Space Force is Flat (out) Earth War

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one is courtesy of Jeff how you doing yeah yeah what do you what
do you think it is well we’re not a society in the flattering society is
it’s actually most likely government-run institution to mock and ridicule us okay
so I would definitely steer you away so it’s like you know the video it’s our oh
yeah it’s no orders I’m like you know right that’s the first time I heard of
them it’s like wow there’s people that
actually believe well we know that the earth is flat it’s
not a belief it’s actually to believe to live on a spinning ball in outer space
and a vacuum that actually by definition can’t contain any matter well I mean
it’s really simple actually you don’t have to be a scientist to see that water
finds its level yeah and like for a flood you know like that you know for
example if you see a flood it will always find its level right it will seek
level it doesn’t like conform to a ball over the houses and stuff that’s why it
continues to flow because it’s finding its level I’m not trying to argue I’m
just trying to show you I think everyone is sure but you can’t say that it’s not I
can’t so if I if I tell you that two entities are standing here is that a
belief or a fact for the sake of argument okay if there are me and you
standing you’re talking right is that a fact or a belief okay I mean I don’t
want to get like philosophical with you but if you can’t admit to yourself out
loud that there are two entities who are human beings talking in the physical
realm then I don’t know what to tell you man but that that’s a fact that’s not a
belief well thanks so if you believe in science what is the scientific method
well basically you have a theory okay is it also does it also include me
being able to repeat that same experiment yeah okay can you can you
repeat the experiment of travelling up into outer space and landing on the moon I’m saying
realistically okay can you yourself prove to yourself that you can land on
the moon okay so that’s a belief right okay so so that that takes out the
equation of you’re believing in something that you can’t yourself verify
right but you can verify here in our reality that water is level whether it
be in a pool a cup a lake or an ocean and so at what height do you have to be
to see water conforming to the exterior of an object like a sphere are you sure
about that okay you happen to know about how high okay what I think you know it isn’t
there if you’re using a fisheye lens yeah yeah yeah but a high-altitude
balloon let’s say even 20 miles shows a horizon which is why it’s called what a
horizon right yeah cuz it’s horizontal right yeah
and so what’s your name I’m Joshua nice to meet you yeah I’ll be your first
flat earther and I got a YouTube channel this will be on YouTube so I encourage
you to come by and say hi or you know just watch some of the videos and have
an open mind yeah I mean I don’t know everything I just know what I feel I
have observed and experienced in this reality and I I have seen some pretty
interesting evidence to show that the pictures that we get of outer space are
created on a computer painted or they’re composite so they’re not actually
genuine photographs like we could take here in this reality then I start
thinking then I start looking at you know what we can our selves you and I what is GPS okay have you ever seen a
satellite yeah okay what is a satellite then if you’ve seen one well it’s okay
can I show you a provocative picture about what you’re yeah mentioning um what does that look like okay what about this guy okay where is
this one though yeah piers to be on the ground right so this is what they tell
us a satellite looks like before they quote launch it yeah into orbit and this
is what they tell us the satellite looks like when it is in outer space does this
look like Disney you you have a title their satellites don’t exist yeah
because they don’t it’s called ground positioning system
and you only really need three towers yeah which they call cell phone towers
and you’ll see them all over the place and they’re just triangulating your
position on your cell phone when Sun reflects off satellites at night you see
them travel across the sky okay so you see a lightness guy yeah okay so that
could that’s just a light in the sky right yeah could be a high-altitude
balloon yeah could be a drone could be an airplane could be a military airplane
yeah okay but to think that you can see something the size of maybe even just
for argument’s sake the size of a double-decker bus yeah or even a
football field like the ISS 250 plus miles away that’s pretty unbelievable
interesting okay you can see lights in the sky yeah so you think they’re just
lights in the sky man I mean I do yeah well who do you think put a mark hey you
know I mean so if if you just take in whatever you what your assumptions are
based on what you’re taught and told yeah by a third party
you’re gonna base that worldview on a belief system right yeah and so if we as
adults now we’re not children anymore right we can see that water’s level we
can understand that towers are used to for communication purposes
and Newsweek in 2015 and April actually says that 99% of all communication done
on earth is used is done by undersea cables yeah and so that means that yeah
so that means from continent to continent right underground in the ocean
and then when they get on land their ground towers so well there’s my bra yes
yep and then there’s also high-altitude
balloons that have your you know solar panels and stuff like that but their
high-altitude balloons they’re not satellites orbiting Earth from point A
to point B like I don’t know let’s say let’s say you’re wanting to travel from
New York to Paris hmm so if you took a flight direct across the Atlantic you
take X number of hours I don’t know whether what it is but if you go the
other way around the planet it’s gonna it’s gonna take longer yeah cuz you’re
just traveling a longer distance that’s like me saying if I was to walk around
Lake Calhoun yeah right I’m circumnavigating with Lake right if the
earth was flat yes who said there’s an edge see again you’re reverting to being
young again right what who told you that there was bad Joel who told you that
there was an edge well this would be real here who told you no one told me
okay I think it’s an assumption when you say if the earth is not round okay if
it’s not a sphere then okay okay is there an edge to the lake okay it’s the
shoreline right yeah okay so what if there’s just a shoreline and then land
goes on forever and you just don’t have the resources to be able to find that
edge you know of the water in the land and then the water again you know and so
on found the edge of the earth they may or
may not have but I’m not gonna feed you all the red pills right now man you know
you know I’m saying like you still know there’s this lers no it’s not even that
I’m not here to give you a test to make you walk away and feel vindicated for
our conversation I want you to explore these to this topic seriously and I have
three videos on that card that I gave you the mark sergeant one actually talks
about flights on a flat earth okay and I would encourage you to check that out
you know it’s provocative information and yeah but that’s that’s all I’m here
is just to provoke thought man yeah you know very provocative thought is
provoked hope I didn’t remove that helmet off your head take it easy man how you doing I’ll be out till about
6:00 or 6:30 yeah I hope to talk to you see ya hey you agree okay I got a YouTube channel
you want to come say hi okay so he agrees but he doesn’t want to say hi so
this is what I got from John and Jennifer right here flattered the vegans
out in Florida thank you so much for the t-shirt I also got your propaganda here
to share with everybody who is interested in veganism I’m a hypocrite I
had half in half of my coffee this morning but I totally I’m on board with
helping you guys out and you know something somebody I’ll get there you
know it’s just not going to be today and I get where you guys are coming from and
I totally you know respect everything that you guys do and I’m here to support
that in any way that I possibly can and direct people into that line of thinking
if they’re interested and John and Jennifer are you know wonderful people
so I hope you check them out flattered the vegans on YouTube they got great
alternative options for you if that’s the route that you want to take and if
you’re even interested in such things I encourage you to go there too
so we’ve already had some you know good conversations I had a conversation with
the a woman just before I started filming and that was positive also she’s
in kind of the know not sure how she really feels about you know Flat Earth
