The Truth – “Lets Talk Flat Earth Fallacy’s” #75 #trutharmy

the end and if if and if the end and if the if if if if if if the the use of people survive that
up to this and that she has
windows NT the low on the net
off the lead the coyotes and the
things the nurses that to sing as
install the home then again I don’t mind that
people are questioning that’s as perfect as great
people should be questioned that’s basically the only
understanding and learn things
home but more importantly of this isn’t the biggest flocking
issue you ready to go be able to tee box to show that something is not as science were to say or tell them our knowledge of
sciences that need to have a
full understanding of the
science your debunking there it is no possible way for
you to make the claim to raise tens the gravity is wrong eye because listed one thing
straight or science is not playing in to know all about gravity sciences not claim that are not
searching for more answers about
gravity that airs the most
important one that might just making up these are very people, and we all do it this
evening at the time it’s not
that old team to the multiple experiments than make observations that show the instantly not as a flat and not the
digital that that some people literally just don’t get it than that of Enron I did it
again I’m not a star general that and still just learn all
the sugar one else I’m wrong a lot that’s all I know for instance will use the
press that their disease of the
funds for the home team he literally isn’t trying
to understand science there are
clearly that’s the case that held your pal and sase to a
powerful people are very highly educated men
standing up a lot of things
we’re talking about in saying no
wrong is it’s it’s insane I even restocking as a result there you’re you’re like your sun doesn’t shine
under are dozens of their clones guide them shine
under the columns the whose whole that old Spanish
at that are literally a reach a
consensus the loss about any
turn to but then he sees the same person
he’s not the changes being
coaxed the idea that, racers in
a riley’s but an issue that he’s
understands that we see that it
sold their equal on this
argument is sold as far as I’m
concerned to me and all those are off but
at the same time another one
that can turn into something
lighter rates but the same time
on the then again I just put the intimacy to free the home of the
Mccoll you out to see if you
have an understanding of it that are able to comprehend what
you’re trying to make will send
a claim for small tiny make a claim if you a full
understanding of how something
works can have the receiving of
opinions but a cell phone while most forgot how many do this in here for a
quick all the data was so keep
us with something abusive and
was so great is the home would show up at any
rate on the edge farmers sure
you’d think he knew and what the
press room on my second united
did the year that are still and
discord of pressuring that you
do want on tells me know another
shootout to Jeanette barker kids
are older home bargain hunting and
that is if think perfect our
guest star about the fate of
farmers trading on Friday alone
in the on the think you’ll bring up to
do appreciate that very very
much on one of the things III wanna talk
about the damage is point in the
chat that it’s a valid point
that made it home and at the
same that it so they were saying the young there are few firefighters there still fighters there’s the
home team of these Germans that you
home tour demos than they do end up being the
511 that carried the case that
we had was, but it appears they are coming onto it, to assert that everyone that all
have no clue to talk about then you know exactly what’s
going on that expect this than I mean we have confiscated
slowly but it does never get
elected in the Solano such as
Chris when we too far on the back and forth is one thing that it’s that’s not the fact
that you guys have a different
idea of how things work or your
eyes have a work that is
literally , we’re standing but you’re all
wrong that’s disrespectful itself. It’s Gotta be understanding that none of us know everything to
scientists don’t even know
everything there is no possible way for a global people that’s zero science background to then say you’re all wrong
were right. Then that’s why those arguments
kill heated that does it states to listen to
Chris durable and at the north are
going to get his own purpose of
the human deaths I’ve talked to
score on a few times and that’s
how that’s disrespectful ships on
care who you are unsure what to
believe that tell someone
deciliter senior who is
suffering educat know you’re wrong that out in the event of its were due to the
point is one way down as you’re
welcome to that now I don’t hear anybody
than one 2nd off their ego of the day he
doesn’t talk of whole time to the kit boss because I’d
forgotten my team in mime
moments of cracking to suck us by getting guess
which are saying that up is the guy again I do apologize that
does ISI ride, like that, here in the fifth those are that the older old and the IE guy like that
what is and I actually agree
with what you’re saying I just
think the context of why it
happens nee alter the house is saying about
that you when you are saying,
Chris and [email protected] the
sales and addressing you and
anothe that that the right back to the
FBI director at that and the one the that was surfacing on the than this if it sits at the same time that it, I’ll
always remember I was there
those are the thing is is he
wasn’t that put the thing is is even
when he was saying or even we
believe he he was writing around
to it wasn’t the one saying he wasn’t the one
you know you’re right that you write either he wasn’t
sent you the one you are acting
as if your father of shutout that was a false enormous his
misunderstanding is a huge
difference but say there are times their
times ride by Ralph say make a
claim of my own or the loan the
law say something and it did to
die tips it on all day that that you see felt that he was it
that I do get your case issue me
tell it to be very up from which
it that the whole the summit will get in and you know what I can say I
can expect to see that but
here’s the issue with the that you have questions that
means you don’t understand then
there’s no point in which you
can say their raw or little war or or any people
are wrong. I mean that is a
situation you have to show you have to
show evidence or how if you have to show evidence
that there is no curvature were
as and we’re able to show
evidence of corruption will look as good as would the
best we can picture and of one
race on a component of thinking
picture we see a boat would
assist the well as the saying than that that have been using the this is if were looking at a
video the vote, rash of a rush which
is basically will work were
talking about what the hearst would say the good will that will refresh
and all these things are done
basically the fighters argued
for why it’s happening the issue
wit if we see double in the distance
on a cloudy day and it’s instructed than that on the next day that
same boat as a saint about but
that’s clear day and its army
and the restriction that it was to be the atmosphere
that made about friction then it would be a different the
first lady wouldn’t it be some
type of different topic will be
looking at it wouldn’t be the sa situations over and over the they wouldn’t say an excellent all losing that that’s yet and that is that when we say and
into were looking up the index
of refraction that it’s it’s the
base idea of four fax oh and si that you obviously have two
different set up the atmosphere
situation wants to be a lot more
to make their case you’re in
luck, than the one that cannot locate
and Joe would hang on to when we
use the index up a longtime
explain something leaves the because a lot because I’m
giving you up the news as saying I’m getting a
perfect example in on Pan Am
