This Couple Renewed Their Vows Three Times | Black Love | Oprah Winfrey Network

WOMAN: Why was it
important to you to renew your vows not once, not
twice, three times that I know of? What she say? Why was I– did I feel it was important
to renew our wedding vows? Oh. Because I really felt
that it was a good thing. I felt good about my marriage,
and I wanted to celebrate every, you know, every so many. I’d say every 10 years,
I wanted to celebrate because I thought– it was important to me
that we made it this far. Celebrate. WOMAN: Were you just along for
the ride, or were you excited? Yeah. I was along for the ride. I thought that was
too many times. We didn’t have to recommit
to satisfy people, you know? I was already satisfied. It wasn’t a matter of
me not being satisfied. I just wanted to celebrate. Hey, we made it! She’s a celebrator. Yeah, that’s just me.


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