Target of “Intelligence” Community: Trump & You

one of the most important tools of the
deep state in doing what it does is the so called intelligence community now
we’ve been led to believe that this alleged intelligence community is
actually to keep us safe and they’re protecting us from bad guys and all the
rest of it well nothing could be further from the truth in fact with a few
exceptions you know I always start off when I talk about the intelligence
community with the obvious caveat that of course some decent people slip
through the the the process and there are some good and decent patriotic
Constitution supporting god-fearing Americans who work within the
intelligence community unfortunately they usually don’t rise very far and
we’ll see why in a moment we’ve been led to believe that this intelligence
community is keeping us safe and that’s why we need to spend who knows how much
money right nobody really knows how much money these people are spending a lot of
it’s on black operations even Congress doesn’t know everything that’s going on
there and so I want to talk about this idea that they are keeping us safe and
protecting us first of all I think it’s important to know that they have made
their hostility to the President to president Trump openly and abundantly
very very clear I mean this is so improper you know these bureaucrats who
like to think of themselves as like little James Bond’s and suppose I’ll
just sit behind a desk and then look at reports all day but these so-called
intelligence agencies and agents have openly told us that they’re coming for
Trump you have some of their former officials bragging about this so it
shortly after Trump began making noises we had one guy John Schindler he went on
Twitter and he posted and I quote now we go nuclear intelligence community war
going to new levels just got an email from a senior intelligence community
friend it began he will die in jail and of course they’re talking about our
elected president try this trump is supposed to be their boss and yet here
you have these maniacs talking about imprisoning and potentially killing the
President of the United States that doesn’t seem to make sense right
what kind of thing is this and it seems to be kind of an open secret in
Washington DC maybe secrets not the right term here is
Chuckie Schumer the leader of the Communist Party did the democrat party
in the US Senate check this out he’s talking to that guy a Rachel Maddow
about Trump’s supposed hostility to the intelligence community and what that
means check this out you take on the intelligence community
they have six ways from Sunday it’s getting back at you so even for a
practical supposedly hard-nosed businessman he’s being really dumb to do
this what do you think the intelligence community would do if they were my I
don’t know but I from what I am told they are very upset with how he has
treated them and talked about them six ways from Sunday to get back at people
who go up against the intelligence community what I thought these are
supposed to be public servants I thought they work for the American people as
represented by the person they elected to become president in this case Donald
Trump and here you have one of the top than one of the highest ranking
politicians in all of Washington DC saying that they will go after the
President of the United States if he tries to rein them in something is very
very very wrong and you know for a while the deep state bobble heads in the fake
media we’re telling us that the deef state
doesn’t even exist it’s just a figment of the imagination of the radical
conservatives a radical right the Christian fundamentalist all these
people who are conspiracy theorists and all the rest of it right that’s what
they told us okay if say doesn’t exist well they know that nobody’s buying that
anymore in fact Monmouth University Polling
Institute showed that about 75% of Americans now recognize that we have a
so-called deep state in the United States defined as a group of unelected
secretive government officials working to secretly control American policy
right government policy well watch the acting former acting head of the CIA
named John McLaughlin when talking about the deep state within the intelligence
community check this out the concern and often use term about a deep
state being there to take you know thank God for the deep state I mean I think
you know everyone here has seen this progression of diplomats and
intelligence officers and White House people trooping up to Capitol Hill right
now and saying these are people who are doing their duty or responding to a
higher call thank God for the deep state I wonder what God he’s talking about my
guess is it’s not the God of the Bible but again this is totally outrageous to
have these supposed public servants talking about using weaponizing the
power we’ve given them the budgets we’ve given them the offices we’ve given them
to persecute to take down our elected president you know if he was doing some
kind of crime if he was doing something unconstitutional that might be one thing
and yet so far nothing right nothing nothing nothing and you know certainly
I’m sure many of the viewers of this program and I myself also have some
concerns about Trump’s adherence to the Constitution but not in any way that