getting an example of two
different types of atmospheres
that that Joe what would happen is then
would look into the frozen
dinners for faction you know
that it’s 1. to reach in air in
our atmosp there’s not a no one’s ever said
that it’s this there is not just
its than what they that this makes sense the say that it cut the sake of the rocks and I
think because it’s one of issues
are having all decisive standards as well
as not theirs will sell all the
way down but there’s no moisture
homes the law that much drier places
the home to wear my looking at is that
each, looking the other places from pastimes
this is a concern for the this is a divisive to send
this is literally a situation
that you’re able to find that says a case of Oaxaca Montana and
culinary death or so says for
that dropped for the dry hop is
are there going over the coals
solvency the correlation was GOP cuts and native two and six
with a mixture of school for
shoes for that to us that the looks of them on the contrary, the surgeons
are right now to find a AA of their rating on the index Josie telecom that is this a document that
explains how they come to you the answer
to either refractive index for
the than the knoll again that the governor and if
this is not the only desert inn
by force of the driest answer the kit but again it’s that
you’re talking about a place
that’s in the desert the way it does have desert
conditions at soldier and the other that is not that it’s it’s that there
is a form of and it’s it’s there at the top there’s your
last job so that you and you know that I get
so his situation the solvency doesn’t have that
refraction limit its other
percent conditions that in the
area does matter to be part of
it is a the odds than not is not a set
number there that the time of
different these different that
different days different times
of th than that thing is that changes
every day at that for every every moment
so tough to say to say that
going to the saucy to find the
real list that you can find
isn’t this you know you’ll get different
results the kit now a situation of the
last time and Joan these results today at the data show that by using down the judge
said that the system of where
we’re talking about beginning of
this though what’s not happening
in is there’s you’re making the
claim that you guys are deducted group
that one of the router are you
there on that to the saucy because of its
old index are a fraction and it to what I’m getting from you is
that it that you’re assuming that it
has been in that the sole seat
at the clinics are a fraction
and doesn’t work that way it is a recession is the the
limit in which you would use in
their questions to the update
conditions that you have and I’d
I’d those conditions are not to your
round thing that the kit shore week, I’m
kind of us in the near-nothing
near the professional kit using and the laser beam of
these are you saying show me a
laser beam me up to show you a
laser beam pending on unread
downs here were I believe I have to go
to the soul see their acting as
if this fall C is a special
place flags that they all it can be due to
the experiment already does
happen to be there to understand how to set up an
experiment to understand how
they experimented don’t say in a
stock deal understand you understand how and then you
understand how to set up the
laser the two went into line
with the laser hide are looking
for th that’s that’s Dr. Scientific the
eye of ideas how to setup that was the diversion problem that was studded version problem that was the diversion problem you mean the main case that the
set of with the laser weapons already
has set the goal that the thing I did I need
to know you understand it
because if you don’t see that it so they could help is what is the
indexer for action for for air Jim Singh is the data that seat
that Swanson error that we know I am not on
making on shown you are doing
exactly what also increased as the gate let me make this very
clear the index over fraction of
the error is a 1.000 to 9 and if
you’re doing anything in that a you have to account for the act a little camera boss a ship that unless you know the
question that is the initial
faction in a vacuum will have no idea how to setup
or come to look into that and
please let me finish route to
say you don’t have it then you do not understand and
I’m trying to say that day I
don’t do that and shot the man
can’t discuss the topic of this
can w there is no way in hell there
telling anybody is to right a
wrong you buy me if people see
no longer stand there’s no way you can say they
need to do this experiment as
experiment side by side than you have no idea how the
expense even set up conclusion is calculated need to know that it no matter
what you do you need to know that index are
a fraction user to be doing
anything with optics . If you don’t understand that guess what nobody died in his
camera looking to one where
signals and ship them if you don’t that if you don’t believe in the
senate for a fraction of a glass
of water to salute them and call
me when you realize the debun that the woman ought you understand how to replicate
a claim if you don’t understand
is now so how are you going to
fact check if we run a
replicated while what does that have to do
with why does ask you or what
you’re asking us live in an know when I make that claim them
that straight lines all you ask me to do a lot of it
yet so when I a a a a grim I’ve
never been just Dina based would
add about a trust me with your on how to use at how much, so
she done again are able to see a
meager and that’s exactly what
you did exactly that what happened about what
happened about the size of all fears that it would understand
something to this event and a fine pieces and then you
stop acting as if it’s part of
your thing I just said flying I just said
find them above the fact that
it’s placed out these that’s our liaison it works on a sword as the time there’s a dress, the rich and the bunker
at the scene and the kit also, some of the vote was that set tested none of its top tested in
fact that supplied fifth with nothing is as than the lead
at the end again I’m not trying to
use but this is where comes up
because the realistically that
as a lot of fire for that
goalies on the scene of the dough having
to step back and so that’s one I
didn’t put to you are the use
the lonely are of montreal’s are a stationary the stationary, that the decision had not this meant
and the fact that he he will
come at us with the questioning
of like the ban is well on again
de that it’s a situation again
where the wind out of action to
sell now unless you have a full
understanding kind of that some generous free
to say no to look just at Whirlpool and
joe’s that just the lack of
understanding the thing you’re talking about
is now down to have to have understanding of
that to come at us like you are
about what is anything you
should be like a school over how this test is
setup that’s been called
calculations at several still the same page and then we
tend to be I would have no
problem going over fighters
fired a few corps that crack the one out there and doing
ourselves but not understanding was going on and then my feet to the fire
that I know was, it’s like tell you the fact that no matter
what I want you there fight if I’m lying about that than the home than in a statement because the
problem but you just said, had
crashed and I think what you
said that, I got issues with
because and what you did thus A the user fraction that’s just the way I’d tried to
show you leave the region still index or
so what is a can’t you see, you then this is
why when you say we that’s not
it doesn’t work in my brain
because I’d know damn well done
with the fears and I’d try to show
you one step into what they meant that is the inmates are a
fraction of teaching of the
different topics and atmosphere
our situation answer for you not
even know or the people they did with the
chew out the rest of the understanding of that
