The Dome of The Flat Earth Captured on Video by Scientists ? Flat Earth Discussion

it’s time that I finally answer some
questions that you guys have been asking about the firmament and why on earth I
would believe it exists what proofs we have that it’s there
other than the Bible and us being bible thumpers crazy religious people and
you’re asking some really good questions and you’re about to see why people like
me and thousands and thousands of other people are believing that the earth is
not what we’ve been told and that the powers that run this world the powers of
darkness that have ran it for centuries would actually hide the truth in a
seemingly innocent way and no not every scientist is in on it it’s not like that
at all but yes there are some things hidden from you about creation and who
you are and it’s for a reason and it serves a purpose and a large plan and
the shape of our earth and how it moves as I said many times is not the most
important truth but this awakening experience has been leading people in
that direction and hopefully it’ll do the same for those of you who always
have had this feeling the feet down something is off and that you aren’t who
we’re told you are and neither is this earth so pay attention do not believe
anything I say or that anyone says without proving it for yourself that’s
all we’re saying be skeptical no more blind faith that
we’ve all had for many years prove all things so let’s first answer
the question what is this firmament that I’m speaking of and what proofs do I
have and the first thing that you need to know about the firmament is that it’s
been mentioned in the creation story as the expanse that divided the waters
which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament
and I had read that many times never understood what it meant or that there
was any proof of it and just kind of pictured that being maybe where clouds
were kept in deep space and that is partly true there is different levels to
deparment’s but the firmament was also mentioned during the great
flood when the floodgates were opened and water came pouring down onto earth
that did happens earth was flooded and for a good reason
and that’s an important long story and the world pretty much started over from
that front and a lot of people thought well that’s when the firmament went away
was the floodgates were opened and all of that happened however that’s not what
happened and there is proof and we’re going to first look at the proof of
these Rockets that we have all watched to go up into the air and seemingly
appear to go straight back down to earth and a rainbow flight path and people say
it is perspective but luckily we have pictures of these flight paths from the
side view and you can see that unless the earth is really tiny
these aren’t flying with the curvature of the earth they are flying out into
the ocean or has some have joked about the Bermuda Triangle where all the
witnesses vanish and you’ll see here that we do understand how orbital
mechanics work that you’re supposed to go ten times faster than a bullet to get
into orbit even though we have never seen combustion that happens that fast
wipe out law mankind but here’s a rocket that did not follow that flight path
many of you have seen this rocket footage floating around and this rocket footage is from the
go-fast rocket launch if you’ve never seen it it’s record-breaking you’ve
never seen a rocket go this fast or this high or this straight up usually they
curve downward as you just saw in the video but this one did not and it’s made
a lot of people open their mind to the fact that maybe that’s why our pictures
of Earth are composites maybe that’s why they invented the story about the Van
Allen belts and why we can’t go to deep space anymore and send people that far
but this rocket made it 73 miles mine and then it came to enhanced and stop
like you’re about to see like I said before draw your own
conclusions it could have ran into gravity but check out the side for you
luckily they had a camera facing sideways and you can see the horizon
when it comes to a stop it also see what looks like far off distance as this
thing is spinning and that horizon looks very flat okay
draw your own conclusions about that could have been the fisheye lens however
I saw another rocket launch this time it was at night and people asked why did
that rocket not explode it was moving that fast that’s a great question a
legitimate question I’m not going to avoid that question because I think
there were some miraculous circumstances and some properties about the firmament
that we did not understand people say well it’s a solid glass dome well that
could probably be partly true however this dome this solid expanse like a
molten looking glass they call it in the Bible is impenetrable we’ve tried to
blow it up before during Operation fishbowl I won’t go too much into that
aspect of it the history of it I trust that you look into it after you see what
you’re about to see later on but this rocket at night was traveling and doing
some weird things like we’ve seen Rockets do before at night it’s very
mysterious and there’s really no explaining exactly what we’re seeing but
we do know that this thing is doing something weird and I was looking at it
and watching anything going well dad look at the farm event and then to my
surprise I seen some ripples and you’re about to see them
move across what appears to be the farmer men there they go
these are ripples little just like ripples you’ve seen on water but this is
really really far away these are giant ripples moving outward I thought that
was spectacular I had never seen anything like that and those were my
first clues these Rockets might have been hitting something and this might be
partly why they are lying about deep space and sending us all sorts of
animations then I came across these sprites which is a phenomenon known as
upper atmospheric lightning and people don’t know about this your common person
does not know about these things and they occur way above clouds clouds are
around three and a half miles high sprites occur about 65 70 miles high
where those Rockets were coming to a stop and the scientists they show the
documentary this was by nova was on PBS and didn’t really think much about it
when I first saw him until I started putting the pieces together and then I
saw something a barrier light up above the sprite and I thought what if this is
