The New Space Race | Google Lunar XPRIZE

I am an orphan of Apollo, so as a little boy
I was watching this happen, these ghostly grey figures bouncing around too slowly on
another world… and I knew that those were people up on the Moon. The Moon is the eighth continent, it’s right
there and we can see it. Heading into high school and university I expected “Where’s
my space station?”, “Where’s my moon colony?” What we are doing here at the Google
Lunar XPRIZE, we’re realizing this future. The XPRIZE was announced at the very tail
end of the summer of 2007. Tons of teams came in to compete. The challenge that we have
is to demonstrate that what we do is viable. We are doing something that has never been
done before, we’re landing a private spacecraft on the surface of the Moon. These are incredibly brilliant people who
are actually going to change society. The Moon will unlock the solar system because
it is a gas station in the sky. We are heading into a new era of commercial space. [President Nixon] Because of what you have done, the heavens
have become a part of man’s world. 30 million dollars is the purse, of that 30
million dollars, 20 million dollars is the first prize for the first private team to
land on the moon and send back high definition imagery, video, and data from the landing
site and from 500 meters away. I think the most resources we need are, I
don’t know, engineers with magical powers. We joke that we won’t sleep until we get
to the moon, and that’s part of the lifestyle. All visionaries are going to ask for ridiculous
things. This is the ultimate passion that I have but it has a downside that I will not
see my son as often as I would like to. We are standing on the shoulders of giants trying
to do something that has only been done by superpowers. Because the problem statement
is so large it will become imperative that teams collaborate. Space is for everybody.
Space exploration is not just a one nation effort; it brings together the whole planet. Unless we do something great next, we are
going to sit in the same stagnant place that we are. This could be the one epic where all
of human generations say that was the moment that we became a multi-world species. Looking
upwards is looking to a new frontier. It’s attainable by humans, but completely improbable,
and to me there is beauty in that, there’s human hope. This is the real adventure that you can have.
Until that stops being fun, we’re all on board.


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