these deep state swamp creatures would recognize right they want more
violations of the Constitution they’re upset that Trump is exposing the deep
state and exposing some of their master nations so a little overview of the
so-called intelligence community which really is is a crucial tentacle of the
deep state as as you know from watching previous episodes of this show
almost all the leaders of these organizations come from the deep state
behind the deep state organization so typically the heads of the Council on
Foreign the heads of the CIA the NSA the DIA all these different intelligence
community agencies will come from organizations like the Council on
Foreign Relations will come from organizations like the trilateral
commission the Bilderberg right they’re always at these types of meetings that
you have many of them they come out of the skullenbones secret society at Yale
George HW Bush who ran the CIA for quite a time being one of the obvious examples
and of course Bohemian Grove right all kinds of these so-called intelligence
community chiefs come straight out of the Bohemian Grove so if you if you’re
not familiar with these organizations go back
watch our previous episode on that but I want to break down this so-called
intelligence community quickly yeah there’s a total of 16 agencies that we
know about the obvious ones central intelligence agency the National
Security Agency the NSA the Defense Intelligence Agency then each of the
branches of the armed services have their own intelligence agency there’s a
whole bunch of these according to the Washington compost they
did actually a very interesting investigation before they were bought up
by Jeff Bezos the founder of Amazon who now has massive contracts with the CIA
but before all that happened they you know they never tell you that they
should when they have a conflict of interest they never they never admit
that when they’re reporting on the CIA but be that as it may they did actually
do a very interesting investigation some years ago on the so called national
security state they found that there was over 1,250 government organizations
involved in this intelligence community over 2000 companies spread out across
over 10,000 locations they said there was almost a million people with
top-secret security clearances okay I’m all about keeping America safe but I’m
pretty sure we don’t need a million bobbleheads running around with
top-secret security clearances to keep us safe and we’ll break that down a
little further in a moment you also have of course the major technology companies
that have been conscripted into this so-called intelligence community in fact
a lot of the big technology companies including the ones that are very
recognizable Facebook Google all these things had a lot of involvement
especially early on from the deep state intelligence agencies as some of these
came through contracts and assistance from DARPA the Defense Advanced Research
Projects Agency a lot of the funding for some of these early ventures came from
in-q-tel one of the intelligence communities so-called investment arms
right so they pump taxpayer money into startups that they think might help them
better spy on and terrorize people not just in America but around the world so
let’s talk briefly about the supposed to devise own debts look for these
intelligence agencies out you know more recently they’ve told us that we need
them all to keep us safe from Islamist terrorists and jihadis you know I’m not
going to question either there’s obviously
people who are members of the Islamic religion who really do hate Americans
they do hate Christians I mean you know they’ve been killing Christians for
quite some time not all of them but certainly history is replete with
examples of Islamic armies trying to invade Europe and beheading people you
know of North Africa was once Christian and of course the Arab Islamic armies
kind of reversed that trend many many thousands of beheadings as
part of that but the idea that these intelligence agencies are keeping us
safe from Islamism it’s patently ridiculous next week we’re gonna be
talking about some of the crimes of the Intelligence Committee and this will
become even clearer but they’ve told us we have smoking gun habit and song be on
these things for example the Defense Intelligence Agency back in 2012
admitted that the u.s. government and primarily through its intelligence
agencies the CIA and some of the military intelligence agencies was first
of all supporting the Syrian insurgency second of all they admitted that the
Syrian insurgency was led by al-qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood rank two
terrorist organisations the Muslim Brotherhood has been declared a
terrorist organization across many nations kind of like a his lhamo
socialist is or the organization and then you know this has been going on for
a long long time even the CIA back in the late 70s into the early 80s with
supporting Islamic extremists in Afghanistan the Mujahideen and we’ve
talked about all this very extensively got more background on the role of the
deep state in America and especially the intelligence agencies in supporting
Islamic extremism Islamism Islamic terrorism go back and watch that video
we did of course the US government wasn’t alone the Soviets did plenty of
that but the deep state intelligence community’s fingerprints are all over