the firmament and I analyze this footage I would slow this footage down I would
change the brightness and sure enough I started seeing what I thought I was
seeing the firmament but there by our Father and the story of creation it’s
been there all along and it’s so sad that we’ve missed it and missed out on
seeing his glory for our whole lives but there it is and you’re about to see a
wave move across it kind of like the ripple you saw the rocket there’s that
way it’s bright shooting out of it yes that’s a wave it’s not a cloud that
you’re seeing light up again this is many miles above the clouds you are
seeing the firmament and this footage was taken down in
another video that I put out blocked in the United States and for good reason
because it’s wakin many people love they are seeing this solid proof that there’s
a barrier that these things are shooting out of these sprites that were mentioned
in the Book of Enoch when it talked about stars rising up and becoming
lightning and not losing their form I thought that was crazy that book was
removed from the Bible and it explained exactly how our system works the math
behind it and everything but there’s the fire moment you can see it again draw
your own conclusions the fact that it’s right where those rockets were stopping
there’s no coincidence don’t take my word for it
keep looking into it but I’m gonna show you some more proof that the Sun Moon
and stars are not light-years apart like we’ve been told the nearest star if it’s
as far away as they say it is we would be able to observe that and one night
while looking at star trails however that’s not what we see we do not
see the types of parallax that we can prove that we would see and I know
people say well it’s a different type of parallax because you’re only seeing the
stars from a spinning earth well there’s experiments you can do with
a camera that you spin as if were earth with lights placed at various distances
and when you use the scale that the ilio centric model gives us it’s really hard
to do on earth because it’s so far away but this man here from Cody’s lab his
name’s Cody he hates us but I’m gonna use his work and he shows you a best the
moon and the earth right there they’re really close together they’re really
tiny dots here’s the Sun and now that’s not how close we are to the Sun he’s
just showing you size-wise they’re a couple feet apart and he spaces them
apart but the moon and the earth and the Sun at the end of his measuring tape and
he lays him out he’s laying out some of the planets Jupiter and Pluto and all of
that is Pluto so he’s laying these out on a football
field and then it goes to show us where the nearest star would be and his
journey takes him really far not just a cross town he actually has to leave the
state he drives over a hundred and twenty miles away using the scale with
those tiny little dots that you saw to show us where the nearest star is that
blew a lot of people’s minds and really kind of furthers that fantasy of deep
space however I saw time-lapses of these star
trails and I’ve seen them moving with the moon and as I saw them I noticed
they were all moving at the same speed as if they were the same distance away
from the earth and thought shouldn’t be seeing that or should I I
don’t really know let me do some tests to prove all things and then I saw the
Sun and the moon moving through the sky in a time-lapse and they were moving at
the same speed and making light trails that were the same size and I thought
well if I can set up an experiment that will prove to me that a spinning camera
would do this with lights at various distances maybe I will look back into
this heliocentric model that was invented by someone who just looked at
the Stars in the 15 countries so I set up my camera and some distant lights and
I got this idea from a genius at another channel his name was Chris Van mater and
I’d seen an experiment where he had done this on a small scale and produced some
shocking results and so I set up a camera did my own experiment and sure
enough it’s the light trails that I was seeing looked very similar until I
traced one of the lights that we’re about that was about half mile away and
drugged it down to a light that was probably 25 feet away from my camera not
even close to the scale that Cody was you think it would have been much closer
if that was the Sun it would have been a couple feet away but I was trying to
be biased to the globe and the light trail was a completely different size
and you could imagine the difference you would be seeing if that distant light
was a hundred and twenty miles away if we could cut through that much
atmosphere you would see a dramatic difference and our stars what we’re
seeing up above us would look totally different this is something you can do
yourself do not believe me do not trust me I could be lying to you but I hope
you’re starting to see that we don’t need a whole lot of crazy theories to
prove the truth don’t need it Albert Einstein figure who
they have put in place to create such theories up is up down is down straight
and level is straight level there are many more proofs out there you just have
to look up see for yourself look at the stars look at the Sun make sure you’re
using eye protection but figure this stuff out it’s really awesome the truth
and the fact that they have been able to pull one over on us for so long it’s
quite impressive but go ahead suck it up admit that you
were fooled no big deal swallow your pride and do some
investigation the truth really does sound crazy but once you find out the
truth the lies that you believe sound a whole lot crazier
I urge you guys to share this before it’s deleted again download it mirror it
upload it whatever you want to do it’s free for anyone that wants to use it I
love you guys the father loves you way more than I do
and sacrificed a lot more for you than I ever will I pray and ask that you get to
know him and understand who you really are and that it’s okay to lose the
things of this world to gain something that you cannot lose that you do not
deserve and I ask that it sets you free for the father’s glory yahuwah elohim
the one true father who made of this earth who made the heavens and he loves
you and i thank him for sending me here to tell you this so that you understand
exactly who you are and who he is his love and peace be with you forever you


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