>>Democrats in the House Ways and Means Committee
have subpoenaed Donald Trump’s taxes along with the tax returns for his three children. Now Deutsche Bank has finally confessed that
it does have taxes pertaining to the Trump Family. However, it’s unclear which family members
these tax returns belong to. Now, I’m gonna kind of run through this story
and tell you how it went down from beginning to end. The latest news though, is that Deutsche bank
said in a court filing, that it has tax returns relevant to House Democrats’ subpoenas for
financial records of President Trump. His family and his businesses, but the bank
didn’t publicly identify whose returns it had. The bank also said in its letter, and this
is a court filing that they again put out today. In its letter to a federal appeals court in
New York, that it has tax returns related to parties not named in the Subpoenas. But who may constitute immediate family within
the definition provided in the Subpoenas. Now, what’s also fascinating is that this
latest news really does go against what Deutsche Bank was trying to do last Friday. Where it was trying to really hide who’s taxes
and whether or not it even had any taxes of any members of the Trump family. During the court proceeding on Friday, the
banks repeatedly refused to tell judges whether they possessed Trump’s tax returns, citing
contractual obligations. And we have some sound from that proceeding
in this next clip, take a look.>>Does the bank have tax returns of any of
the named people or entities?>>Your Honor, given contractual obligations
and other legal obligations that’s unfortunately not a question that we’re able to address. The bank has contractual.>>What privilege are you asserting?>>The bank has contractual obligations to
its clients related to confidential->>You think you can contract away the opportunity
to answer a court’s question without a privilege such as the Fifth Amendment or something comparable? You can just say, we told our client we won’t
do it?>>That was an excellent question.>>Yeah.>>Well we told our client that we would money
launder for them, and not tell the courts of our illegal actions. Well, I didn’t know that, my bad, okay so
go ahead. And I don’t say that lightly, Deutsche Bank
has been proven to money launder. You’re never gonna guess for who. Russian oligarchs, wild coincidence or perhaps
not.>>Yeah exactly, so as a result of that line
of questioning, they had no choice but to put out this court filing indicating that
they do in fact have the tax returns of Trump family members. Although, at this moment it’s unclear which
family members specifically, they have the tax returns of. Now one other thing that I wanted to mention
is that, this is what the House Democrats are doing in terms of holding Donald Trump
accountable. They want access to his tax returns. Donald Trump has been fighting this aggressively,
and he’s appealing the court’s ruling that Deutsche Bank must hand over these tax returns. Now the whole point of looking into his tax
returns isn’t to embarrass him, although I’m sure there’s embarrassing stuff in there. It’s to see whether or not he has certain
dealings with foreign governments that could influence his decision making. It’s to see whether or not he inflated his
assets to commit tax or to commit loan fraud, right, in obtaining loans from Deutsche Bank. Or whether or not he deflated his assets in
order to do tax fraud.>>And whether he’s working with the goddamn
Russians, okay?>>Yeah.>>So look, let me be clear about a couple
of things. And let me tell you how at fault the Democrats
are in this situation, unfortunately, and then I want you to do something about it. So what I don’t want the tax returns for is
to embarrass Donald Trump. And you say like, hey Cenk, you hate Donald
Trump, who are you kidding? No, I’m serious. If the government gets his tax returns and
it shows that he’s broke and he’s an idiot buffoon, who doesn’t have 10 billion, doesn’t
have a billion, doesn’t have any of those things. I know that, don’t leak that stuff, that’s
not right for the government to get the information. It’s just to leak politically damaging information. I would hold the Democrats accountable if
they did that, and yeah we’d be proven right, etc., that’s not the point though. You get the tax returns for legitimate reasons. The reason is as Bill Pascrell said, he’s
a congressman from New Jersey. Well the American people have the right to
know if their president’s a crook, it’s not that complicated. If his tax returns are on the up and up but
they embarrassing stuff, let it go, right? But if this tax return show, wait a minute,
now all this money’s coming is from the Russians, Deutsche Bank is doing money laundering for
the Russians. Trump’s also got his money there. And then we’re gonna get to Lawrence O’Donnell’s
speculation in a second which honestly I totally believe. Anyway, we’ll get to that. Well then we gotta know! Look guys, the incompetence of the Democrats
knows no bounds. So Donald Trump’s kids have said publicly
we got all our money from the Russians. Yeah, I wonder why is Trump doing this with
