The Ultimate Guide on How to Use Facebook Group Topics

On this episode you’ll learn how to use Facebook
Group Topics in your Facebook Group. I’m Christian Karasiewicz from Social Chefs. Welcome to
Social Snacks where you’ll learn social media marketing tips to grow your business in under
five minutes. So Facebook recently rolled out Discussion Topics, also known as Facebook
Group Topics to Facebook Groups and what these allow you to do is they allow you to organize
posts made in your Facebook Group. Now in order to add Topics all you have to do is
simply select the dropdown, go down to the Topics area and here you can either add a
new topic or pick from other topics you’ve already created. If you want to, you can put
a Facebook Group Topic into multiple topics and when you do that they will show up under
the Discussions Topics section. Now if a Facebook Group post does not have
a topic, for example, if I add something to a topic and then remove it from a topic, the
topic will disappear in the Discussion Topics section. Now what I want to also mention about
this is you can use the search to locate posts and add them to a Facebook Group Topic; however,
when you add them you can’t add them all at one time. You have to do them all individually
and depending on the order you add them, that’s the order they show up. So, for example, if
I put something at the beginning of a Facebook Group Topic and it’s a post that’s an old
post, it will show up above all of the others that I’ve already added. For example, this
one is from 2015. When I go to the bottom, there’s one from 2016. Now in addition to adding Group Topics, you
will be able to see what other topics a post is in, so if you click on one of those it
will take you to all of the Facebook Group Topics around that particular topic. As you
see, all you have to do is select the dropdown and remove it and it will be removed from
the Group topic. Now, it’s also important to note you might want to use this in certain
situations. For example, if I have a post that is a question that has come in that does
not have an answer, I can put it in Unanswered Facebook Group Topics section. This way I
know what needs to be answered and what doesn’t. Now what’s great about this is once you add
it to a Group Topic, when I click into a Discussion Topic in my Facebook Group, I also have a
new Notification Section where I can go in and I can turn this on or off, so this way
I can get notified about specific topics. Over all, Facebook Group Topics are very convenient
on the desktop; however, when you switch to mobile and you launch, for example, the Facebook
Mobile app or the Facebook Group app, one thing you’ll notice is Facebook Group Topics
are absent. So in order to use these, you need to be on the desktop, which typically
is not a bad thing because it’s a lot easier to do some of these things from the desktop
versus mobile. So there you have it. That’s how to use Facebook Group Topics. If you would like some ideas to help you with
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