refraction to have to make an
opinion of our faction to make a
claim like you’re making it one
of the ignore stores that the that’s no stops it does because of the
UK there is no such thing as a
perfect day and because of that
they know I know so this is why
i you can sit up and stop you
can’t say for a pin numbers than
wait for today to that it will the hello again again you’re
saying you are literally saying
the same thing until you’re
saying you are in no danger to
herself then until you’re not anyone
know I can tell you what you
said the side of I literally
have a replay them I’d make sure
I have f the BYU which he said were you
wanna see the fact that maybe
you’re just going that the undo that on white while a late why am I not open to lead
to some kind of slain how what
you wanna do what way is the second stop no no no more
fact is that you don’t talk
about it to the city does not
come within the 50 mark has
nothing t , you don’t understand it’s
still don’t act like to do the right to use the if sure of that, I have another
question ban would you do for
living the day I know should call about
that the high side here and told
to target the filter that me tell you what we need to
do about it or how we should go
about this would even think to a flock of Sean you’re
talking about than you can make and you can’t
make that argument could do understand what do you
understand the need for
fresheners the kit is pretty but this is
very simple so it’s either talk
about anything that’s your index
for fashion or not the list and
a know of no dealers and it you know it’s all numbers that
all numbers than argue flocking
to the right now that does everyone else stock is
down about the need to please
stop her second that every time you make a copy
content than a million, claim
you make a comment that is still
nothing to do with the bee
colony that again, just set checked me as we did go out there a soul and yet that you keep telling that to
keep saying that address the address that there’s there’s a hypocrite
departure us just use a credit
for it either one of us have
made a claim either one of us
again literally from the start I’ve
been trying to show that and you can not be making
the statements were making that
can’t be taking the that with
cluster making the tool you’ll
unde just to visit dow lost the gold laser
cassettes on see what’s needed
along with that now I wanna know that I wasting
my time than they are not talking you
down just there for some years
and then you’ll understand what
do you understand what the test
our doesn’t matter that as a matter
either way you’re using ms are a
fraction either way that that the fiscal solvency test that
nothing to do with Kenya make a
laser bend your staff at right is serious, art than perfect the
light that the advice I saw was used in for
your setup of living at home today please tell me you just made works the whole the until you right now busy for
their first test agents on see
their numbers are so often it’s
pathetic until you are now that a lot of them at that on
sorry that SP one other with
that group was a call if you
core yet but everyone Mexico or
was ther that some advise people aware
that you have a second test
understand that’s been good for
small effects, logical Jesus falcon
cursed the day so I showed you
look, but I’m showing you the
fraction I’m showing you tap water to know to elect a fraction is and that
is its I’m talking link you have not
yet to explain you look at top
is all showed up on sure that
you will and explain a bit since
I’m to the that’s the problem the
fact that you’ll understand that
I’ll have to let the show to you
right now and everyone knows thi are arguing a new point know you have no argument in a
solvers talking to it like to do like to be a the Austrians like what know them stop and smell people
talk either of you has not yet do not making any guy making a
claim that some rational and
usable the U.N. letters finished as I
know II complained that didn’t that the case and why are you
answering for us why are you not
listening if you have questions the last didn’t that again DC last thing I know
this is a very very coming off
for want of the Ferruzzi as you
can design a role as you within
t the main crux of the you want
the answer you want to be shown
links that you’re asking
questions that question should be how the
slight bend how do we know why where gangs
and when that this is how we
know we put in systems and tell
us just your section index is
1.55 if that’s what you’re gonna see
with light as well as it surely
zero your laser is going to do
in that situation will close to reality in the air
out of the error that’s what you’re gonna see this is a reality that one,
distance or that changing the
home in tool pieces like I said that some areas are going to be
that set index are fresh and so
is for instance right now we’re right now we’re in a vacuum joke
as I go now, I see no audible dress on
taking your we know you
understand it was a point know that you made it clear you
don’t understand it , again again I will say this
one last time last, say this to teach you saying same conditions
white bands like know if you
know the conditions you tell
them it’s a refreshing use and
you ca that the amount of money that
came to light is not what
changes that it’s taking a
summer fraction in the meeting
and so you say needs nothing that this would change that
that’s what shall we urge that even
think about that show you’re
straight laser that the hat , I have a question that the
tester talking all season from
the hopis of talk about the test
that the bit that I think we’ve
jus the cheerleaders that are aiming
at the police talk about as if that’s the case among the
guests for what the fifth that occurs because that laser
beam those and very high up in the
great adding that that material
that the reason as part of the San that says that as of all of them are worth there
should the home OK but neither,
changing then you wait but U.N. has the good thing wasn’t a confession
for vacuum and if you don’t know
that they’re lying again teas and you’ll get it back to
just making the same should you were in the fighting would
spin you to make a fire, you
would need to know what people
flocking would be used or rocks
to us the event that, and there’s no
maximum the man did not have to cut the
deficit-use some of the stock
market that you understand anything you
would need a set that explain to us within the
first action is no no no no update us a little
defeat of fire any fires are
making a claim you decide a
claim that you understand or
fraction ex to explain its like that to happen asking for
flocking three strange that you
bet on teacher-part of blocking
argument the right now that the first
hours a day right now is happening
right now I’d guess is that both
looking cool it for faction in
and try to memoirs of a kid is
matu the start of a pickup to study
of fires are in here that will
greet the Dalkon shield is
talking about very very few saying things like
we told you don’t you just have to
explain its than just talk of up to tussle over the line is Jesus for a group of Christian
force the starting national know you come to know we’re
slashing the I want you to force the killer app deny the
fact that she can you are the
buy for the buck and worst than the big space monkeys say
that I really appreciate that
meets once a part of people up the good idea percent of those
are the best that none of this man stopped
and has insulated ago you had some say along to
the than a gun talking about this it’s very clear worst were we
stand about the situation on
withdrawn from question than an AIDS durable and the sense I did they owe Montreal 80 ba that the sheer actually the sea world on Zealand laps
then you look from the beach
across from liked order some of
the home and you look at the
trial st there’s an Airport than the
lighthouse missing and
observations on show up: the Simpson home but
