hope you liked the video …
Please have a look at this awesome App! I think i pronounced it wrong but the name is already a story for itself, that’s all relatively complicated … So anyway, take a look at Plag! Everything is Linked in the Description perhaps you will also see some of my posts perhaps you will also see some of my posts My Username is “Julian Schulz” – very
easy. I guess you will find me. My Username is “Julian Schulz” – very
easy. I guess you will find me. and perhaps we will meet there sometime. So, until next time – and bye! By the way – here is a extra part
on the name of history Plag. [Plague, Plag **, Plag Plaguäääh …] however
one may express this App At the beginning, the App was called “Plague”. Sort of like “Plague Inc.” one thinks there perhaps. and yes, that’s right! Because the app was on
beginning quite popular, because people searched for “Plague Inc.” and they found this app here, seen it and thought
to “what’s this, this is the game?” have downloaded it, liked it and continued to use it. So. Then Plague Inc. showed up and said, “Hey, you can not just steal our name!” And then “Plague” has been simply renamed to”Plag**”. They just censored the last two letters, because otherwise the name right of Plague Inc. would be damaged. But Plague Inc. was apparently
still not satisfied with that… so then they changed names again and removed the asterisk and now the app is only named “Plag”
Some thing left to say? Oh yes. The name “Plag” or “Plague” means … virus – or infection, [Julian needs to google that to be shure] The name Plag / Plague is
Incidentally, for plague, or disease, or Visitation, whatever … it’s a bit dark words, but it is meaning, that the whole world
can get infected with posts, so the basic idea is, that everyone can infect the whole world without any follower base and so on –
With equal opportunities and so on. It is a whole new way of
Social network. Leave a comment if you liked it and i am happy if i get Thumbs up 😉 Sorry for the (maybe) bad Translation… But this is the best i can do 🙂 It was hard to do ^^ Now the Video is really, really, really finally over! Bye


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