but you know it is what it is and so I’m gonna hang out here at the lake for yes
for another probably three more hours three and a half hours and try to get
some good material for you guys and everybody so that you can be encouraged
and empowered by talking to people about Flat Earth because that’s really what
it’s all about I know that some of you guys can’t talk about this at work or
you know maybe with flat you know mmm with family but I do this so that I
can encourage you to talk to the public and a lot of things I say you know you
don’t have to use you know throw out the bones and keep the meat type of deal but
I am encouraged every time I come out here with your comments
I can’t thank you guys enough and girls rate for commenting and the
encouragement and just the constructive criticism that I hear a lot of the
comments that I do get is mostly I should say this or I should say that I
can kind of address that I’m not going to talk about everything all at once on
one video with one each person I’m going to kind of mix it up depending upon the
person but I can guarantee you that your question or what you feel like I should
have said will have been answered in the past video so that means check out some
of my other videos right but it is I’m not saying that you know don’t comment
and leave you know constructive criticism won’t whatnot because I does
help me out here another thing I wanted to say is we had a flat earth meeting
here at the Flat Earth brewery and that was really good had about eleven people
or so show up and we had some good conversations and just kind of hung out
and chatted it up and just share some stories about you know where we’re at
and you know just on an individual basis like how we’re talking to people and
whatnot but with that being said I’ll try to cut this up here pretty soon if
you are a closet flat earther I want to encourage you to send me an email you
know put my email right there so that if you feel like you don’t have really
anybody to talk to and you don’t feel like sharing with a you know a stranger
that you’ve never met before in person or a friend or family member
email me and just we can chat and sometimes it just feels better to just
you know get that off your shoulders you know just a weight is off your shoulders
when you’re able to say it out loud like hey I’m flattered Thor I don’t just
don’t feel comfortable you know talking to co-workers or whatever with this type
of a topic and so if that helps you know send me an email and it doesn’t we don’t
have to like be besties or anything that like Mario and Yoshi or any but you know just to say hey I’m a flat
earther just wanted to say hi Josh hate what you do love what you do and
just kind of go from there so hope you all enjoy and it’s kind of muggy out
it’s been raining for the last you know five days or so but it’s supposed to be
pretty clear over the next week and I look forward to seeing you out there and
seeing the public I’m sharing flat earth man y-you-you
espanol en s planner la tierra s planner no y-you don’t know you just know how
you know it’s wrong oh yeah okay so how you know that though okay oh okay
did you know that they’re pictures of a giant lizard yeah he attacking Japanese
people now yeah is Godzilla
you know Godzilla yeah he’s in Japan right now
oh yeah it’s pictures same-same right yeah but I have you – you got a YouTube
channel I’m sharing flutters no the earth is flat not a ball so I can show
you right there step right up take all the information
you can so that you can be better informed okay
you live on a level if a movable plane not a ball like we’re taught in school
so this is a graven image you’ve never seen this before have you you’re
confused well you believe you live here right okay what if I was to tell you
that you don’t I’m saying like water is level right yeah I mean if you look at
the do you see any bumps in the lake right now right so at what height do you
have to be to see it look like this yeah that’s my friends in Florida they’re
vegans so if you’re into veganism you can check that out has it ever crossed
your mind that you can’t go to outer space like it has been okay by who it’s right there the black heart in the
black card right there is my youtube channel yeah I’m Joshua hey nice to meet
you too don’t believe everything you’re told okay okay alright what’s up
that’s our bacon that is red pill you’ve seen the matrix no oh the movie yeah oh
yeah yeah you want to wake up sure yeah then take a red pill so you can wake up
right now all right well I mean it mate took time for you to wake up if you
still believe you live here right so right go ahead man yeah sure you can
yeah no he’s not ready he’s not ready to wake up but I’m just here to provoke
thought you know try to challenge you know and make you think it’s okay to
think right so always always with school right yeah take a pictures take pictures
of water you’ll see that water is like this not like this yeah so yeah check it
out hope you guys have a good bike ride out there so just like that folks plenty of people walking by taking
pictures of the sign that’s all we really got to do is just provoke thought
and have them go on their own journey just like all of us have gone on ours
and compared notes of globe earth and Flat Earth and when you do look what you
end up how you doing man what’s not ma’am
got my transfer down here because they’re like what’s your name Greg
Joshua yeah their names Noah and machia so it might
be as Dakota first guy oh hey no no my PA wish you were here at Lake Calhoun
come check me out Flat Earth for life hope to see you soon
that was perfect I got my youtube channel and everything I’d love to read
your voice yeah okay sure thank you hey thanks for stopping by five minute
conversation you might want to change your stance so what what is it that
you’re kind of you kind of have to teach you teachers science okay
and so like evolution and everything like that okay mm-hmm like moon phases like what do they teach
moon phases are coming from okay does the earth have anything to do with
the moon phases yes when the earth like it could any clips any clips and
stuff or okay okay what about when mainstream science teaches that it’s
actually our perspective on earth with the Sun hitting the moon and the earth
has nothing to do with the moon phases because that’s really what mainstream
science teaches and so yeah it’s always our position on
the only living beings that we okay okay so how do you explain when the moon is
up in the sky here and the Sun is over there to the right and it’s not a full
moon okay how far is the Sun from the earth
okay and what if the Sun were a local Sun and
we lived in a geocentric environment where the Sun and the moon revolved
around us and the earth was flat like I mean the Sun was actually a hundred
miles away or so and the moon no but you’re thinking that it’s a fireball in
the sky right like a fusion type of a light right right but what if the Sun
were just I don’t know for example okay hypothetically seventy miles in diameter
and a hundred miles away yes why is that okay but what if that is
what you’re experiencing now and you just can’t fathom to think any different
yeah go ahead okay well let me just get to the kind of the core part about flat
earth and that is water being level so the lake is level oceans are level and
when we launch high-altitude balloons at 130,000 feet the horizon is level and so
at what height do you have to be to see water conforming to the exterior of a
ball to create curvature because that’s how I was created we have
a creator that created a local Sun and a local moon and an enclosed environment okay so you differ from how water reacts
as a fluid in our reality have you seen the curvature with your own physical
eyes from what height from what height no not even close at the most 37,000
feet yeah okay because mainstream science says that you have to be higher
than that to see the curvature of the earth okay so are you replacing the
ether with gravity and that’s where we get buoyancy and density in the ether
because things weigh more than the air around it that’s why things fall to the
ground so I think that you need to explore a little bit more and not take
third party information because water remains level that’s why we have floods
yeah I don’t think so ma’am but I think that’s the problem and I
can’t wait till Flattr takes over and we change our educational system because
you’re lying to kids and you don’t even know it
that was an eighth grade science teacher who apparently felt that she needed
somebody to tell her that she needs to leave
and once I revealed to her that we not only live in an enclosed system a
pressurized system that we cannot escape out into a vacuum she needed to have her
friend or father encourage her to leave so gravity is apparently magic that’s
the magical force pulling all things together which she can’t demonstrate in