this would know that there’s literally some
it’s just too much to me that
one talk about some too much
seen there’s no fixing that spent the time going to steal your
Schering dress then I’m going to
all this, though the server and that is
the fifth home there to so the full Moon they so there’s the there is that the area that all those other nations as though I
actually have the videos I need
to to say the solution is the
unsung heroes of the message of lower the age then it just may have overlooked
and I can assure you that
revelation of it anywhere in the
view of the sourcing as you also
hap as to what is missing the Airport than a month of further ways and
for that of the issues like
house and the the the things that they’ve gone
the way out of my that really see if it were the
one we were doing a service
level that we know this was here
that he isn’t this is a lighthouse that is correct them and not met its goals and
that members because it’s again
at offers a women’s of attending
the eye and that it that’s exactly why they know this way us just isn’t worthy
the hunger will have the that in the that that’s why I like to say I
like to say it’s the it’s a
little lehman’s way of
explaining to someone who has no clue how
the correction works along with
it and why is it called as it
does not is nothing accurate is
not we claim to prove that it is
literally just in layman’s terms as that would get a good idea of
the survey 91 and Tokos the
ross’s us to put into those
things that I don’t have to be
that som that would be if you said you
Gotta make sure that the the that when you’ve just if it
does, that isn’t that’s that’s a
funny, because it is a useful
tool that problem is that need to be
very clear Tom lehman’s way of
explaining that candlelight and also its of the way of the race simply understanding
that and one that’s not
something that the rich kid out of the measure
across United States with us
know that one claimed that don’t
does it another thing go to the curve talk later on
home to bed down for a second
most of the want to see this one very distinct issue spawned a very smooth surface,
one that therefore is not is not concrete
is not the work of the concrete that doesn’t work for a store
that were the home of the alleged that an assortment of the callers than the that spend more time to it and
get which are saying but II
don’t know the rescue the
Spanish sites, like a then up to them in the data the the kit, what our bosses
basically the the great get its agreed upon in
and there’s no that I did that the jobs problem is it’s less likely wouldn’t know that of us have us on that
flight is like user fletcher’s
or a party basically the home
is, the Montreal what is the use and understand we’re
going Howard will be come to an
agreement on elevation or organs of aspects that are making the decision
stays under the once a week is
that a kid you not even making
statements that makes sense
along are update kit will I we can’t we can’t lose and we can’t the Moon and the that we’ll see you understand
that works so that’s why we
would never use after the the union needed to meet again
in it and their argument doesn’t
your argument is literally
you’re trying to trigger
somebody or heard is that selection has lost
its is literally what to do or
not does make sense that the that will go one thing that I am
it’s just that at the beach everyone has understand
basically then you say something like you
guys want aloud that is just the
cloudy day the league should do is wait for
cleared a that’s not
understanding that the reason we
have an index for over a
fraction is to calculate that situations
and atmosphere that’s john
Updike is ID double mosher
purpose and not getting it that
ono but th the fact that you don’t know
what is this alarming than and I think
montreal’s the idea is a
wonderful idea of the problem is
once once we get their how do
you fact tough to mend listen because we’re trying
to explain you were people
science would give input to other foot mast on
a frigid also see the difference
is checking top saying that I was able I
don’t you don’t know me, how I
feel our world and then taught this than if
you’re going to continue the act as if what were
explaining to you were trying to
explain you is this part of the
fringes all should you need to have the correct
call 58 that you do, that you understand
what I’m talking about been that the eutaw, Miller shot down
anything you’re ready right now
of your we talk about and null
listen to what’s left them and in about half the
second on the issue of Intel’s
my ships that you made your liar they do one update than this
ordeal were all data show the FA
cup every single one listener
showdown and everyone was the
shutou you do if I can download to the jurors and that’s tell us a crazy part it’s
exciting is that it’s insane or
wrong I know I did that on how the schema tests tank you that all done that
makes sense that snakes 1/2%
since the shooting his budget he
should be asking the question so
we ca then set that they didn’t have that the sound
you that instead of going to spend
thousands of dollars away the
setup I have a Seattleite the planet , toll station to auburn and
well that some absolutely than that would be that I would I would like to use that so we
can have AAA total of the VAR
area so when we’re making on
your numbers that something that
did t gold and adding united that that’s their TTL repeats I think you really
wanted out of their basics of
the fifth that investors were arrested
today and a than that the than in that Jesse, tell everyone that
this is the sea is probably the
most experienced surveyor that either her talk ever
explain so it is that it is a lot of a model at a
citizens of the most focused and
where has it that you’d like the
fund is sit and listen and ta to miss the than observation that the container
and try to do something again on
what it , I’m going out there like
that’s I’d really they depict
them as planned like that are
somewhat, and he notes that it was a Christian, say the
body than that and to one up in better of
the they should do it on the little
days and then that the heat he knows he he’s able
to apply the better the best
time to be used only to remain
the only be the first life are
good t that the home and the thing George to the chest
while blasting their home where he he was able to
show that that the issue where
you know the over frozen surface of their
diet no details on the day after
oh MIL, too, but you do have is
awesome or other than that is in and he showed how how much
that is on the use of the stock that’s
later than up over because of the way
of routed onto a ledge and that all
his name, and thus had a he also
has some will survey of closer
prevented that I’m not do it than jose’s,
just saying that all of the
fifth that it on an enhancement and does the U.S. again fosters a
shattering but his reality of
that it’s better to admit you
don’t know that get an understanding of it
than to say you’re wrong and that Sellers to the home
Chris if you are in discord
still on checkered escort to
listen to link to the bunker on
if you tak test server their then, citron of the turnout for the fifth on
honestly the street is ballooning after
the balloon those in the old I
know from history of them all
the skyline thing with the toll
Lane there’s a good one test the would have to apply multiple
lenses to to the pair with that
our atmosphere numbing the notice, so the same jet owned it’s very disingenuous that an the also first than a good will present its a thing is
saying is if it makes a
difference that radio or showing that the
law still image than easy said that if you don’t
understand that there’s a
difference the that a woman show will or any update that the top of it about the observation
mission did that for you guys
that can finance a the lives of the trust at one the lead of the people to crack
the that backed the that as bad as bad as many that it is the boss of the U.S.
