STD Testing: What You Need To Know

Clients visits are kept strictly confidential throughout the entire process, beginning at check-in. The client will consult with a nurse in a private setting. Hi, my name is Emerald, I’m one of the Clinic RN’s. So tell me what’s your name? What brings you in today? My name is Leanne Jones, and I just wanted to know why It is important to get tested for a Sexually Transmitted Disease? (STD) That’s a great question Leann! It’s important to get tested for STDs because people need to know their status. There are some STDs that can be cured with medication and some that cannot. For the STDs that cannot be cured, their are medications to manage the symptoms. It is important to remember that you can have an STD without symptoms and transmit it to other people. Wow! What other types of STD’s can you test for? There are a multitude of STD’s that we can test for. The most common ones that we test for here in this clinic are Chlamydia, Syphilis, Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), and Gonorrhea. How long does it take to get tested? It usually takes 30 minutes for an appointment. That gives us time to understand your physical history. It also helps us to know if you are at risk for other types of STD’s. It allows us to do any in-house testing and processes that we need. Okay. Is there any process of this that you have any other questions about? Do I have to get undressed? No, based on what you are telling me today I don’t think there’s a reason for you to get undressed. I know that may be uncomfortable to get undressed in front of strangers, especially after we asked you so many questions about your personal history. Based on what you’re telling me today, we will have our provider come in and talk to you. After we’ve drawn your blood and collected urine sample that you’ll attain yourself, We can test for those common STD’s that I mentioned before. When you talk with a provider, They may recommend based on their examination with you dressed, that there are other things you may need to be tested for. We will let you know and explain what those are. After I am tested, where can I get my results? That is a very good question Whenever we test a client for any STD, we want the client to come back within one to two weeks. Our general rule is that in two weeks your test results will be available. You would schedule an appointment two weeks from today to review your results with a nurse. Life is busy and we understand. Are you a busy person at work? I am! I am running all the time. I’ve always got something going on. If I could if there was a way I could get my results quicker or online, that would be great. We actually have an online results service. We have a Patient Portal available for you to access. We can set you up here in the clinic today, and in one to two weeks you can view your test results online. If you are positive ,as long as we have a correct phone number and address for you, we will contact you if there is a positive. That way we can get you treatment, and recommend treatment for your partners as well. If I don’t hear from you does that mean my STD test results are negative? Right, that’s the general rule, but we always like for you to come back and review this with us. Are there any other questions that you have? No, not that I can think of. I think I’m ready to be tested. You have really to put my mind at ease. Okay, great! I will show you where a restroom is and then we will come back into the exam room to discuss more of your health history, and your risk factors. We will also perform a blood draw. Alright, Thanks! We offer rapid HIV testing at the County Health Department in Port St. Joe, Florida on the second Friday of each month. Walk-ins are encouraged as no appointments are taken. Results are provided in about 15 minutes and linkage to services, such as Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PREP), are available during counseling sessions. Medications are available for clients at high risk for HIV exposure. Our providers here at the Florida Department of Health can prescribe these medications for these clients. Anyone can be seen at a County Health Department the cost for STD testing depends on each client and their specific needs. Clients will never be denied any service based on inability to pay.

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