class other than saying that that’s why things fall to the ground so encouraged
by that though I’m glad that she felt she needed to kind of puff out her
peacock feathers and stick her tail out a little bit and say no gravity and I’m
glad I challenged her and they took my information too so that’s good and
that’s just kind of what we’re here to do I wish we heard I would have been
able to sit down and I could have showed her some more visuals and hopefully she
would get a little more convicted about teaching kids third party information
but that’s what schools are they’re indoctrination centers they’re not there
to teach kids anything so that they can observe reality kids look at a book they
memorize it and then they regurgitate it on a multiple-choice get a gold star by
their name and then they move up to the next grade because they’re taking their
proper spoonful of sugar how you doing curious I curious uh
talking about flat earth yeah it’s a lovely accent you have there New Jersey no we each in awesome I’ve been told oh
yeah you’re doing pretty well for yourself ever crossed your mind to
question the shape of the earth you do okay
yeah like like this DVD here right circle this is a circle
I got you like the uterus you if you it’s like this you’re saying okay you
have done this right action movies okay and so when you see like action movies
that means that’s real and then right okay so Hollywood Hollywood movies
depict reality it’s a correct is that what you’re saying okay all right do you like you – yeah yeah I
have a youtube channel I encourage you to come by and say hi I’m sure I got
some Norwegian subscribers that would love to talk to you in your native
language what’s your name my friend Joshua pleasure to meet you speaker uh
well this is a camera that’s on my youtube channel
yeah this is a speaker yesterday so I can play music when people are walking
by just try to keep it fresh man oh you are right I like electronic music the
most yeah see I’m in house yeah okay so have you ever seen the Earth from that
perspective there cuz see there’s a picture of the Earth from outer space what do you think about that that’s weird yeah do you like like outer space and whatnot
yeah what if they were able to recreate what you see in Hollywood and then show
you those pictures right there and they’re both not real what if we live on
a flat plane of existence and not this sphere right here that you were told
taught in school yeah because we are special I mean we were we were created
here in our environment they were that special there’s no outer space no aliens
it’s just us now if the gold ma’am hey will
appreciate Simon right talking to you sure you’re super oh my zipper
oh well appreciate it ma’am shopping do your thing then yeah I’ll be
around maybe I’ll see you again okay are you going back home here sooner I’m
coming down here again going to my uncle’s house about an hour away Cheers all right well thanks Simon for coming
by there’s any no agents out there good night mate let’s put another shrimp on
the barbie fancy a chat no just want to laugh about it okay
yeah it’s it’s pretty it’s pretty funny go to the fellows all right pretty scary people you’re all a flat
earth or you just don’t know yet you’re all flat earthers you just don’t know it
yet you live on you see reality as flat you just taught the wrong thing who said
there’s an edge I don’t know the universe doesn’t exist as prescribed by
mainstream media and Hollywood well that’s exactly what I mean though how do
you know the universe goes on infinitely and what do you mean by that then okay
but you said universe yes so you believe that there’s an outer space and that’s
what I mean there is no outer space like you were
taught by Hollywood how do you have to how do you have to separate how do you
have a vacuum above us and then our pressurized system in between two things
gravity yeah so it’s magic well it sounds like magic because if I was to
make an enclosed system a plastic right and we made a vacuum inside sucked out
all the air and then we drilled a hole in the top what happens to the inside of
that vacuum right so how do you get above us into outer space without
penetrating some kind of a barrier no it’s not man you can’t have two
pressurized systems next to each other like that without one taking over the
other that’s magic yeah so unless you think
magic so you just way more than the air around you huh yeah mass right yeah no
it’s just weighs more than the air around you in the molecules so that’s
like dropping something and how did that object get into your hands there had to
have been a force right no you you picked it up with your hand and then you
dropped it that means that it weighs more than the
air so show me show me how you can prove to me something’s pulling something to
the ground show me the force that is being used so show me the force that’s pulling the
object to the ground what images are you referring to satellites can you google images
satellite in outer space and show me one that is not CGI tor created on a
computer yes like this right here show me an image of a satellite in outer
space that’s not photoshopped okay so you you believe that’s real okay so can
can you do you know what they can do with green screens and augmented reality
and virtual reality and computers with Hollywood movies no I’m a YouTube
channel I’d love for you guys to come by and say hi
so yeah you’ll be on YouTube yeah yeah so you don’t want the information to
take home with you so then you can try to develop maybe it just you know hear
both sides of the story right yeah so if you guys have a CD drive at home and
your computer you can take some videos to yeah yes the card there in fact
yep that’s that’s me Joshua so yeah I’m just here to provoke thought you know
that’s all yeah just challenge the narrative because
science is something that you can observe and demonstrate yourself if you
believe that you know ships are going out into outer space and Trump just made
space force then you’re taking somebody else’s word for that and that’s faith
right nothing just make space for these interesting
he didn’t say there’s space Horsham that we had it that’s not what he said he’s
never claimed that okay so there’s a lot of things he didn’t just claim to sign a
sixth division of the military called something like space we’re absolutely
not well do you believe that they landed on the moon I would yes me yes there is
no no it’s just it’s a light it’s a luminary in the sky it’s a light but it
actually creates its own light seem to move around or no anything in the
universe spiracle everything so I mean let’s let’s try to let’s break down the
word round first you got your phone on you yeah okay so Google Image the word
round count how many Spears that you see okay I’ll give you a dollar for every
one that you see well it’s because the word round is interchangeable between a
DVDs round or a sphere that’s what they use that’s called mind control
it’s called esoteric and exoteric they’re telling you one thing but when
the other hand they’re doing something completely different so I just try to
help out and say well you should say sphere orb all right so that then you
have the proper idea and no I don’t I don’t think they this the moon or the
Sun are spheres personally I don’t I think that they’re discs in the sky and
they’re lights in their own separate light the moon does not reflect the
sun’s light to make it so are they on that that we would have to break to
entry we have there’s a firmament above us yes
but there’s also a barrier that withholds us from getting up to what we
would perceive as outer space and I think that the Sun is probably about a
hundred miles or so away from us so it’s a local Sun that’s why a lot of people
just they’re like well how do seasons work well if you have a local spotlight
going around what would be like this table here for example you know and the
Sun and the moon are just to say that because you’re claiming that the Sun is
closer than Duluth miles I mean yeah just more vertical up above us yeah so
that’s just my opinion you know I mean what other flood I just might say it’s
very fine move across the sky then it is that rotating around us in the sky
locally yes it’s just it’s just perspective so the Sun is just traveling
further away from your perspective further so it looks further away but in
reality it’s just getting further away from you so it’s called geo centricity
you familiar with that term it’s where the moon and the Sun are revolving
around us and we are stationary I’m pretty pretty 99% sure and that I was in grade school
yes they did the stanley thing so now what we did was we set up one of those
balloons yeah and we set it up with a camera you know when super high and it
took pictures it was our camera and it took pictures and then and then once it