intervention that it is IMax organization is
Israel and all data set to the than in the case note is that our town to be there much either
minutes of things it for you the
OPS that he’s a suicide by the home that would save until
you’re right in the net in the
overall Airport but Dominguez,
the towers and the man in the
home that looking a lot of the civics that it’s right
across the Cayenne hours form of a
magic singer looking at pointing
at it and the ensure that the
pro version of OEMs is watching and as the
movement for Wilson , you can then the end of the Leone and make a
whale actually wrong about the fifth home that the peso home that the that technician the checked in
the fifth home of some are just
so on free money came on as a fighter for came on in
shows observation of all the
others into the frigid 9% sure
the home she had taken us that
funnel po but more importantly its focus
on the router center and the
reason for the visit his site
white Bldg basic competitor the
offs a that shows no curvature they some distance yet yet it’s it’s a it’s a tea observation that you think
you only see no there there
gauging on the fact that if they
see that the invisible they
expect o have said the speed at Denver
fraction injured because again
it said the major reason we see
a different views during
different that this mean the city pairs a problem that you live in trauma than you do this observation to
know something’s missing and that is issue there are at
its very purpose, from us in
this question because I’m in a spot right now or
identifiers is because the minutes as I was a fire for
two and half years I know the
rhetoric than I did it to pass
along before a large as Bowsher the new hundred semesters
question is: if you live and
Ronald you know this issue and
like trust the fighters are
making these o until we increase the rendering
so the observations may soon as the
cursors case of us for the observations
made and we know this because
those actions on a check of
their find these locations and
this ha to the slums all its strong moral and simmer island
yes, the tidbits as good a home Joe ago to this time closest are
further from the skyline and this is what we saw Chris and then there was all was there’s a certain White House
that between that the than that of the parked there’s a lighthouse that that’s the first island the night only tell me what do I
put in the mile at the
tournament my program that will
add its I believe the only member of the day was
the 6 feet off the off the lines
on this a testing to say this is
a record or maybe undersea offi that is the way cool as in mind
when pro that doesn’t give you
the hijacker us awhile down and
that gives you approximate that
b that the the way but doesn’t already done
so before us when we do know
that can most versatile than that at least as for the pool
and a metal that things were the two fingers
here of howard’s the White House and in Montreal
did raise a good point the home
that as a further Airport is
probably only to be that our
home t that I know of no was set that the pocket that, and this is the only other
real structural news of the
Airport Island than that small know that when they were looking
at the Tommy Thompson bios and
this is another lighthouse on an
island on which of the top of it says in the summer
here that slow or is then the O’Dea area than on a common action on the screen
and pulling up the home level of
its a video and most get a known
softly-pound limit and donate that the dressing room and
cooled search of those and see
what the home had fifth and
final- the none of the titles it was
upset the bone avoid the second and
third of all this the plan or in all of the points
of light that at all on my Coach Ron his
own terms and when he does on
the rolls and the young of the bill and then
see that I would be of purple
bill and energy the long to know how long his
role for the good person to idling of the fathers may be
something that is it Olajuwon and ask for the that yet, though the America of
the though there’s a big difference
home it’s it’s it’s Japanese desktop is always more
to know involved the home you
realizes there’s reason to do so they’re young to it we the that’s that’s it’s been almost a
basic one that’s just look up to current
yield rose and you’ll find it’s
easier that way is the one real step an integer
fit right into there’s been far
more did it hurts to defend the there that see that the leverage its
over Shorecrest most that Jo Jo you’re grabbing their
callers their home that the
vendor sleeves and displays
inside the cage of activity that should
the Internet the fifth home best
guess of the bat that your mother he’s he’s he’s
fresh is he’s barely a white
belt so we can come talk to us
as of that cert and deliver like
tha set that although the exit this are that that’s why the the they so that the summit is a
slight this is the main reason
asphalt and I wanted a role in
the home team is use there’s
little d than a sense he shouldn’t he
shouldn’t be, press trust me you
wash a noticeable are right now the two fresh ears the lead on the same as with everything you did to
get correct you work he’s not
giving them to you that he’s not he’s allowing you to take your technique to its
it’s it’s it’s yes that’s what
the role of any buildup of you
the matter at where you go that’s the role that should be
their goal that we’re gonna come
across guys go for it. Most likely guys to do a lot of
tournaments ’cause that’s all
they really know or people that
infamous and that of the casitas and one that that the that Sears say you wanted as
lively as leverage and the that they ended up that there that’s a long the new find that portion of the
Pittsburgh and their Russians are they still
have the space one more call for the one thing you’ll be a pretty
sure none of these calls to 7 to
7 and one that is a register you do on the dual homed sure
string for second the legend of the rapid adoption
is also the video and chessie
this could have the that’s a year to try to pinpoint
where she is and Bay of Christianity around the
like the summit’s the other on them tomorrow
around same time , although usually does it say
will help you if it is the
layout was killed, send you a
link in a list of them pick my brain is what you
need to that whole owl that I’m allow
that to you because does does
Carlson been very those of the home the county is the no tees he’s on the Airport Island Joe he’s to the keys to the left
of what I was showing why we don’t know where she was
home alone two , just that that go there and I can say
exactly where the home had a dark star was in
the chat and archer had actually
been to the beach had been to
get the look Oceanside was able
t you know that told that leave that you’re
the guy go back across route than the U.N. goal across the
gold cross area are on yet
another side that toll of the word along the beach we were told to go to
was the winner and a home or two of hands and Intuit’s the metal film across yet go to town is console and then a state those who go to downpour that
says, Salem and whether it’s up
estate winery now that it’s that’s good news
is literally then in Fremont
agree that’s between that line
DC on the right to the state of
the border and Seattle to Atlanta part of
the old jenny local area observation happened in between
there and you and to remind it
in parser from the city Bennett
said the best they can give you
i that does not choose inter hour
meeting its yet if you actually look on
the city again you’ll see the
site just that there is a writer Carlos than 10 noticed that footnote in the
Chinese anyone are you one roll
off our role is that that nestle is impressed the two
don’t play that building so much
because was kinda happens is
sure to be a white bill eventually was obtained a level then and we’ll start realizing
like the Serb the all I can get that one day I opened it and I I’d
actually really do that and I
think I can tell others say
you’re going to let the data that any of that flopped up than that the less overjoyed there that’s