the Russians? It probably has to do with Hillary Clinton’s
hurt feelings. I can’t figure it out, it had to do with the
election, right? Why we lost, otherwise, we wouldn’t have lost,
right? Okay, get beyond it. So why is he doing weird things like saying,
hey guys, I want to hurt all of our allies in NATO but I want to make sure that we bring
the Russians back into the G-7. Why is he doing that, maybe? I don’t know, maybe I guess I’m the genius,
right? I figured out that maybe the things that are
in the public record might be connected. The fact that they got all their money from
the Russians, might be connected to the fact that Donald Trump is currently serving the
Russians. Wow, I’m so goddamn smart. I mean, how could you not see that? And so why am I angry at the Democrats? Do you know that they could have his tax returns
tomorrow?>>If you’re watching the press and cable
news, no, no, they’re doing the suing and they’re working hard, no, no. New York passed a law saying that the Head
of the House, Ways and Means Committee, can ask for Donald Trump’s New York’s state tax
returns.>>Mm-hm.>>And Richard Neal, the Democrat put in charge
to that committee by Nancy Pelosi says, I don’t want them. What? What on God’s green Earth?>>Well, look to be fair, I mean they’re just
looking ahead to the future because they know that if they were in a similar situation. If there was a Democrat in office, and there
were some investigations going on, The Republicans would play nice.>>And they wouldn’t follow through with what
that law allows them to do which is obtain this. I mean, come on, at this point I almost feel
like they’re political operatives that have been put in place by Donald Trump.>>No, no, very close, very close. They’re political operatives put in place
by Donald Trump’s donors. So the same corrupt donors give money to Richard
Neal, Nancy Pelosi and Donald Trump, and then voila, the resistance turned into the assistance. So what I’m saying is so obvious, that if
I was you, I’d have trouble believing it. So you could look it up, there’s a Vox article,
there’s a Washington Post article, you could look it up anywhere you like. Yes, New York passed the law. Andrew Cuomo signed the bill into existence. And it says specifically, Richard Neal, the
Ways and Means Committee chairman can ask for it. And he won’t ask for it. They’re like, why the hell won’t you ask for
it? He’s like, well I don’t want it to seem partisan. But wait a minute, we’re not asking you to
have it be partisan. We’re asking you is the guy a crook? And there’s no way of knowing. And he waited four months to ask for his federal
tax returns, where everybody’s like, why won’t you ask for them? He gets primary, he’s like, yeah, yeah, yeah,
yeah, federal tax returns, sure. And still for the New York State tax returns
you won’t do it. So guys, you got to get them out. Richard Neal is in that sense politically
public enemy number one, cuz he is the biggest defender of Donald Trump in America today. Bill Barr couldn’t defend him that much because
he’s not a Democrat. Bill Barr doesn’t control the house Pelosi
and and Richard Neal do, and so we’re gonna start with a petition, we’ll put it up later
tonight, TYT.COM/TAXRETURNS. We’re asking for the simplest thing in the
world. And guys, when I say public enemy number one,
I wanna be super clear. I said political, I mean political. Keep it 100% political, electoral, ideological,
okay? We’re asking for the simplest thing in the
world. Ask for the tax returns, you’re the only guy
in the country who can do it. You have no excuse for not doing it. If you’re asking for the federal tax returns,
why don’t you ask for the state ones? You know why he’s not asking for the state
ones? Cuz he can get the state ones and he doesn’t
want them. Cuz then my god, we’d have to fight Donald
Trump and our donors would be so upset. And by the way, we’re raising a lot of money
by having the boogeyman out there. Donald Trump is so scary. Send money to Richard Neal right away, send
money to Nancy Pelosi right away! And Nancy Pelosi admitted it, well it’s great
for fundraising, hear the worst. And then we’re gonna work on surrounding Richard
Neal’s congressional office, not his home, and not in a physical or threatening way. Politically, do sit ins, do civil disobedience. Okay, go occupy his Massachusetts office,
go occupy his Washington office. Look, we’ll work on helping you guys in how
to do that, because I can’t take it anymore. Nobody on cable news is talking about it. Nobody’s talking about the fact that Richard
Neal can just ask for the goddamn returns and he’d have them but. No, I want to help Donald Trump. And then they tell me they’re my colleagues. Cenk, they’re your colleagues. By the way, get his ass out of office. We had to beg, we had to beg and plead for
a Democrat to fight Trump. No Alex Morris is running against them. JUSTICEDEMOCRATS.COM/MORSE, go give him money,
go volunteer for him, and make sure that you get this Richard Neal, the hell out the Congress! Cuz they’re all sell outs who work with the
Republicans, who work for the goddamn donors. Resist, what resist?


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