gets high enough like the pressure the pressure up there or whatever yeah drops
back and then it has a little GPS hmm and you go pick it up and you look at
the camera and you can see the pictures of will like okay so did you finish the
circle well I’m saying like if you’re saying that this is a genuine camera
like you know what I feel like the one here on my phone is it would show a
level horizon now what you might have been using is a fisheye lens and so it’s
going to give you a concave and a convex when it’s up or down so it’s not going
to give you a baby line you can see that occurs yeah I know but what I’m saying
is is let’s say that you have the picture like this okay with your camera
you have to complete the bottom part of this of your circle because I don’t
think you understand what I’m saying okay so you have to you have when you
see a curved right you saw it curved and it was you thought it was conforming to
a circle right you have to finish the bottom part of the circle and then that
would show you that that’s not the reality of how big the earth is that’s
not the size of the earth if you’re just a mile up with the high out with that
type of a high-altitude balloon that’s not the proper size of the earth
it was the only thing it wasn’t taking a picture of the whole earth right it was
taking a picture of however much it could see before it curved behind and
can’t take a picture of it okay see do you guys happen to know the
circumference of the earth yeah I mean if to make a sphere it’s going round
right like around the sphere so if I was gonna I was get a tape measure of this
sphere right here the globe you know that would be the circumference so do
you guys happen to know the circumference of the earth at all yeah
so you also when you break down a sphere you have to give it curvature so that’s
the curvature calculation and you’ll see a picture on that brochure or even a
bigger one right there in the middle you’ll see the Chicago skyline so over a
body of water from one shoreline to the other at six feet observer height you
should not be able to see the tallest building which is the Willis Tower
because it should be obscured by 1,800 feet of curvature and it’s not that’s
how you that maths right there is how you’re able to see I don’t think you’re
understanding what’s going on here man fooling it really you’re standing from
one part right of the shore and you’re looking over to the skyline right okay
so that’s the Chicago skyline yeah from Michigan Lake okay so you should see
from here to here should be 1,800 feet of curvature there should be obscured by
the curve of the earth by the water so what that’s displaying is water in our
reality is level okay so now height can you get to to see water just starts to
turn into a ball that’s that’s magic and that’s where the gravity comes in
they’re conforming your mind and thinking something that isn’t in our
reality and since we’ve never seen the Earth from space
then you have to concur that that has never been a true picture so what’s up
man have you ever seen your thumb space either so when they give us pictures
like that on the left about different sizes of America
those are paintings well I mean I know it sounds kind of ludicrous but do you
know what a nondisclosure agreement is okay have you ever signed a
non-disclosure a game I’m not okay do you know anybody that has okay so ask
your family member about what they signed a nondisclosure agreement about
and then ask them to divulge that on camera
and see how far you get I know right so do you think that that could be the same what do you think well I’m asking you
have proof that everyone that’s done up there sign and yes uh they may or may
not have that’s something that you have to investigate and find out on your own
time that’s just speculating it may or may not be speculating I might have an
answer but I’m not gonna unfortunately here to give all the answers and then
give you guys a moment give you guys a multiple choice so that then you can
walk away vilified that you have all the answers this is something that you guys
got to explore yourselves I put in the work and thousands of other
flat-earthers also did and so if you’re really curious you have to you know
investigate this under stuff on your own time you know where’s the center of the
North Pole that’s the idea yeah there is an Antarctic cheetah treaty are you
familiar with the Antarctic Treaty you know yeah so like there’s almost 50 to
60 countries that are involved in that and allegedly you’re not allowed to get
past that second degree mark where you can explore Antarctica on your
own time freely so that’s a song that might be where the Antarctic wall is
because much like the lake there has to be an edge of water right so it’s either
a wall or it could be another shoreline but there is no there in my opinion you
know I’m just this is my opinion I don’t think that there’s an edge I think it
goes on forever now some people think that there’s a dome over us and then it
extends out over into Antarctica which is that ring you were talking about
let’s say that we had the resources the five of us to climb that two or three
hundred foot wall and then traversed I don’t know maybe five thousand miles and
then we hit a barrier much like that TV show under the dome familiar with that
but you know Truman Show type of thing you know but that’s you know I haven’t
been there before you know so I don’t know but no flat-earthers time to go
faster no one’s tried to go there is some documentation of people who have
tried to so I would encourage you to check that out I’d encourage you to
check it out and find out yeah so they may or may not have been escorted
oh-so-sweet I think sometimes I appreciate you
stopping by and being curious you know just get at least get both sides of the
story at all times Cheers that was yeah so what’s happening man you got any
thing you wanted to add or was that did you grab the brochure them here and stop by the YouTube channel and
just say hi or you know watch whatever you feel this very good choose man have
a good afternoon fancy a chat yo lady know these free
brochures are so unlike mini donuts at the fair hey gentlemen noon the earth is not a spinning ball in
outer space yeah sure I got some takeaways for you got a YouTube channel
it’s the card on the back and I’m just uh you know provoking thought that’s all
nothing wrong with that yeah thanks have a nice walk out there leaves fancy a
chat sir nope got some takeaways if you want hey fancy checkers have some takeaways
here you want got a YouTube channel yeah why not right thanks for stopping by
then have a nice walk hey how you doing false roof well I got
some takeaways for you if you don’t mind perfect I got a youtube channel for you guys what evidence is would you say that I
convinced you that you live on a sphere outer space yeah okay so kind of like a
consensus okay do you guys know what Zubaz were oh there was some awesome
pants back in the 80s yeah you should check them out
it was a fad yeah yeah so a lot of people think Flat Earth is a fad but
it’s actually a part of a fact-based system on how reality is and how water
works as a fluid yeah go ahead man actually the card is the card is on the
back of that pamphlet but if you want the DVDs I mean if you guys got a CD
drive or anything I don’t know I do I got all sorts of stuff yeah so yeah but
just you know trying to help people out on how water in fluid mechanics work
here in our reality and how waters level right so at what height do you have to
be to see water turning into a sphere in a ball okay so which one of these
pictures here could you identify as the proper size of America okay
well the this the diameter of the circles is the same they literally this
is these are official NASA images so America literally is a different size in
each one one was taken one year and another was taken the next year from different angles and have to
compile them all into one picture yeah composites yeah right okay so I can
stand a good enough distance away to get your whole body in a camera right and
then take a picture so why are they taking composites of the earth when they
claim to have gone to the moon and and sent probes out to Jupiter why didn’t
they just turn the camera around on that probe and just take just a regular
picture of Earth why do they have to use composites I suppose one of those could
be one of the they’re actually called images legally the NASA can’t say
picture because they’re not pictures okay yeah so does that make sense yeah
yeah so one of those images have been taken from a further distance one of
them could have been a composite okay my best guess okay okay well then
can I challenge you in regards to this picture here cuz you believe in
satellites right I did that they’re up they’re orbiting so what does that look
