Top 7 Chrome Extensions for Online Entrepreneurs (BEST HACKS!)

Oh my God, what font is that? If you are a YouTuber, you must have these
two plugins. [inaudible] what’s up everyone? Welcome back to my channel via best place
for new coaches, content creators and entrepreneurs. Let’s talk Google Chrome extensions today
guys, the amount of times a Google Chrome extension has literally saved my ass in business. If I had a penny for every time I probably
be a millionaire. That’s why I am very inspired to do today’s
video because I want to share with you the top Google Chrome extensions that my team
and I use to really speed up our workflows, to really shortcut our way to success and
to really minimize the mundane tasks that happen in our business. And I have a feeling that regardless if you
are an experienced entrepreneur or if you are a newer entrepreneur, at least one of
the several Google Chrome extensions that I’m going to mention today is probably going
to blow your mind and be super beneficial for your business as well. Now, as always, before we dive into today’s
video, we do have some important shout outs that are in order. So let’s dive right into those. First, before we dive into this week’s awesome
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right into this week’s video. All right, so diving into the first Google
Chrome extension, that’s actually super fun to use and that is font face Ninja. I adore font face Ninja, and what it basically
does in a nutshell, if you’ve ever creeped someone’s profile, someone’s website on the
internet and you’re wondering, Oh my God, what font is that? I really want to use that for my Instagram
content or I really want to use that for my YouTube thumbnails or I really want to use
that for my own website font. Face Ninja is the perfect Google Chrome extension
for you. So how often face Ninja works is you turn
on the Google Chrome extension and once it’s turned on you can go on any website, hover
your mouse over and you’ll be able to find out what typeface that person is using. So for example, my website, you can see I
use red hat display and if you scroll down over here you can see that this font is called
artifact. This works for any website. So if you’re looking at a website and you’re
like, wow, that’s a really nice font. You can use font face Ninja, hover over it
and learn exactly what type face that person is using. Now moving onto the second Google Chrome extension
that is rocking our world right now and that is group leads. Group leads is a paid Google Chrome extension. But I assure you if you someone who is running
a Facebook group right now and you are manually recording the data when people are answering
the questions when they’re requesting to join your Facebook group into an extra spreadsheet,
you are wasting your time and you could definitely automate that process using group leads. Group leads is a pay Google Chrome extension
that allows you to really automate a lot of the data collection when you’re doing your
Facebook group and it also helps you build your email list. So I’m going to share my screen and show you
exactly what it’s all about because if you have a Facebook group, this is going to really,
really help you grow your leads list and also automate a lot of the work. So as you can see, when you have the group
leads plugin, when you approve people in your Facebook group, what’s going to happen is
once you click the extension, you’re then going to able to choose the group that you’ve
attached to the plug into and then click view data. And what you’re going to see is that for everyone
that you’ve approved, it’s automatically going to fill in the fields for you. This is awesome, especially if you are someone
who collects emails, who is trying to do market research in your group. This is how my team and I really automate
the process of really collecting all of this data. And as you can see over here with group leads,
it’ll automatically connect with your email marketing providers. So over here I’m connected to my email marketing
provider, which is active campaign. So that means that with the fields that have
people’s emails, I’m automatically connecting that and we’re able to automate the process
of sending our lead magnets, our newsletters and growing our email list. Now moving onto the third Google Chrome extension
that we actually use a lot in our business and if anything we probably use the most in
our business and that is loom loom is one of my all time favorite platforms to record
screen shares and share it with other people. So as you can see when you use loom, you’re
able to record yourself and send videos with a link to your team. So right now I’m going to show you what it
looks like because what makes loom so amazing is their Google Chrome extension. So when you click on the extension, you’re
able to actually record wherever you want on your desktop screen and you can choose
to have just the screen or the screen and yourself in which the bottom left hand corner,
you’re able to see yourself. Now once you start recording, you’re able
to show whatever you would like to, whoever you want to send this video to. So let’s say I want to share my website, I
want to do all these things. And then once done I will finish the recording. And what’s going to happen is that it’s going
to automatically give you a link that you can share it with anybody. And so in my business, I love to use this
with my students. My clients add, especially my team. I promise that if you start using loom in
your business, it’s going to be such a game changer. When it comes to communicating with other
people, sharing your screen and especially sending tutorials. All right, so the next Google Chrome extension
