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The things that you can
do with nothing is insane. You don’t really need anything
other than just the desire. That’s where punk came from. That’s where hardcore came from. You could sit around
and wait for someone, to do something for you or
you can do it right now. We are Triple-S, man. Skate Society Soweto. We skate, and we punk rock
the hell out of South Africa. Soweto is punk as it gets. Things like riots and
movements to get the government to do what’s right. If it is being done by the
community of a Soweto township, that thing will be done. These people get what they want. And that’s so punk and
none of them are aware. There’s quite a number of
bands that have risen since we started our band, so playing
in my neighborhood today, maybe we might just plant
some new rockers, you know? And more skaters. When we all formed Triple-S, the essence of it is helping kids. It was just gonna be like a
whole skateboarding umbrella for everybody that needed
anything skate related. There’s kids like me
that also want to skate but their parents don’t
understand and the people that are in positions to
help don’t wanna help. So, that’s why Skate Society started. We’re doing what we can,
you know what I mean? Even if it’s not much, but we’re giving. I guess one person can have a big impact and Skate Society Soweto, did really impact the
whole of South Africa. No matter what kind of music you like, no one can escape from traditions. We are still Chinese. It’s just that we do things
out of the ordinary. My parents have never watched my show. My dad came once,
but he left before I started. He felt it was too noisy. I didn’t feel there was a group that accepted and embraced me. But Punk music makes me feel that it’s okay to be myself. Through this kind of music, we get to know lots of people just like us in other places. It’s not only a way of musical expression, it’s also a way of expression in life. This is our own culture, an outlet for our thoughts. Running a record label,
it’s not like a team thing where everyone can divide the jobs. So, you’ve gotta really love records. There wasn’t that much
going on in UK hardcore, in terms of female participation in bands. There were women putting on shows and there were women
who were photographers but there weren’t as many women on stage, so I thought I’m just gonna
have to pick up a guitar and just learn it myself. So then I just started doing that. I’ve definitely had one
person come up to me and say “Oh, I also feel
more comfortable now, cause I’ve seen you play.” So it just like oh, well that’s brilliant. There’s such a great range and diversity when it comes to gender
now in the UK hardcore. It was when I started to listen to Punk and Hardcore, that I had that insight. ‘Hey, those people are just like me. They don’t have money, they make art, They make hardcore, this is all I love. If they made it, I can also make it.’ Then I started to draw and I realized that there was common ground between my art and hardcore because it’s a way of life. When I go out there to stick posters, to do stenciling, It’s a liberating thing for me. Art and music is meant to set you free. I want to do more. Hardcore taught me to be positive and art taught me to overcome limits. If hardcore wasn’t in my life, I don’t know what I would be. Going to punk shows was the first time that’d I’d been around
other people that are like, “I like music.” You know? I wanna go to a show on the weekend or I wanna play in a band and be like people with
safety pins on shirts that were spray painted
and their hair all crazy and they have bad teeth. It was almost like the uglier you were, the sicker your band was. You can embrace that you were a freak and be freaky and be accepted. So, I started going to thrift stores and I’d buy shit that didn’t even fit me and cut off the legs and put it on and that’s the cool thing about DIY. You make something yourself, that’s yours and no one else can have it. There’s no right way to paint, there’s no right way to sing a song. There’s no right way to do anything. If you’re an artist in any capacity, nothing should stop you. DIY is the ultimate fuck you to anyone who says that you can’t, because you can.


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