like to you guys looks like a satellite looks like a satellite right okay but I
mean really let’s look at it does that really look like a picture of a
satellite in outer space ma’am it looks it looks like a it doesn’t look like a
literal picture it looks like a graphic designer
okay right yeah so so who’s taking a picture of the pictures you say you pick
a picture who’s taking a picture of the satellite in outer space I mean an
astronaut so they send an astronaut to just float around and take pictures of
satellites well you’re just wondering why they want to take pictures from the
boat right right you guys have your phone on your right yeah okay so Google
image Google image right now satellites in space and I’ll give you a dollar for
each genuine photograph of a satellite in the other space okay I’m just provoking thought and trying to
give you guys both sides of the story now okay instead of just taking what
school has taught us because school is pretty dogmatic would you say yeah they
just teach kind of one side so I don’t think anyone can be truly unbiased
because there’s always information they’re receiving it sounds like you’re
pretty unbiased about where you live though what do you mean I mean you think
that you live on a sphere and outer space right yeah I’m not saying I’m
advice I’m saying no I mean I I feel like you can’t really know who you are
until you know where you live why is that well if you’ve been taught lies
your whole life growing up then your whole entire reality is a sham does that
make sense okay so if I if you were told that you were something that you ended
up finding out as you learned when you became an adult and you base your entire
life and your worldview on that particular identity and you found out
that that was a lie with that what do you think that would do to you and your
paradigm I mean it would be you would definitely you know make me question
other things about know okay so I have is there any narrative that school order
you see on the news or – for lack of a better term just so we can all be on the
same page is there a conspiracy theory that you find provocative that the
government has you felt kind of covered up I mean is there anything that you
questioned that the establishment has done we know historically that you know not
all conspiracy theories are utterly crazy right MKULTRA oh yeah so very much
familiar so I mean if there’s one conspiracy theory that everyone’s like
initially mocks and then it turns out the possibility that it’s more
conceivable in the future that there can be more conspiracies but I don’t think
something as vast as this from different scientists from different parts of the
world all throughout many many centuries would have conspired to tell you that
the shape of the planet we’re living on is different than an actually a tunnel
there’s no I can’t see any conceivable intensivist yeah I agree that I don’t
feel like there’s a motive there okay well I’m familiar with what
non-disclosure agreements are yeah okay do you have any family members that have
sign non-disclosure agreements okay I mean perhaps I’m not I’m not quite sure
okay so if you do you know if you come across somebody and just so happen ask
them and say hey have you ever signed a nondisclosure agreement and they in they
kind of you know they’re reluctant but then eventually they say yeah then grab
your phone right and then say okay on camera can you just explain what that
non-disclosure agreement is how likely do you think it is going to be for them
to tell you what that non-disclosure agreements about you don’t think so I
don’t think I don’t think any of those scientists would have not okay even
though they’re signing non-disclosure agreements and they’re just doing their
job and they don’t know what they’re really they’re just doing their job you
know are those the same brand a bike that you guys are riding you got a giant
do you do you feel like those wheels are interchangeable I’m not sure yeah I’m not quite sure
okay let’s just say yeah I mean if they’re the same size let’s just say
argument’s sake you built this bike here and but you were just building tires
right but you just built bike tires okay and you were just building bike tires
right if you’re just doing your job does the company have to tell you where
these bike tires are going and what brand they’re going to or are you just
doing your job okay so why would did ever cross your
mind ever question where these bike tires are going I’m just trying to make
you think man that’s all okay you keep saying I don’t think can I ask you a
person of a personal question no offense okay would you consider yourself fairly
a moral person okay so if I was to say I got a P actually really bad and there’s
a porta potti over there okay if I was to say hey fellas you know I don’t know
yeah right and I got my electrical equipment here and you know my you know
battery pack I mean you guys but I got to take a piss five minutes give me five
minutes can I trust you yes okay so what I’m trying to establish is you’re trying
to base your own personal moral code on people that you’ve never met before in
the military industrial complex sure you’re establishing your own
personal worldview right you’ll have the how how you feel in your heart about you
a reality right and I and I asked you if you if I would be able to trust you to
watch this stuff right so that would mean that you know I could probably
trust you and you a fairly moral person right does that necessarily mean that
the people who are over us in the military industrial complex have the
same moral code as you sort of morals therefore they might live
the earth is that sort of the reasoning I don’t I think everyone in their hearts
has a sense of knowledge of morality in terms of what in terms of tradition
family how they were raised by God okay okay I appreciate you saying that but
what if these people just so happened to worship the other God well you brought
up God so I’m I’d like to understand that you have a biblical base of moral
code yes okay so when when when David talks about your law is written on my
heart right he’s referring to the Ten Commandments correct I I think he’s
referring to the Ten Commandments I don’t think he’s referring to the moral
code that certain people follow right now I do believe I’ve actually heard
that one before I think I’ve heard someone explain it as uh I do believe it
would be like a sort of my personally I do believe it’s a sort of a general law
okay so but you also understand that there is sin in the world right okay and
so do you think when Satan tempted Jesus and showed him the kingdoms of the world
and Jesus said no right why did he gave him Scripture right but
he didn’t rebuke Satan in the manner to say how dare you offer me these things
you had no authority to do so Satan does have authority to do so because this is
his realm and so what if there are people who you’ve never met before who
are famous scientists in the military-industrial complex who have
been tempted with such an offer and taken could is that out of the realm of
possibility the incentives that st. David he is when
he’s something that was not you know the incentive was you know because she just
as fast right he’d come out of fasting so he’s saying you know turn this stone
into bread no you could yeah I mean we’re just speaking you know freely yeah
so there’s usually an incentive there I don’t think if anyone were to tempt
someone I think anyone the idea that this would happen right it’d be someone
saying on the right sign this is that but yeah we couldn’t further argument
say we can continue right so the person who would sign that agreement has to do
two things right hey they have to have incentives to sign
that document and they have to be if they do choose to reject the document
they have to keep their mouths right so both of those things have to have have
to happen and you’re arguing that that has happened from people in power
throughout centuries many many many many people many many many many years people
have done those two things okay I think you’re assuming that the
people who are brought to that point in the first place number two isn’t even an
option because the non-disclosure agreement won’t even be brought up
because they know that they can trust this person and have an understanding
that this person is ready to move on to the next step I don’t I’m just I’m
speaking freely I’m trying to get you to think that you you don’t and no offense
I just don’t think that you know enough about this reality and how people of
that ilk work and I’m challenging at least you to personally that there is
much much more to this reality and how things are conducted behind closed doors
then I think you’re able to grasp right now right sign down this poker game is
whatever and mislead people do all these kinds of giving secrets just purely out
