Tabias and Dayna’s Big Surprise | Family or Fiancé | Oprah Winfrey Network

[MUSIC PLAYING] Thank you. Here, you can take one of these. What are we drinking on? They’re pouring champagne,
and I’m wondering, like, OK, what’s the occasion? What’s going on? CAROL: Are they trying
to get us drunk? I mean, what?
[LAUGHS] I was ready to turn up. I was with it. [LAUGHS] Well, first and
foremost, we want to say thank you for coming here. Tabias and I do have a
huge announcement to make. Oh, lord, I hope
she’s not pregnant. [LAUGHS] We’re engaged. Oh, wow. [LAUGHTER] So cheers to engagement. It wasn’t just me in the dark. Dayna’s mom, her brothers, we
were there together, clueless. I need to take
a drink to that. The whole drink. We know we just dropped
something huge on you guys. But now you guys know
why we’re really here. This show is called
“Family or Fiance.” Coming here, I thought that
they were going to counseling and that we were
going to observe them and give our opinion. That’s what I thought. We’re going to
go around the room and just figure out what
you guys are thinking. Like, voice your concerns. You can be honest. TJ, I want to start with you. When did this happen? (LAUGHING) I’m being honest. When was it? It was about March. So– Why didn’t you let me know? I wanted you guys
to get to know him for yourself before we just
dropped that type of stuff out on you. Well, I don’t know him. That’s what we’re here for. CAROL: I love you, Dayna. But I do have concerns– Concerned about
your age difference. Concerned about how he get
along with the children. You don’t have any
children, right? Um– CAROL: Does he? I mean, I don’t know. I don’t know him. DAYNA: He has one. TABIAS: Yeah, I do. Now he’s going to
have three children. That’s a big job This is kind of
fast, jumping there from being a bachelor
to a stepfather, on top of your situation of
just having a daughter yourself, you know. And that was crazy to us. I mean, y’all only been
together a few months. And ever since y’all
have been together, there’s been arguing, fussing. I mean, I like Dayna. You’re real cool. But I think Dayna can
be a little possessive. I just think you should
slow it down a little bit.


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