The OGame Team Answers To Community Questions.

Hi everyone, it’s Piink here from Community Management. A few months back we asked you to throw
some questions in our forums for our devs and I’m going to take this week
to walk through the Gameforge corridors and gather some answers for you. So, see you in a bit. So, I’m here with Tina, SirsSchwester,
she is one of our Community Management Leads. Hi! First question for you: Do we have any plans for a Retro Server at this point? Sadly not. The Retro Server required a lot of development effort,
and in the end it got destroyed by lovely cheaters “Lovely cheaters” and also going retro means going backwards fifteen years of bug-fixing. Okay, any plans for a redesign? We have a lot of additional content in mind, even around MCO which is our latest update right now but for now there are no plans to change the design. How are you planning to solve the problem with empty universes? So this is pretty easy: we will continue
merging universes in the future. Do you have any news about the ghost servers to fix
this problem with long-term vacation-mode accounts? This might be part of our future new merge system. “New merge system”
—Okay, sounds good.
—Yeah, it’s cool. The queen of the questions. Are we going to have an OGame application?
A mobile application? So, our PMs are checking and evaluating different options but right now there is nothing set in stone
anytime soon yet. I’m sorry. —Okay. Well, not for now. Thank you. See you soon.
—You’re welcome. Bye bye. So, I’m here with Prongs now. He is also a Community Manager for OGame… US, Swedish, Danish and Brazilian. Okay, and he’s going to answer two questions
from the Community today. So one of them is, what is the
size of the development team? And do you think there is someone… 40,000… The size of the development team is flexible. It always depends on the size of the project
that they are working on. Okay, and do we still have communities interested
in slower economy speed servers like 1 or 2? Most of the communities prefer economy speed of 6 and 7 and fleet speed of 3 and 4. But you can always suggest on your forum and discuss with your community and we will see what is possible. —Okay, you heard it. Thank you for answering and see you later.
—You’re welcome. Bye! Hi again! So I’m sitting here now with Anemsalok. She is also a Community Manager.
What do you want to talk about? So, I had to ask you some questions. I know you know the answers, so you have to give them to us. The first question is about the Jump Gate: Do you have any information? Because we’ve got a lot of
diverse feedback about it, and I want to know where we stand on it. So, because of the diverse feedback that we received,
actually, we have to rework the idea. It’s not working as it is presented right now.
This is why we will not continue working on it now but once we have a better plan that satisfies all the suggestions
that we have, then we will continue with the project. —So, for the moment it’s on hold till we come up with a better version of all this?
—Exactly. Another question that I have for you is:
Will Legor show up on Discord? No. That is not going to happen,
but we actually have an official Discord that is open so whoever wants to join, feel free. —Come and have fun. You can spam with us. Alright, do you have questions?
—Yes. Will we ever update the change logs in the game? Oh God… No, we will not update the change logs
in the game, and I know this why? Because actually, we checked, and it’s been a while since those change logs were not appearing in the game anymore, and it’s too much. But, all the change logs are live on the forums so go in the forum, and you can find all the
older versions and all the details in there. —Okay, thank you for helping. See you later.
—Have fun. Bye bye. —You are recording right now.
—Oh! I’m on my way to the developers’ offices now. I will try to find Flo there, and let’s see if he can answer some questions for us today. —We’re here with Flo. Flo, tell us, what happened to Oclock?
—Oh, don’t make me cry. It’s still there. Waiting for rollout. I’m trying to push it. Does anybody responsible for the game still play in the live servers as a fleeter? —As a fleeter? Yeah, oops… That’s confidential. We don’t talk about that.
—Okay. How long did it take you to develop the hyperspace capacity feature? That’s a bit in the past, so, a couple of days. I think it was less than a week. Okay. And what is a developer doing all day? All day? Crap! More questions from the community: Is the development team locally based in Karlsruhe
or do we have people working somewhere else in the world? So, normally, our development team is based in Karlsruhe, it is all in-house developers. For our last MCO update, that’s the 7.0.0, we got an external freelancer to help us but normally it’s all in-house. “We hired a freelance developer to help with version 7.0.0 – MCO” —Okay. For how long has this update been under development?
—I have the dashboard open, just a second. Our first internal snapshot was this year in April,
so it is quite a long time. Also quite a big update for us. It is really old code, it is a lot of changes you need to do
to the codebase and it is iterative and tested quite intensely. Okay. And since the OGame code is quite old do you have any plans on modernising it
or making it a bit more easy to work with for future updates? So, that was also done within the MCO update. “The OGame code was modernised in version 7.0.0” So all the places you need to touch, we
struggled with old code that was not capable of adding the features that were foreseen for the MCO update. So we touched it up, we modernised the code in those places. So it’s not all new and shiny, but a lot of code
is rewritten to match the requirements. Okay, thank you! It’s a new day, and today I am trying to find Willi.
I have been searching around through the offices, let’s see. —Hi!
—Hello! —Do you have time today to answer some questions?
—Yeah. So, one of the questions the community has is
if you have any plans to change the alliance system. Basically, yes. We are already thinking
about an in-game war system and coalitions within the game. “We are already thinking about an in-game war system” This might be part of one of the next mega content updates. In the past you also implemented some changes for old researches that didn’t have many uses later in the game, like for the hyperspace. —Yes.
—Do you have any plans for the laser or the graviton researches? So, in the end, every technology should be useful
until the end of time. Especially the laser technology we might use to improve
the class system, but we will announce all the details soon. Would you consider increasing the resource
production bonus for the plasma tech? Actually yes, especially since we might remove the merchant from new universes. “The merchant menu for trading resources will not be available in new universes for now” We might use it to increase the crystal production
since crystal is always running short on the universes. Many people in the communities ask for items to move accounts from one server to another. Is there a plan for that? I mean, it is not on the timeline right now,
but it might be part of a new merge system. “Confirmed!” So at one point for sure we will offer this feature. Will there be any modifications to
the vacation mode system in the future? I would say having players in vacation mode forever was never intended and it is a bad thing. So we are continuously thinking about improvements there, however nothing is planned for the near future. Will you rework the messages system? Right now, nothing planned. But if the community has any ideas we will listen. “Post your suggestions in our forums!” Okay, well, you heard it! So, this is all for this video. I hope you liked it. If you have questions that have not been answered,
feel free to leave them in the comments or in the forums and poke us, any of the Community Managers.
We will be happy to help. I hope you like this format, and see you soon. Bye bye! How big is the development team? The size of the development team, uh… is flexible. No… No… No… No… No… So, I have Tina today here. Hi! Hi! How does it feel going… BLEEP… madre (Spanish) *censored* —Well, I can go away.
—Yeah, thank you…


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