of your own personal worldview and your moral code oh just my own reasoning okay
well this is your read you’re trying to reason with people that don’t have
empathy so I’m reasoning just generally right
okay just the average person right if you came to them and said you know the
non-disclosure agreement I may not be understanding it to the same well what
I’m trying to convey here is that over a period of time yeah okay yeah people
gain trust within secret societies so it’s not just I’m gonna grab somebody
off the street and have them sign a nondisclosure agreement man this is a
process over decades they’re called bloodlines man I mean
even just look up there 13 bloodlines that are allegedly running the earth
right now okay well then that’s something that you
should probably investigate sir but people you know they leave families
based on petty things right sometimes things that happen right people leave
families based on petty disagreements right so well I mean I guess it depends
upon what you mean by petty one person’s view on petty could be another person’s
view on yeah I would have left two you know so I mean I think that’s just you
know but we can just roll with this say something is petty right we agree that
it’s better yeah you relevant of whatever that thing is right yes
so someone say say let’s I mean not not important bicycles right for the
grand scale effects lesson less important than the save the earth right
so someone might have this disagreement the founders right they leave their
family right based on something petty right that happens all the time family
family split up so the idea that there is a bloodline or a secret society that
has kept the secret for literally hundreds of years I mean I mean you
probably know this back right when was the yeah you know the earth is round
first sphere when the earth was developed into the idea of it being a
ball in outer space yeah was about five hundred years ago
right so for five hundred years no one has left this family I just I think this
conversation is way over your head man I did no offense man I just you’re not
giving what I’m trying to offer you enough credit because you think that
people who are born into families wouldn’t go along with what their
family’s doing because they’re part of a bloodline and even people who aren’t
part of that family would be sworn in through other operations and handshake
clubs as they continue to move forward they might not be able to get to a
particular level because they’re not part of the bloodline but they will be
very well off and that’s I think where you get a lot of your musicians and your
actors in Hollywood because they help the agenda of various ideas to continue
to go forward and they create the trends that everybody else here in particularly
America kind of follow and so I I just think that you know you brought up the
fact of MKULTRA what’s to say that you’re not under hypnosis right now with
the ball earth so everytime everytime a movie from
Universal comes out they don’t want CGI the picture of the globe earth from
outer space and have the big so that’s not predictive that’s not predictive
programming that’s not a cent that’s not reinforcing the idea that you
live on a ball earth but that every time a movie shows a picture of a rabbit
and reinforces my idea that a rabbit agrees I have to look at whether or not
the earth around the sky is from a purely logical standard and logically I
just don’t see why science is the vast majority of them for five hundred years okay I didn’t say everybody and I said
that some of them do and I’ll even reiterate the fact that there’s
compartmentalization which was the point of me bringing up the difference wheels
of your bike compartmentalization man what do you mean just like I said
they’re just doing their job like that seat for your bike doesn’t necessarily
have to go to giant they’re just making a bike seat you know they’re just making
solar panels they’re making guidance systems they’re making fins that doesn’t
necessarily mean that it’s going to a satellite that’s orbiting outer space
man may or may not be and you can watch this video over and explore on your own
time but I think that that there’s a lot more to this and this is a bigger
grander lie and this is the ultimate lie about where you live man so I think it’s
important for you to understand that I know you don’t understand man
I know I know I I didn’t understand it either but I’m also 37 years old and
I’ve been in the game for a quite a long time so you know I think I’m probably
twice as your age right who you are like why you’re out you’re
doing this this is important this is important to me and someday you’ll know
why it’s important I hope it’s not too late
Joshua yeah you think I’m good here Gideon Greyson
so I’m Griffin Griffin I don’t know so good to you so I spend a majority in my
free time doing this yeah right we’ll see ma’am you’ll see the fruits um
we’ll see the fruits of my labor and my own personal experience because I’m held
accountable to God right okay and the knowledge that I’ve been given is my
responsibility and if I feel lead and I feel called to do something with the
knowledge that I know to share it with the public what’s that to you
what do you mean I’m just saying like if I have my own personal accountability to
God where if I am either Jonah or am Ezekiel I have that responsibility in
that knowledge so I have to do what I need to do and this is what I feel led
to do at the moment and for the time being in regards to what you’re calling
us and what you’re led to do have you read Romans 1 okay talks about creation
in that a little bit and how people see his creation and there you have no
excuse okay okay so do you think that that could be kind of I don’t know quote
proof that you don’t have to go to outer space and have traveled and take
somebody else’s word for where you live you have your own personal experience
and accountability to seeing his creation is immovable not spinning and
more flat a sphere and you believe to a certain
extent as far as the whole nature thing goes I do believe to a certain extent we
can know about with our reality but I they go he goes to the entire field of
science he goes okay so then you’re disproving Romans 1 then you’re refuting
it because we need science to tell us where we live
I never said oh you do agree with what he’s saying and I’m just saying so what
you’re saying is right that you need science to help you
tunics along I yeah go ahead I’m sir I got some of the handouts here too if you
want have a youtube channel if you don’t mind stopping by saying hi thanks Cheers
as far as as far as Romans 1 go yes far as Romans 1 goes and the in the
the idea that those who experience nature around and have no excuse I I do
believe to an extent God give us knowledge of the things around us and
where we live I do believe there there there there there are other things
however such as I mean I don’t I don’t believe help me out it’s like it’s not
essential it’s not essential with the that it’s not in it’s not it I don’t
believe that to know that like to have of a god it’s essential to know whether
we don’t need science to prove God I don’t believe it’s essential that we
know like if the earth is round or flat to to believe there’s a god you believe
that science isn’t like a legitimate study I think that there’s a difference
between turning science into a religion and called scientism like and then
there’s science where for me I have cystic fibrosis which is being the
terminal illness through my investigation what I have found is that
it might be a selenium deficiency instead of a genetic disease passed on
through family okay and so there is some science that I
do believe in and trust whereas when I have to start taking somebody else’s
word for when it comes to outer space and you know things that we can’t test
here on earth well cuz I bike if I break my arm I can go to the hospital and they
can do a pretty good job of heal allowing it to heal up put it in place
with x-ray and then I can feel pretty confident a year later that I’ll be able
to use it like I did before it got hurt but to say that you can penetrate some
kind of a barrier between our pressurized system here in a vac the
vacuum of space I think that is pretty ludicrous statement to be honest some
information here for you if you don’t let me just get this straight you’re pro
flat earth I am serious I mean you got a question
or something I don’t know this gentleman what did you arrive I started to observe
how water was a little bit more as I became older and was able to more
critically think that thank you thank you and just in the reality here water
let finds its level you know so you’re not gonna see a flood and then the
entire you know area that’s flooded is gonna you know be a ball it’s gonna find
its level and then seek its level and then fall to that and then level off and
