The Dish | S8:E31 – Community Calendar and Birthdays

welcome to the Dish. I’m Ana Christina, thank you for spending your Friday with me, it’s always fun. And guess what? It’s first Friday, so you know what that means. Joining me on set is Holden, peek-a-boo. – Hey, hey, hey. (laughing) How are you doing? – Glad to be here. Always, always glad to be here. I always appreciate you inviting me out. – Can you believe it’s October? – The best month, that’s all I’m saying. – Isn’t it awesome? – The best month. – It’s fall, y’all. – That’s right. – I’m like, dressed in the perfect color, and so are you. – I’m feeling it. That’s all I’m saying, I feel it. – We’ll say you are too. – I love the weather. – I know. It’s gonna cool down. – Listen, we need it, all that heat was just killing me. – Do you not like the heat, though? – No, not at all. – I love the heat. – I hate the heat, love air conditioner, gotta have that. – Well, yes, I love the AC, of course, but I absolutely love the heat. I mean, I’m okay with cold weather, but not too cold. It hurts my bones. – Okay, cool, I mean, is this like you love the heat but you’re traveling with water, though, to keep yourself healthy and energized? – Yes, of course, absolutely. Look at Holden, giving away those health tips. You gotta be sure that you’re hydrated. – Well, you have to. Anything over 45, and it’s a mandatory situation. Go out to the mailbox, you just kind of like oh, that was further than I thought it was. – Oh, gosh, you need to start working out then. – Pull out the water bottle. – That’s a whole nother issue. – Yeah, that’s another issue, yeah. – Well, let’s talk about this, fall traditions. During the fall, I feel like that’s a family time. People like to get out and about. Do you have any traditions that you do? – I will say, a weird tradition during this time, I don’t know why but I always like to stock up on things. So I’ll be the person that’ll go out, go to Walmart, and go get like a ton of like, peaches, or just different things I can put in a can. – ‘Cause you’re like a grizzly bear now, and you like to hibernate. – I’m trying to store my nuts all up, you know what I’m saying? – Oh, my gosh. – Squirrels store nuts. – Yeah, so now you’re a squirrel. Okay, you’re a fuzzy squirrel. – I’m working on it! Look, the squirrel’s all right here, this is Old Man Logan. – You know what I love, though? – What, what, what? – Is festivals, like, fall family festivals. – Ah, yes. – Yeah. – Nothing but food. – Nothing but food, and fun, and of course, lots of candy, but not too much candy, you don’t go crazy. – Speaking of, what’s your favorite candy? – Favorite candy? Listen, I’m a candy person, so before I was a dessert person, – Give me one. It has to be chocolate, give me one. – Chocolate? – Yeah, some type of chocolate. – Almond Joy. Ooh. – Ooh, you went back. – That’s a good one, right? – Kids, Google that one, ’cause I don’t think anybody eats that anymore. – Does anybody eat it anymore? Listen, I also love sour candies, so anything that’s sour, do you do sour? – Yes. – You do? – Sour gum. – Sour gum? – Love it to death. – Have you ever heard of Shock Tarts? – Uh-uh – You know, Sweet Tarts, but Shock Tarts. So everybody knows about Sweet Tarts, but I love the Shock Tarts. It kinda, when you put it in your mouth, you do one of those, like, your eye starts to twitch a little bit. (laughing) You know what I’m talking about? – Yeah, eat them, just, yeah. Eat them, be safe. – Yeah, be safe while you’re eating any candy, by the way, ’cause Halloween is coming. And so when the kids go out and about, I gotta do it and I gotta say it because I’m a mom now, so you gotta make sure that you search through that candy. – Yes, that is true, you do have to do that. Listen, while we’re on this topic, I want to say one thing about Halloween. Listen, it’s about taking the kids out, having a good time. But take it back to a tradition where you actually let them walk, I don’t know what’s happening now. – Yes, the golf carts? – Well, I mean, everybody pulls up to the neighborhood, they let the kids out, and then they let them walk two houses, then they drive the car up. – No! – Then the kids get back in the car, – You gotta walk the block. – I’m like, yeah, drop them off and let them walk and have a good time. – The whole block. – Please do, instead of just driving all through the neighborhood, just cars and cars. – Do you know what I think, though, I think that one, people do it now because they think it’s safer, but also it can be a lot more dangerous because the cars are moving and kids are darting in and out of the streets, out of houses, it’s dark, and so, yeah, you gotta be careful with that, too. I went all serious on you. – Well, I mean, but, no, of course, – But yeah, going back to that. – no, you have to be serious. – Let them experience Halloween, let them walk. – Please do, please bring that part of it back, and not all the traffic jams within the neighborhood and you’re just like, oh, this is all for the kids, okay. – For the kids, maybe. But I’ve always loved Halloween because Halloween is my dad’s birthday. And so I don’t like