because then the fifth that the fifth or something the state winery that’s what was on the kit so than if the home, if they Criss
after they were deficient in
this home all show you the
stroke and I should just found
that one to the string fifth so that it up, then spent this so rights of the down that’s what it’s hard to see a
side that state is small compared the
polls winding no, not a day has also as it the Mac and
fries on the day that their soloist that’s the the best in the ocean that you really, said in the
fifth that it that time stamp decrease the visor that we’re a small as the only answer that it’s a second, was signed, the other islands
the round to the Cal they’re guessing is that joke or tolerate that the tax that yet that’s the scenario point rid of all the
data island the death rate their efforts of
this motion and this is a greater the that teases personal yes to see a TNT there are some 30 people a whole that is, the that that’s it as a cop bill to weigh a just the those that if the if the little I a a a home the that I do once a cardiac Shiite
the open lighter style that the like the whole purse and that’s why
you have the forces all U.N. and
ivory I think it’s that it’s
perfect that is exactly what the dam wanted but we’re all on
the same page two of hearts that
it on that he’s he’s mob ties and
all of the mauve has been the fisheries and it’s it’s very that first
it’s very we’re the that, it’s it’s it’s what
happens is home built it in
because someone cut that every
single match of the term and it
is there ar happens is you don’t see the
individual person who is using
his videos teaches sees this as
that grappling axis his company
Joe on that set up to that yet that there isn’t like that of a
certain amount of time or so the
mushers one is the ~ point where
that someone uses mind that ou that was a research lecture is
where I’ll know it’s in the home video
upload ID that the is the
algorithm writer cents in between the console told the white
balloon in and that were above
that he’s at his get to the right goal of a Tijuana home loss if they want a lot of comment on Mr. On the
last of the right the cat that call one and we do best that is the same
thing that’s the routers and a fraction to fraction citysearch and a IR that promise that’s the only
bill like the that if the rate of the one the long run of the kit comment, but not so sure
in England, and the that we’re talking about a one
to the far right and were just
ready reference on with them the old that is the zone as a reference on the
island is at the first Canadian
place as a reference to it that he this year that first is the
first the team placed us then
that’s why I wanted this little as one of the
Russians and so we were a
synthetic the new percent is that get into this them that than that it’s as if an even if we’re
we’re looking at two story
buildings at the Airport are on
at the time and on last time I
reall the the myths it’s the it’s a good
estimate of 100 on the whole day
in the 83 than I am to get
counted that the short on the machines are yet just getting together and
exec and running the recent and what one would
look like his this is the zones away and right
now that you wanna see the switch a scion of the maid I
doesn’t you see the if you’re saying often a god that the Chicago as Chicago and you’d be that different, did
not the end is to build the two
operations to complete that it’s a different, data that I do that because their freshest in
the war were not have been the this is our view the same
numbers yet on new year’s test the home and go there that’s part of any
of this is the very beginning of that sort of the that and go Internet those they mark the one calling Airport in lighthouse at
the fifth scissors the home, I
don’t know the guys who have
oval, lying to the other way
around this to your left of the home tour of the than running to keep going
around your that these are the ones home that is the one thing for
your call backs of the 40 the end if if the if the NSA and others there’s the press
is here montreal’s year and that
no full ships in this number hassle
of them this is how supposed to go
when we’re doing a observation
to give their land a jury would the recipient of what is the 740 some really
started and the end if the Allies are the disease are really started
he literally at this late
yesterday, serving more serious
readers may I call them of this
is very to live her alive copying live
at the site listen in for almost
three years now is a smart man admitted drinking may be bored
at all know that he’s a talker
that for whatever Corel sees a
talker if so the soldiers as it was a great though PK is a trial and he
doesn’t sign up for 1000% that is why I feel it is on
purposes will the system doesn’t have the last
yesterday 11 printer through
trial and a that goes for a love letter to
do that so it’s weird, but he’s
one of the people that does it
in the actress pat Riley, for
wall that’s just burst in general needs to then the yen of most streams and gone,
for a tall those Avis a row, at Mr. Martin Tom is the seat walks the fifth of the toady to leave Cuba and the
servers do no better you that the server that Riley and a chemo, racer and
anything out there to fire their
fighters you do there snake oil salesman to get crazy for that they’d just safer, Pritchett the arrived all have that than that Lenny stop sending you
the U.N. should the fed the demand that I just went up in the eye
as pin for everyone else the night for the tournament
because I am the no on on-air right now that the neglected and the kit bond, renown, find a
wide is angled to the last of
the tower now that the ready sugar the end of the area that’s it for tennis tour doing right now there, I just I’m going to rule
on the steps to verify the tone that don’t know if she was
a fighter for the that’s team he knows there yet none at all that she get home the guy who the
firefighter who knows a girl of
IE I would consider him the low that he lost he may be low by
ISPs on the sly I don’t think
anything was set up on his
enormous to us why is it that 444.6 kilometers of (a Libyan meters the more you do this to skyline or the E shouldn’t see that much of
it but we also know that there’s
the fraction in distortion that they can see it was you look at
2:00 to one side of life on the the mall on the web: bill
CNC halfway between the top Health Sciences is off this distortion the way a woman on the rounder range over
the White House and yet I think that users the than to the one know who the customer wants the left of
the middle and I, a percent guests were
dismayed on the dow was register out the
buildings in the background of
where we should see it exactly the point of roger that this
around a little bit slower fashion
while there that that the the sauna the home its height the chart that’s how it is up to
undergo the 2 feet the other looking and it the look and that he is that 5.9 years of its
our guests as the the the use of thing there is
missing that spreading rows about that is missing the header that the missing a lot than the lead that the use of light and when I
realize that there’s a whole
island missing that’s different the fifth that might be in that no its
account for bike for richer or will what else could be then why do we see the city than not that no we Serrano that
we see the guy misspoke the note
the fifth why do we see the city
that not what seems in betwee the day it’s refreshing to or better yet, better yet for a
Montreal on you can say perspective that their perspectives would be to explain- why is that we always use a
perspective perspective means
looking basically you’re just as
my perspective is looking Joe it that doesn’t perspective
doesn’t explain anything that you start losing more more of the government alleges that that
is a template that using the hash us exactly percent are
saying that this is what we’re saying
that the mix with ours and
update it does not need to do
know this is what it looks like
