The Human Sandwich – these Times of Great Change and How to Handle it all – Jasmuheen

The Time of the Human Sandwich – Changing
States with Jasmuheen. Many people have been feeling tired, that life is
hard and many are undergoing huge life changes and challenges. We are all being
bombarded with specific Earth frequencies. These are compassion and
harmony coming from Gaia’s core. Also we are all being bombarded with five
powerful Universal core frequencies; love, wisdom, power, healing and freedom. We are
also being bombarded with energy transmissions from many of our world’s
highly active sacred power places. We are also being bombarded with energy
transmissions from the pure-hearted awakened ones on our world. For the first
time in human history we are undergoing a quadruple level energy bombardment. While some feel enraptured, others feel as if everything is crazy as our systems
are flooded with this new four level flow. Feeling enraptured comes from
living in alignment with our pure essence nature and it comes from
self-knowledge and self-mastery. Feeling challenged can come from living
less in alignment with our pure essence nature however, the human design is
magnificent and we can easily change our state of being and thus our life
experience. Mind mastery and attitude determines so much for each of us and
rewire the brains neural pathways. Fear or love – these trap or free us. Why is this happening? Because of heartfelt prayers of millions for a more
enlightened evolution. Many believe also that the sixth and final Golden Age has
begun and this upgrading of all our systems on Earth – so that they operate
for the highest good of all – is unstoppable! So how do we handle this
time of great and seeming chaotic change as these prayers are now being fulfilled? Here are some solutions … 1) come back to the breath and just relax more
especially take time to be in Mother Nature. 2) come back to be present as
pure presence in each now moment. 3) fill your heart with gratitude and your
life with Ahhh moments. The Ahhh of the heart will fertilize this global change
with love so spend your time enjoying more heartfelt Ahhh moments. Also stay positive.
Know it is just an upgrade. Laugh and love all as unconditionally as you can, both yourself and others and be kind. Also understand time alchemy; how we spend our time determines which
reality zone we dwell in. And finally follow your heart and live your best
life because you are worth it! So this small little insight into the human
sandwich has been brought to you by Jasmuheen and the Embassy of Peace.


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