the evil, I don’t like the dark costumes, I like the fun costumes, people to recreate things. But I don’t like the scary stuff. – All things Marvel, no witches, no Jason, none of that? – No, no, none of that. Dude, take your Scream masks over there, okay? – You don’t do, any of the scary houses or nothing like that? – Listen. – No! I mean, I will, don’t get me wrong, I will. Ryan has done it with me, here, what is it? Now I’m drawing a blank, the mansion. You know what I’m talking about? – In Hephzibah, is that the one out in Hephzibah? – I think we are on the same page. Somebody knows what I’m talking about. The haunted house that they have here, scary, by the way. – No, that’s pretty good. – Is it blood something? – Blood mansion? – [Female] Plantation Blood. – Plantation Blood, yes! – Plantation Blood, that’s what it is. – Plantation Blood, I should know this, I know the owner. But it is absolutely scary. If you love scary stuff, it’s worth going out there, but I don’t do any of that. It freaks me out. – You know what, listen I will say this, Plantation Blood, awesome experience, but as adults, when you go out there, go out there to have a good time. I’ve been out there where like– – Yeah, don’t be crazy. – Yeah, don’t be like, you know, running up on the guys who are trying to scare you like “I’m not scared of you, but don’t touch me!” I’m thinking, maybe you’re in the wrong place. – Oh, Ryan and I had an experience out there and he was in front of me, I was walking right behind him. Boy kicked me in the shin. – Wait a minute. – Jumped back, listen, and he’ll tell you straight up, like, yeah it freaked me out! But it freaked me out too so, I don’t help any. But, Halloween is even more special now because it is my daughter Honor’s birthday. So my father and her now share a birthday. – On Halloween? – On Halloween, isn’t that cool? – That is awesome. – Listen, well, speaking of candy, I’m going to be taking you through a taste test, if that’s okay. So, y’all don’t want to go anywhere. This is going to be awesome, we’ll be right back. back, I’m Ana Christina. – And I’m Holden. – You’re watching The Dish, no big deal. We’re talking about Fall. Fall is great. – That’s right, get to wear your best coats. – All the leaves fall. – But you get to wear the best things though. – Yeah? – You know, pull off that Steve Jobs turtleneck. – (laughing) Do you wear turtlenecks? – No. – No, okay. Well you can pull it out. – A long time ago – During this time. – Yes. – Speaking of outfits, are you going to be dressing up for Halloween? – Yeah, I’m going to be a pirate. – Pirate? – That’s right. – So you’re just wearing a little patch? – Yep, one eye. – And that’s it? – Yep, that’s it. – Well, hopefully not both eyes. – Nope, just one. – But you are going to be covering both eyes in just a little bit. – Oh, yeah, with the nice little scarf right here. – Yes, I’m so excited, you’re going to be taste testing. So you’re gonna actually have to guess what we are, or what I’m, putting in front of you. – Okay, cool, all right. – Yeah. – All right, perfecto, we’re going to have a good time. – Do you like to scare kids when they’re trick-or-treating? You probably shouldn’t. – No, I wouldn’t say that’s my thing, as far as jumping out on the kids today. You know, it’s like, everything’s strictly PC, man. There’s lights, everybody can see everything. And I’m going to have some signs saying like “This is not a real pirate.” The thing on my eye, the patch is just a patch. Just make sure we get everything nice and cool and copacetic. – My dad is funny. I mean, he really doesn’t like to scare people, but one time we were emailing back and forth and he’s like, okay, it was on Halloween. He’s like, “All right, I got to go, I have to get home “to scare the kids.” (laughing) – Like dad, you do not want to scare the kids. But he loves it, I think he enjoys Halloween, especially ’cause it’s his birthday. So it’s gonna be exciting this year, I’m hoping that he’s coming into town so we can celebrate. – Oh, that’d be cool. – Him and Honor. I’m gonna get her dressed up, ’cause I want her to do, like, a princess theme. – Awe. – But, Ryan has Native American down the line, so we’re doing a headdress on her, so cute. – We took her one year old pictures in it. Love it, okay so you ready? – Wait, wait, wait, so what are you gonna be dressed as? And what is Ryan gonna be dressed as? – I don’t know yet, maybe we’re gonna fit the theme. I don’t know all of it, I don’t know, we’ll see. I haven’t thought that far ahead, okay Holden? – We’re gonna work it out. – All right, don’t be looking at this. Go blindfold yourself. – Oh. I gotta blindfold myself, all right. – We’re halfway through the segment, so we’re gonna see how many candies he can get right. – All right, never done this. Never had to blindfold myself. – I’ll be eating candy while he’s eating candy, too. But I’ll get to see what I’m eating. (laughing) I love it, okay. – All right, cool. – That’s a little much. – Is it, all right cool. I’ve never had to tie my own self up (laughing). Okay. – (laughing) That’s not quite working out. You have to uncover the mouth. – Here