so that would be the biggest proof I guess is water yes because then at what
high do you have to be to see it conforming to the exterior of a sphere
like that in outer space I’m waiting for it yeah I’m going to G
what I’m curious yeah I went to Thailand for nine months total yeah okay so yeah
but when I was flying I didn’t look out the sky Oh out the window and say wow
look at the curve of the earth just never crossed my mind to think that and
so when people tell me that they saw the curve of the earth I think it is an
interesting statement I’m not going to call them you know I don’t think so do
you but I do think that people look out the window and I don’t think that
they’re specifically looking for the curve of the earth they just think it’s
there no I think that there’s wandering lights in the sky that have their own
particular you know those are lights in the sky those are luminaries I don’t
think I never said it’s a hologram yeah they’re local lights in the sky yeah
they’re not 230,000 miles away or 93 million miles away no not at all
the ice not a couple times like 15 years ago I don’t need the truman show to tell
me that those are lights on this guy well I know that you might have heard
that a lot from other flat-earthers but and that’s an interesting conversation
to have with people who are like-minded to have that conversation but then to
flip it around and then mock such an ideas I don’t think that that’s fair
either because then you have shows like under the dome and that that HBO show
just got over with they had a interesting picture of an ice wall so
I don’t know what I don’t want your you’re trying to understand yeah no I’m
just curious of how do you okay do you have you come to the conclusion that we
do live on a sphere in outer space okay when’s the last time you looked
into such a topic it makes sense I there were bigger problems in my life too
before I realised this idea but let’s just say for argument’s sake the last
time you thought about this would be high school okay okay but it so then
will that I’ll ask again when’s the last time the shape of the earth ever crossed
your mind other than the conversation we’re having right now this okay and
that what have you done to quote debunk either side she haven’t even looked into
it no I appreciate that I would say that the moon and the Sun are local the moon
does not reflect the sun’s light the moon has its own light water finds its
level in a container and how do you separate our pressurized system here in
our reality from the vacuum of space because if you and I were to make a
container you know and create a vacuum inside that container and we were to
drill a hole into the top of it what would happen to the inside of that
container right and then it would equilibrium and then it would be filled
with air right yeah okay so how does that work by us shooting rockets up into
the to Jupiter engineer they would know more so yes and
I would like to think that there’s been enough research in the last I don’t know
the last 500 you didn’t say the last 50 years there be enough science thanks for a second I’m an acute fear
you talk about water sizing the earth is so massive do you know how massive it is
it’s 24900 one mile okay so there’s a there’s a provocative picture in the
middle there from one shoreline to the other over a body water observer height
of six feet okay and over fifty miles with the curvature of the earth you
should see up to 1,800 feet of curvature obscuring the tallest object which is
the Sears Tower or a Willis Tower you shouldn’t be able to see that even the
smallest building is on that skyline because the curvature of the earth but
you can and you can also see for over almost 150 miles I’m just using their
maths and what they tell us and so now I’m using their maths in their
circumference of the earth against them but it’s not it’s 24900 one miles because when you do the math you find
that the Sears Tower and all the other smaller buildings are still visible so I
don’t know what you’re trying to you’re not gonna I don’t know if you’re trying
to box me into a corner or something or or what but yeah and I’m trying to
explain to you that that’s what they give us so that’s something that you
would have to believe because that’s what they tell us and so if I share with
you the curvature calculation that should kind of raise a red flag I mean
you know you don’t have to be a math whiz to understand what the curvature
calculation is and how 1,800 feet should be obscuring all of this all of the
building yeah I hear that a lot too man but
that’s also with atmosphere telescopes here on the ground shooting straight
across can’t see forever because of atmosphere and you can’t we can’t
puncture anything above us because there’s no way for us to leave we’re in
an enclosed system no you’re good man I appreciate your curiosity and coming by
and I know that this is a very challenging topic for a lot of people
and I appreciate you hanging out hello Satan all right everybody Josh will here
that’s gonna bring our time to an end I appreciate you all out there watching
the video make sure you like or dislike make your voice heard out there in the
comments section below whether it be positive or negative
constructive criticism or what should I do next time you know there’s always
options of bringing some more material and other visuals just to kind of
provoke thought but I just want to say everybody out there
thanks a lot so much for your contributions to the channel whatever it
is and god bless bye hey guys and gals Joshua here for an
Easter Egg if you stuck around for the very very end of the video I just wanted
to address the calling of the herd and a conversation that local flat earther and
I just had at a restaurant after the activism that I did today and what I
mean by that is what if the whole like kinda flattering thing is brought out to
get the public warmed up to these types of you know ideas you know flat earth
veganism 5g and vaccines and stuff and at what point does the public
just kind of get cut off where they’re not allowed back into the fold if you
will and I don’t know flat earthers and people who are at that consciousness
level are kinda they’re ready they’re they’re ready for the next paradigm
shifts which you know I’ll get into later but let’s just say for example you
know of alien a fake alien invasion but the whole you know space farce situation
with donald donald trump so i was just thinking that you know they’re they’re
priming us human beings to hear the narrative of Flat Earth and as you saw
the video today just the constant ridicule of people walking by or riding
their bike shaking their head laughing it off calling me names and and just not
getting it like it just they refused to they don’t want to they’re terrified of
to think that you know flat earth could even be a possibility
but alone the truth about reality and so it is a process it’s not it’s not
something that it all Jane Doe and John Smith who go to these twins games and
spend $30 on you know pretzel and a hot dog and a couple of beers are gonna be
able to just have that click you don’t like okay Flat Earth and then like they
just because Donald Trump said the earth is flat so like now I have to believe
the earth is flat like without ever investigating it and they just flip you
know so it’s like they just flipped believe in Flat Earth without ever
investigating it just like most people have believed in globe earth and never
acts as an adult now critically think and look into Flat Earth and the globe
earth and then see how the heliocentric model is just
just it just doesn’t make any sense and what would you really do hello yourself
and you check your ego at the door flattered just seems just natural just
an innate natural feeling so with that thought in mind what about the new
people who authenticated for example has brought to Flat Earth and now we got you
know a bunch of newbie flat earthers and and rookies closeted flat-earthers who
just are you know they’re not fully committed but they’re kind of agnostic
towards the ball and they just kind of haven’t really committed themselves to
this Flat Earth relationship when we really having a relationship with
flattered and I mean if if you’ve been in a flat earth for three years you’re
in a committed relationship you know if you’re not already married to it you’re
you’re pretty engaged to it you’re having intimate relations with Flat
Earth in your mind on a regular basis if that’s the first thing that you do when
you wake up is you type into Facebook or you know Facebook or YouTube Flat Earth
go to your filters type in live to see you live talking about Flat Earth
you hit your other filter and you hit today so that you can get all the videos
of Flat Earth in the last 24 hours come on you’re in a relationship with
Flat Earth because that’s what I do you know so like I am I am trying to