this one time where they are the when
using them as not to regain that you look so just living as a snap that it’s all still there
that can conceal an exit when
the slaves sings and that’s
where looking are right now that it’s the worst meals are
the leading seller that sat back as we move into it that so we start seeing
everything that were seen back
just that magnified the Los Ang but you wouldn’t say which
wrong they would say it’s due to
the blah blah blah amount of
refraction that the lucky watching that when you do that that’s not disappearing that’s striking the versioning
back out that you see that
nothing’s changed you’re not
doing anything about anything
and that doesn’t stop of a showplace
of the one that their explanation for what’s
missing in that the lieu of the persons are
getting them to those perspectives the update NFL is the case then when
a plane flies in the distance
were rocket goes up that it goes
away we should see a portion of being lost the as number, Richard land is not
doing that you’re in your
opinion Joe betty’s a plane
exactly that and not in the
distance on tal that isn’t going away from you
should do that is that’s a case that because of curvature I have to do that darn cat
bounce the fifth hole in and out is a great for
constrain yesterday morning that
you might add that is Meshed
well as the conversation like it the old religion part that was my mind out people to
be some will say from both of us crazy those were looking that it was a really good, safe
but they been that the that’s
well with each other no better
balance on the muscle aisles, in
an the streaming though the fifth
the fifth pick up of the fifth and sixth the lead lap the
hell’s going on right down to 50
lead the stock is with great head- there to gravity than into the world into the
world as the sensitive density that potential the potential for social get the beach near rebecca’s to go off the loan will make it very clear
that the model that’s not why we believe or
understand that are we live the model is our observations in
record of touch on to something
that we can this solely for the
sea and calculate was that regional mall isn’t served interpreted to just global denying the end if the end that have mushroomed the end the units the diskette and I just a dumb
with some that if that the that is a solid give those 1020 minutes morning so there’s
no known we don’t do that anymore
and that’s up at the beginning
of the fed and if the if the Alza say the Los sense to us
for the home of the houses, and
of the three years and run
yesterday was the first,
actually ha the words of which are wind was not fun it was unknowing than the pointless the innermost
closes any of our other doctors were some
of that you don’t say anything that that it is all he’s doing is
playing pieces than some added , his words the force at this point all the things so if the been
getting into a fund and the
stadium’s on the server as Jesse
blocking to the guts to me
asking him yet he gets the use of their protectors and
it’s bad the really bad light
and teach their exact were the things he’s he’s a percent
behind percent of fatal so he
knows them well as a flat if it
is to read too much to be that
an s and this is reality of its it’s about that you have to keep it in your
court does he win over the autos
is, once and ever since and I
realize exactly how to handle it as talking to time since Truman,
and both times it was a
completely different story as
long as you control the
situation is usel the gap he does know when you
receive the money park body was
sent Russian soul the state so than a year, that’s good to hear you start to the star defending yourself
rather than each presenting your
evidence that if the the the the U.N. You wanna see a learning curve
the lookup that my early videos
compared in a this way off the busy watching finding right
now surf the will find the awesome Julia you see all of that he was shows like the the
the use of the the revolutionize
to precise in Ojai we need
another esti cinema bill Nye out
ther to find and that is the danger is that this is a fire right after
the cheat the state will is never a spare fire
extinguisher the fifth that the right guys off the
topic but I do a duet that the ad that is a good time to cover the
comments are due to the Sunland
the home to listing of their own
house with a avant the home that his fund said prescient as
well as was actually the my favorite in the strains
that does it there’s no excuse there was xeroxed use there’s not one fire for ship
that should be using that Ross
Taiwan and more we always thought that Tony
broke it down like that neither the that the fires are on the town left in Orr said nothing to
refute the lesson of it that’s what you
did is I buy this is a global
study the fees will not let cool
the thought is that you literall are we see are we not saying
that’s over that what we literally divided about our are
15 minutes just breaking it down there’s no excuse for more than
some of those affecting talk
about this nominee for some that
with so that get you down to a
lar that’s a plus for me but in the
desks Ackley which was to them all you saw Chris Chris cannon
top show went out and seeing this just been said d’amore after that chris’s back Chris idealism
that this wasn’t a minute on a
dead issue responded Chris is OK
but I answer session review of the half of the wall on the company will that money was not to get the
surgery the money was to help the stock
and whites in a sellout that
works 4050 miles away to Chris if you’re listening to
focus of doing that shipman the
pool should the book, fox fires:
this is downright dueling astle that those in saying that cannot use of the titles
that income pulley shop workers of the lead of the doughnut dad just to let a
team that they deserve the cell
under the lesson I thought that it adding I believe an
uneven the team won here for
that now they spend on missile the than I did not it didn’t the light would never do that is
so full same way tie the knot one fighter for
refuted than we can use some of
us agree that all of these
people in a small they will come on and more that if one were to look as if the real as that of the homes around was a
team that stream will not move
on and to use a low than 10 the all the fact that death and the fed up to you I think that’s something
that’s what I did for getting
what I think I can from Tunis
deposition we have been a fifth
that is this Nationwide next release of
width old, has a strict and they
want about thing, Maria and they
sure you talk to some fighters absolute no Moon oh no no bug is down to pick up and
down almost keep it that I felt
like us all those will still
often approved, so I don’t see
though that’s the old none at all know now
that was it for what that all different routes and
whenever batches presented that
is where I live the they’ll know now about not
without its policy that was also
an eye when I was I would not be
where I am today the derby still fighters are are
just not have anywhere near them
also have now she wasn’t for guys like Barney
the luo up the more we we don’t need anyone to sway cartridges better way of
saying it because we do need the
information it tells me that lee said Tom
Steele that the bigger than me
wear them down the day, as if it’s that I and I
think of no to serve one right now is it
wasn’t for the people and end in
the low for being a fire for for
that matter the identified never become a
fighter for identify would know
any issue and the tournament that every day it’s
the first time in a quieter they
stop being so vocal on yet yet it I can say now there’s all the whole idea was an
argument that convinced me that
there’s an argument that someone
sets up and used are realizing
how th than Harris no question a bit there there were others shouted, the Moon I think that I think at the site I think you’re you’re looking I
think he’s and I think you
believe might be the the
majority of people , even by basic knowledge of all
we’re talking about this issue because of all I can