the Islamic terrorist threat and they have been for many many many decades we
also have this excuse that we need all these intelligence community agencies
and you know these massive budgets and then spying capabilities and trampling
on the Constitution and all the rest of it to keep us safe
from communism and and I’m all about keeping Americans safe from communism
don’t get me wrong communism is a vile disgusting criminal conspiracy
you know the useful idiots hopefully they could be rehabilitated with
the criminal masterminds behind this so-called ideology and really it’s not
an ideology it’s just a veneer to give a kind of a justification of pretext for
enslaving people and committing horrifying crimes but the idea that the
US intelligence community has been stopping communism or protecting us from
communism is absolutely and completely totally ludicrous right Cuba is an
obvious example of this we know from our own government officials the crucial
role that the u.s. government and the intelligence agencies were playing in
overthrowing the government of Cuba and bringing in the mass murdering dictator
Fidel Castro in fact our US ambassador to Havana at the time Earl Smith wrote
an entire book about this called the fourth floor he testified before
Congress that Castro would not be in power today were it not for the US
government then you had deep state operatives from the Council on Foreign
Relations within the CIA and other intelligence agencies and even within
the military that helped orchestrate the Bay of Pigs and helped ensure that it
would be a massive failure to help boost Castro’s position and even more recently
this has become very very obvious in 2016 before he realized that Trump was
going to be President the director of the CIA John Brennan made an incredible
admission he was talking to the Congressional Black Caucus and he told
them that he admitted in his 1980 interview with the CIA that he had voted
for the Communist Party USA candidate for president just two years earlier the
name was Gus Hall he was a known agent of the Soviet Union one of the most
murderous dictatorships that’s ever existed on this planet and so in a sane
world they’d say wait a minute you voted for the Communist Party candidate you
absolutely may not have a job in fact we’re gonna put you under surveillance
because you’re probably a national security threat to this country
I mean openly supporting an agent of a murderous communist dictatorship that
wants to enslave our country forget it well that’s not what happened right they
gave him a security clearance and he moved up the ranks so quickly then by
the time Barack Hussein Obama came along who of course got his career started his
political career started in the home of communist terrorists Bill Ayers Brennan
became the head of the CIA right that is absolutely crazy and yet that is
the reality and he admitted it okay there’s no speculation here then the FBI
right the FBI likes to sometimes pretend like it’s an intelligence agency as well
and James Comey who ran the FBI during some of the Obama years he actually
admitted in an interview to New York Magazine that he was a communist – I
said in college it was left-of-center he voted for a communist by the mid-1980s
he had moved away from communist was his term – whatever he is now which who
knows maybe just deep state swamp creature toady is probably the best
description of him and it doesn’t stop there
right oh mama also had a guy called Leon Panetta running the Central Intelligence
Agency and also the Department of Defense for a time and this guy had
communist stooge written all over his forehead in a way that you couldn’t have
missed it if you try all right this guy voted when he was in Congress to provide
aid to the son Denis does the mass murdering Marxist terrorist group right
but what kind of person does that well a communist of course right he also voted
for most favored nation status for the Soviet Union so that they could get more
credit and more aid and more support from the US government he voted to
surrender the Panama Canal to the pro-soviet dictatorship that was running
Panama at the time he had very close ties to the Institute for Policy Studies
which was just a Marxist front as congressman Larry McDonald exposed in
the congressional record and this is not new and it’s been a trend for decades in
fact even before the CIA was the CIA was the Office of Strategic Services it was
filled with communists and Soviet agents they were absolutely everywhere Eugen
Denis for example who served as a recruiter for this organization he was
exposed in the Venona documents as a communist we have a Soviet spy and
defector Elizabeth Bentley she tends to find that she was collecting dues for
the Communist Party USA from numerous high-ranking Office of Strategic
Services officials in Washington the Venona documents that were decrypted as
Soviet intelligence found out that there was more than 200 deep state communists
buried within the federal government all up and down the intelligence agencies
duncan lee who served as the confidential assistant to the head of
the OSS the founder the OSS bill Donovan was a communist
agent he also got to serve as the head of the China section of the OSS is it
any wonder then then our government betrayed the free Chinese and handed