stay in this this mindset in in this lake you know when I want out to new
agey but just this reality of creating the essence of Flat Earth to the public
so that then they see my testimony they see my desire my compassion and my
empathy for these people who I feel are still plugged into the matrix well I
don’t even want to use the term lost anymore because I was told I was lost by
my own family members and they’re getting their worldview from mainstream
media so it’s like you know we can’t even compare the two now
and so when you have these new people who aren’t really fully committed to
Flat Earth or maybe they do commit but they don’t even know why they commit to
flaner they don’t know why they’re flat earther are they flat earther because
they really looked into it or is it like Zubaz to them where it’s just like it’s
hip it’s trendy it’s cool to be a flat earther you know my friend is a
flatteries my best friend’s a flatterer in there you know so I might as well be
a flat earther and then this fake alien invasion
happens right I mean outer space then becomes real to them again their heart
sinks to the bottom of their stomach and they’re like oh my god
I can’t believe I fell for flat earth I’m such an idiot I can’t believe I
listened to Joshua we’ll talk about flat earth and now like there’s a there’s
aliens here like there they’re from outer space like there’s an entity a
group of them from another planet how did they get to
our planet who even knows I mean but let’s just you know just talk about this
and like let’s just vent this out because these these new flat-earthers
are gonna they’re gonna go crazy they’re gonna go bonkers and the thought of flat
earth being then at that time if they’re not committed to it
a total joke again just they won’t ever come back to Flat Earth
because then if anybody talks about in the future it’s like well how could the
earth be flat outer space be fake and you know this whole like reality be what
all these other flat earthers are saying if there’s our entities here you know
little knowing but the military-industrial complex is doing in
these deep underground bases right cloning and like they just clone two
monkeys recently and so these are the kind of the two thoughts that I was
thinking when I was with Bob earlier today is
you know these these people are getting into Flat Earth for all four I think for
all the wrong reasons I don’t think that they’re really breaking down what
flatter if really is about and what it what it really says about our reality
and our Creator and how we are in an enclosed system where there is no way
for you know these crazy entities to come from another planet even though
that might be a possibility in the future
and then you know what I was saying you know before with you know a lot of these
people are gonna you know just they’re not they’re not consciously with
it right now they’re not at that vibrational level and maybe that’s what
5g is being released for to help some of these people who are unable to separate
themselves from mainstream and just use their common sense and natural ability
to see the reality in front of them instead of trusting in you know third
party scientism and so that I don’t know why I just thought that that was kind of
a fascinating thought of of just of a culling of the herd where you know
there’s these two factions now I think this is a human race thing you know our
human race is gonna be if it’s gonna be affected it is being affected by this
consciousness shift and how many millions of people is it gonna be before
I don’t know just to hear the thought the whole Georgia Guidestones idea
what’s gonna come first okay turning everybody into Flat Earth and then the
five hundred and then all those other billions of people you know are gonna go
by the wayside or is it when everybody’s kind of on the same one most of the
people wouldn’t most of the people are all on the same
level of mocking and ridiculing flat earth that’s the you know estimated
right it’s seven billion people let’s just say that well then the 6.5 billion
people who mock and ridiculed Flat Earth they’re gone you don’t they either get
reeducate it they go back to FEMA camps and they have to be told by some kind of
an authority that Flat Earth is true and just get reeducate and then another flat
or others who wanna kind of you know live and in bold on with the the system
in a way that even then they are deceived you know so I mean they’re
still gonna be a deception in the future or even I think flat earthers will
become decedent and no I don’t know what that means I
don’t know what what that would be but I still have an amount an unbelievable
amount of compassion and a burdensome heart for the people that I saw walking
by and and today I was you know I think a lot of you guys are proud of me I did
calm down a little bit I didn’t you know you know when somebody walked by and
laughed and mocked and ridiculed there was a couple of times off-camera when
somebody would walk by and laugh and I’d say well it’s funny till you look into
it you know that’s that’s a classic meme but I just think that overall the
majority of the people are gonna continue to walk by and they’re just not
going to find it in their their heart and in their spirit and you know
whatever they whatever you want to call it just that essence about them that
this is important and maybe you know again like that’s why 5g is gonna be
rolled out because they’re gonna be able to tune into that frequency to get
people to be interested even though they’re not
it’ll get them to that particular frequency of a flat earther because then
they can mimic that flatter third desire you know what I mean like that that
frequent they’ve tuned that into that frequency of maybe what it means to be
for me to be a flat earther and then they’ll have it you know on one of those
towers right there that you’re seeing right there those towers are everywhere
you know and so as you continue to explore the idea of Flat Earth you are
holding into a particular frequency of vibration and you’re giving off that
aura onto other people and and your voice you’re you’re speaking things like
it says in Genesis 1 and God said let there be light he said it text it it
write it down you think it you know then it what’s
comes first the thought or the action right or whatever but you’re you’re
walking around with this particular essence about you as a flat earther and
it’s a humbling experience because you don’t want it to come out you know when
you’re in a grocery store like walk around and be like wow the flat earth or
and all these other people are ignorant I feel so much better you know no when
you become a genuine flattered that you have empathy because they’re not at that
level yet and you don’t know what’s next you don’t know what’s coming you don’t
know what the next you know I mean let’s be really you don’t know what the next
flat earth paradigm shift is and so we have to walk around not only in
confidence I guess I should say I want to walk around in confidence I want to
walk around with an empathetic spirit about me so that I show these people
like here I have this the sense about me that’s not condescending anymore so that
when I do talk to people I show them my passion and I show them why this is
important to me because I – I’m gonna be held accountable to the knowledge that
has been given to me and I just think that you know again
this is just me brainstorming and thinking out loud that the vast majority
of people in the public eye you know no I guess not in the public eye but you
know your friends your co-workers and even your family they’re just not gonna
get it you know church mates you know if you’re
a Christian and you go to church with some of these people and they think
you’re crazy because you think the earth is an immovable firm motionless plane
not spinning and not a ball even that type of a relationship can be difficult
and I totally understand what yours what where you are where you’re dealing with
and so there I I hate the users tournament but
it’s just to say it just so it maybe just kind of puts us all together maybe it’s psychologically they might be
left behind you know they might be left behind psychologically they might be
handicaps and it’s just not something that they’re ever gonna be able to grasp
and the establishment might just leave them behind and I don’t know what that
means I don’t know if that has anything to do with the FEMA camps or anything
with some of these you know FEMA coffins I can fit two or three people rhythm but
do you know I don’t know what that means I’m just saying a lot of people thought
that that was all for us all for truthers right but just I don’t know I’m
just thinking out loud this is just my opinion and I just appreciate everybody


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