This Is How You Can Save Half Of Your Salary

They say that spread your legs within the sheets But our generation doesn’t understand these thing while spending money Guys month end is going on so if your pocket is also tight as mine Than this video is for you Today i’ll tell you about some of the management apps In which you can do budgeting, saving And yes do watch this video till the end because.. in the end I’ll tell you about an app where you can invest your money safely and wisely Only on “RECHARGE” Our salary doesn’t even gets credited and we have so much plans to spend our money and we forgot about those last 10 days of months where we are out of money So guys These app will save from situation like these The app which I have put on number 1 is basic need of every youngster Splitwise Just like it’s name suggest I mean this app is perfect for keeping check of all your debts If you are sharing apartment with your friends Or you went on a trip with them Or who bought drinks or snacks in house party? Even if you remember this in the morning or not If you have put this on app then Split wise will surely tell you On this app you can calculate individually or on group and this app will calculate everything and will tell you the final payment to be made You can record this in cash as well as in online payment Do tell me in the COMMENT section that from which friend you are in debt The name of 2nd app is Walnut this app tracks our all expenditure I mean how much you spent on shopping, food etc it puts them in different folder So by this we are able to understand where we are spending the most and we can plan to control it Do you know what feature is most cute in this It is the bill reminders Your DTH bill, electricity bll, etc Whatever bill you have to pay this app will give you reminder earlier only and you can plan your expenditure accordingly Well according to a research digital payments have made life easier The next app about which I’ll tell you is actually a digital piggy-bank Wizely You can save on this app for all your small and big wishes Either it is your first Goa trip or a latest smartphone On this app you can timely invest for any of your goal This app is basically free saving app I mean for whatever goal you are saving it will give you up to 15% discount on them It is beneficial from both sides The next app I am going to tell you about is actually for earning This app helps you in saving and easily investing your money Groww with two W You can invest in SIP, mutual funds, or shares through this app and yes on this app you can save both the amounts lump sum or fixed and yes these apps are specially designed for millenniums means no paper work, tension free investment and This app doesn’t even take commission from you, it is beneficial So these were mine money management apps If you are having any such apps then do tell me in the COMMENTS section below and please before you go LIKE, SHARE & SUBSCRIBE and press the BELL ICON Until next time


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