Communist China our China over to the mass murdering gangster communists on a
silver platter deliberately of course not
right the head of the latin-american division Maurice Halperin was also a
proven communist right we wonder why so many countries in Latin America fell to
communism well because they had a lot of friends in high places in Washington DC
within the intelligence agencies and you’re probably thinking wait a minute
Alex that’s crazy stuff you know yeah maybe it was filled up with communist
okay I’ll give you that we know that now for sure but that must have just been an
accent they must have just been really good and infiltrating these agencies no
actually it’s interesting because Nick Novak made that claim in the Washington
compost he said that the Communists had infiltrated the OSS and very interesting
the president of the OSS Society is kind of like a an association for OSS
veterans name is Charles pink he actually wrote a letter to the editor
responding to the idea that the OSS had been infiltrated by comedy’s no no no no
no no the OSS this is a direct quote the OSS was not infiltrated by communists
during the war we hired them okay it was a deliberate decision to hire the
Communists okay so now that we’ve established that they are not here to
protect us from Islamists or communists in fact um they’ve been at the forefront
of enslaving country after country to communism and this is very very well
documented you can go back and watch our videos about how the US government has
been helping communism about the fake collapse of communism you know it would
be easy to believe that these people are all just incompetent morons right you
know it’s very typical of government we know you know if you’ve been to the DMV
you know government is not very effective not very efficient but nothing
could be further from the truth the deep state intelligence agencies do
have a target it’s not communist and it’s not Islamists it’s you okay
and this really started coming out into the open during the Obama regime they
really started making it obvious the infamous memo from the
Department of Homeland Security identified multiple categories of
Americans as suspicious and in need of surveillance one of the ones was
returning veterans right then you had the MIAC report also from homeland
security intelligence report right and overall they listed 72 different groups
of Americans as potential extremists and potential terrorists they had returning
veterans Ron Paul supporters Chuck Baldwin supporters constitutionalist
pro-gun activists right Second Amendment supporter states rights activists people
who aren’t pleased with the income tax people who want the border brought under
control people who opposed a new world order and they even added some leftists
in for good measure right environmental this could be on their animal rights
extremists so pretty much if you’re an American you have a pulse in an opinion
you are the target right they’re not looking for communists they’re not
looking for Islamists they’re looking for you and there were so many things
that came out during the Obama administration that made this very
obvious we had check out this slide here we have a slide on religious extremism
that was being used by the Obama administration to train our soldiers and
you see you know the obvious ones are on there you have al Qaeda you have some
mosques you have you know various terrorist groups and then you have
evangelical Christians and you have Catholics and you have Orthodox Jews
wait a minute what’s wrong with this picture
and again there’s plenty of decent people who work in these intelligence
agencies but once you get to the upper levels these are all deep state swamp
creatures these are guys or in many cases known communists who admitted that
they were communist right they don’t even have to lie about it some of them
are of course Islamist you also have again people from all these deep state
behind the deep state organizations if you look for example at the Bilderberg
attendee list you very very frequently have heads of the CIA heads of the NSA
heads of the Defense Intelligence Agency heads of some of the British
intelligence agencies now mi5 and mi6 French you know on and on and on so we
have a real problem with this deep state so-called intelligence community it
needs to be cleaned out you know regardless of what Chucky shoe
say the six ways to get you six ways from Sunday to get you I hope they won’t
come get me if anything happens to me you know who is responsible right you
can blame the deep state but this is crazy right this is not what our
founding fathers had in mind these people need to be exposed they need to
be stopped it is unconscionable that these maniacs are running around with
our money under the guise of keeping us safe
preparing the machinery to spy on and persecute Americans who love Liberty who
love America who love God it’s unconscionable it needs to stop stay
tuned because next week we’re going to be looking at some of the crimes of
these deep state intelligence agencies and a lot of this will blow your mind
I’m Alex Newman I’m your host at behind the deep state thank you very much for
watching make sure you like subscribe share all those wonderful things we love
you guys god bless you and thank you again

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