say right now there are more
people here listening than giving a talk about what
we’re saying that people who
troll don’t care or trying to
refute a promise you that as I
can look then there’s the whole 13 people much at act
is the rest are listening and I
would say most of them are
taking and whether there taking
in and try to spin around or
taking in t the ever IIII wasn’t that the whole
clatter fake idea as a very few of them in them
and I’d say 98% of the content creators are
single cells and those work on the than the cut the lead to that below
double over who was never ever
in a desire for those which are to start the day today will label a bet that
you’re an idiot, but that’s why
it yet to an then the than as a chef to the Moon that has to know them that the army and the fifth at tiff the stuff there is you get the door for
the day that saw leader on a
night to say that home I would
say that if see that happiest
person p this to me where Hanlon and I
have no intention of talking
about a dozen stop more on in
the heat talking like that but
it’s so how to legally own purpose TV 1%
stirring this, but as the hell I
know that because he does only do we hear those of
the fighters as well the home that the same time that more every time I say
something called a specially correctly that’s that I can run more in
the more information on that
topic in the home that I kept
asking myself it’s to me that it’s morally and the knowledge builder the way of
keeping it there the home that
the same time I will always shows way because
I was the one that was out there
there’s someone out there who is
a fighter for the does really the third inning bits and pieces and hopefully video that able to lower than the day this is why another
single cells and the day that none of this is that this
is how everyone can find out
who’s really not that you have a four or three
are like we’re at now a 3 hour
string that’s the stream stays flat
earth five worst fires also the
time there’s an issue the same way my shins meander to jose’s do the same thing
he’ll be that meander so far
would get so many different
topics that it did in clappers does get
to you that says that you have
my brain purposely that we’re
realizing it the old Iverson
fires that swung the bats free like
having body and blue and and and
call over inserts III did the
policies crazy ideas of my head
whi they were to avenue seven, think
about ’cause we’re possible on
fire from the distilled question
a lot of stuff than I don’t que the guy I want the knowledge of
it before I start bashing it or
I can understand the need to
know what the hell is before I
can that’s why we do pay as if I and a pained the move is fully test as I
apologize I’d forgotten us as we
like the missing the home of some of the homes with no
money going on, so I doing what you did last summer break tables is here that the fifth of the fifth that I will say I’m going to I’m
going to embrace this time the two of just get all my
opinions out and did not have
body, nowhere to go the force
the fed up the wall and everyone thinks
about that all might as that the fifth row for real up the whole lot of faith you do on
that day, a fifth eyed as the home made also
survived by dozens of Dodi those
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I do the same thing don’t select
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don’t really need to work work
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to let the home side I enjoyed
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fifth flock of the fifth because
I can run I decided to delay because
address the father of a goal
that the fed up with a friendly
home yet another home being sold
around here now we said earlier they lay that first decade now
owns claim that a second how do
people there flying is their
correct are not listed here are
corr the fifth time professional physicist that without he’s only talks
computers and one time here that I would mind doing again
and it feels like some of that
type of adding that was me of the fifth that one of them than to think that the yen, or call, it owns right now that of the fifth that they’re all been that we
all should message is being than
the check to a skydiving the
guy’s address later the fifth
it’s a artists in Oregon is III
appreciate the Chiron isn’t all
that and I don’t see it every
traditions which would, say,
that have su the Lovett my knowledge a whole
slew later is knowledge and in
themselves as well home time,
Congress people like to adopt
like sorry I don’t like speed is
whether he’s used as an generous I think he’s
here for the argument on to star
channel as a dozen fires is all
a summer are two of our game i anything on it Wednesday, cents
or she’s opinion that even partly on the gala
SNMP I don’t care so you’re not
on this because Chris is in the
digits it will talk but, on acting as a nomination battle to
accept the fact that it I’d read
on: the muscles in my brain on
the then I didn’t care that your
fires are all care for your time
to ship often without a father widely considered and I’m
learning the time she arrived on
the early time help you learn to
do you want to take care not is
up t the people you’re getting
information from have no qualifications to doubt
signed that’s this issue one that issue to you not taking in the
information from both sides that evaluate and thus are
honest opinion in or an honest the look on your new or decide
what is that not everyone the
PM, ruling that says to the den
waterman the nation’s the ones
that the U.S. , Dean said the home over Nevada
with other another time before I
came over the most is true that there was
only a matter of time that for the Hata least a
baseline understand that there
was no evidence for fighters than just that fact alone shows that it will now many one start coming into
the knowledge of what I know I did it happen this is question
recently to the eye 100% that no fuss year I was I only have resulted only
need a few the popup to are two things the feedback that show me we can
not as a fighter of anyone who’s
not willing to at least eight
knowledge no the observation unit with the
Russian day that mean faster innovation than the fires you come across
showing up to they shun the
asking how will the new recruits
works are two things are happening tonight show you their true
colors in that then was talk
about and are running for the
fences with it or the ocean, reaching some sort that it’s our sister she fought
it back into court and slipped
that said that some possible
that the senate to wire the other fires is going to CC the eyes of our sister sea flap
telling them the same thing that of those five to eight Americans is a work that are we’d will air on fires
units are you guys having these
and needed to go on the caveman lunar eclipse is a
serious issue fires yesterday to
sell the sisters up on the fears of
like the decided works crews of land
amount of things that we can not
see the game as a beloved you
can see at UC the Cumberland does make sense to many Ireland ranting and
raving on all of the city’s the rest than what do so what
does that say there’s no way
they can control conversation
than Allred said it perfectly I’m here to ask questions the
line that the second you that
bird from those questions that
second you decide that you can decide if were honest lying on knowledgeable. Coming up to produce a father as to go so that someone who
doesn’t care and alumni ridge and the
teachers to stop using that same
video ties use it to start
understanding to come here, don’t come here
and to understand something is a
mold that are getting more that’s very clear goal of a clue that and say we are not part of
that team that did any type of
test how I know have no numbers that have zero
knowledge of how it was even edge tropical
along telling me I’m wrong to what is
it as a wound that he added that
is the chateau to Moon area are of
affect many here is that is the
inference of

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