we go, here we go, here, okay. – Here we go. – All right. – Ready? – Yes – I was gonna feed you, but no. You can feed yourself. – Ryan would understand. – Okay, go. – All right. – What is that? – That’s a Snickers. – Oh, good job, okay, so finish that up. – Can’t fool a chubby boy. – (laughing) You’re good, you’re good. Okay, we’re gonna see if you can get this one. This one is not very easy. These are probably some of my favorites, here. Over here dude. – All right. – Right there. – All right. – See if you can do it. – Oh, bendy, does it make any sounds? – I wouldn’t stick the whole thing in, it’s gonna take you a while. Just bite a little off. – This tastes like it might have came from Atlanta. – (laughing) Oh I know what you’re talking about. Its not safe for family TV. What is that? – This is a– – Come on, you got this. – This is some type of tart, a sweet tart? – No. – No, not at all? – Okay, next. – Okay. – Boom. – Didn’t get it right, let’s see if you can get this one. – (coughing) Wait. – Don’t choke, hurry up (laughing) okay, come on. – I was choking, okay hang one second. – You have 15 seconds Holden. – Kit-Kat, no, no no no. – No! – No no no no. – What is it? – The double thing, the two, it comes in the pack. – I just said it earlier. – Hang on, no, one minute, hang on, one minute Gonna tell them what it is. – All right, He’ll guess when we come back guys, don’t go anywhere, we’re gonna be filling you in on what’s happening in the community. It’s an Almond Joy, we’ll be right back. – Mm-hmm (laughing) (laughing) to The Dish. Y’all, here I am, getting upset with Holden. We’re doing a Halloween candy taste test, and he was blindfolded, and I’m like, “Which one’s this” and I grab the wrong chocolate. – And I said Twix. – I don’t know that you said Twix. Olivia did he say, that? Maybe, I don’t know. But I was like, “Dude, it’s an Almond Joy, “I was just talking about it.” Well, here’s the Almond Joy that he did not eat. (laughing) – What he ate was a Twix. (laughing) Yeah, you’re still eating by the way. I’m glad you ate the airhead, that’s my favorite. All right guys, let’s get to Community Connection Events. What’s happening, I’ll start things off. If you want a new fall tradition, this might be something for you. Happening Wednesday through Saturday in the month of October, Tire City Potters on 10th Street, in Downtown Augusta, you can go there, and create your own terra cotta jack-o-lantern, as the experts guide you through the entire process. That’s fun, admission is $45 per person. For information you can head to, take home that nice little pumpkin. – Sounds very good, everybody loves a good pumpkin. Then on top of that, Zero Prostate Cancer 5K of Augusta is coming up. It’s gonna be on Saturday October the 12th, starting at 8:30. It’s gonna be tough for me to get up, I’m gonna try it. – We’re gonna do it. – Yes, at Evanston Center Park, Augusta Urology Associates will be hosting this 5K run. Walk to promote awareness and raise funds for prostate cancer research and patient assisted programs. Will also be a survivors ceremony, kids run, with bouncy houses, obstacle courses, and so much more. For more information and to register, – So fun. – Please go to – All for a good cause, but have fun doing it. – That’s right. – The other one is Walk with the Spirits. Whew, I don’t know about this one. It’s Saturday October 26th and 27th at the Historic Westover Cemetery. Historic Augusta presents their annual – Spooky. Walk with the Spirits, where history comes alive. Hopefully it really doesn’t come alive, but you know what I’m saying, comes alive during a 45 minute guided tour of each cemetery with a spirit dressed in the period costume. This is a special trip to learn about Augusta’s most notable citizens. To reserve your spot and for more information, go to What else, last one. – I did not see this one. Let’s see, we’ve got Brooker Memorial Golf Tournament. This will be on October the 26th, starting at 8:30 in the morning, at Gordon Lakes, on Fort Gordon. This is gonna be awesome. This golf tournament is a memorial of Lyndsie Brooker, who passed away four years ago from ovarian cancer. So each year, her family likes everybody to come and get out, And help promote this… – That’s right. Event, and I know it’s $100 per person? – Yeah, $100 per person. – Per person on the team playing. – That’s right, and listen, for more information, please go out to the Facebook page of Lyndsie Brooker Memorial Golf Tournament. – All right, guys, well that’s it. It’s time to choose our birthday winner. ♪ Happy Birthday to who? – Somebody. ♪ Find out if it’s you. Pick a winner. – It will be, all right. – Pick a winner. Hey guys, and if you want to win, go to, enter in your birthday information on there. Who is it, oh, upside down. Nancy Morton. – Nancy Morton. – She’s turning 70 years young. Happy birthday Nancy! – Whew-hoo! Guys, thank you so much, Holden, for joining me, thank you for tuning in. – Thank you. – But don’t go anywhere, when we come back, we’re highlighting our Community Connection Champion. We’ll be right back.

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