South Carolina Puppy Mill Rescue

Unless you see it, you wouldn’t believe it we’re all in line which is her property? you would never ever think that this was in Edgefield County never These dogs out here they deserve a life better than this People that make a living off of this type of activity and treatment to these animals need to be stopped that is all about 2 inches 3 inches of feces and urine that smell…we’re outside and that smell is horrific it’s hard to take while was really disturbing movies
either you know if my fingers can fit through here their little paws can go through there and just get stuck and they should never ever be in business again we got to do something about that in South Carolina all the bones on this property are actually kind of freaking me out I mean there’s just so many I mean whatever it is clearly suffered a horrible death I’m just glad we’re here to get the rest of them out of here before they suffer the same fate always somatic dramatic are holding out
hiking he’s so matted I’m holding his paw I can feel an entire chunk of mat There’s 100 so far but I haven’t even gotten back there there’s a whole group back there and another group back there with the ones inside and loose we’re at about 120 so I think we’ll probably hit 200 would be my guess see his leg? He won’t put any weight on it at all it smells so bad back here she has not only several of her own puppies but also 2 smaller puppies that very clearly don’t belong to her in there so I don’t know where mom is runners that are going to be handling the animals from the enclosure to the vet’s station onto the rigg, never leave their animal we need to improve our animal cruelty
laws in South Carolina so that local law enforcement has the tools that they need
to come into places like this and shut them down because we don’t want
people who have been convicted a large-scale animal cruelty operations to
be able to move another county over and open up another operation today we’re moving animals from
the property were setting them up in a temporary shelter we’re gonna provide care for them
they’re being assessed by a veterinarian at to figure out all of the different ailments the animals have as that court case proceeds we’ll hopefully be able to get the animals
out into better homes I think the message is very clear to people in South Carolina we’ve got to do something about these people that condone and operate as a puppy mill like this we need to put
a stop to it and whatever it takes we we need to do it and do it soon


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