that I have for you is called full page screen. That was a mouthful, but I guarantee that
this is an awesome free Google Chrome extension that allows you to actually screenshot the
entire page on your screen. This is really helpful if you want a screenshot
sales pages, if you want to screenshot entire websites, if you want to screenshot entire
email threads, it’s super, super helpful and what I like to use it for my business is when
I get sent some email receipts. I’ll then like to screenshot that using the
app, save it as a PDF or save it as an image and then send it off to my bookkeepers. Or if I see someone sales page or I see someone’s
website that I really, really like and I want to use as inspiration or put it in my inspo
folder, then I’ll also use this app or use this Google Chrome extension to then screenshot
the entire thing so that I don’t have to do multiple screenshots all at once. Now, the next Google Chrome extension that
I have for you now is actually two extensions that I use together because I feel like they’re
better together. And that is to buddy and vid IQ. If you are a utuber, you must have these two
plugins even if it’s free. Obviously there are paid versions of this,
but the free one can actually get you right by. So as you can see, when you use two buddy
and vid IQ, you get a lot more data when it comes to looking at your own videos and other
people’s videos as well. So for example, here with two buddy, you’re
able to see other people’s tags and the same thing with vid IQ down here. You can also see how those tags are ranking. Personally for me, I really love to use vid
IQ as well to make sure that my videos are optimized properly. And also you can do the same for two buddy
as well. Now obviously you could do one over the other,
but personally I really love to use both of them at the same time. What I also really like about vid IQ and to
buddy is especially when I’m doing keyword research or I’m doing research on content
ideas, so for example, how to create a better for YouTube. With vid IQ specifically, I’m able to see
the like to dislike ratio and the amount of subscribers that person has, which allows
me to make better decisions without wasting too much time and clicking on each video line
by line. Not only this with bit IQ, you’re able to
get a lot more information about whether or not the keyword that you’ve chosen is worth
pursuing and the same thing with two buddy as well. That’s why personally I like to have both
on hand, but obviously you can choose one over the other. Now if you’re watching this and you don’t
have to buddy or vid IQ installed already, make sure to click the link in my description
box to sign up because you’re going to need to create an account before you’re able to
download the Google Chrome extension now to these six Google Chrome extension that I really
like to use in my business and that is last pass. Last pass is a password manager that allows
you to save your passwords and also auto fill them when you are on the respective website
that you’ve saved the password for. So as you can see, especially if you are someone
who has multiple, multiple accounts to track when you’ll use last pass, you’re able to
put all of that in at your last pass of vault. But as an addition to this, when you are on
any type of website that last pass has a record of, it’ll automatically detect what passwords
that you need. So for example, if you’re logging into your
Canva account and you click this icon here, it’ll automatically tell you the different
accounts that are associated with that website. And when you click on the account, it’ll auto
fill the password for you. So you never really need it to remember your
passwords. This has been a lifesaver in my business,
especially since I’m all about password protection. My team and I actually switch your passwords
every quarter to make sure that we’re protected. So that’s why LastPass has been a huge game
changer for us, especially since we use a lot of different platforms. All right guys. So now we’re onto these seventh Google Chrome
extension that I really like to use and that is emoji keyboard. Now obviously this sounds really silly, but
you’d be surprised the amount of times that I’ve had to go onto a separate website to
find an emoji, especially when I use later, for example, to schedule my captions or when
I’m writing posts in my Facebook group, you know, I really like to use emojis and it’s
really annoying to go to a third party website to do that. So I downloaded this extension and now I have
all the emojis that I want right at the tip of my fingers and it’s been super helpful
to create posts to, you know, add emojis to text and all of that. So I highly, highly recommend this if you
are someone who uses emojis a lot in your captions, in your content, in your material
when it comes to using your desktop. Now it’s so far in this video, guys, I’ve
shared my favorite Google Chrome extensions with you. These are the top extensions that I use in
my business. Some of them serve a really big purpose and
others just really helped me remove mundane tasks from my business and you’d be surprised
how game changing some of these extensions actually are. Now that I’ve really shared my extensions,
now it’s your turn. Really comment below in this video and tell
me what Google Chrome extensions that I’ve shared have really surprised you and also
share some of your favorite extensions to really help other entrepreneurs hack their
way through a better workflow and better success into their businesses. Now as always, guys, while you wait for next
week’s video, I post a lot of content on business, social media, entrepreneurship, coaching,
and all the likes of that, so make sure you check out these two videos that I have right
here as well. I promise you’re going to learn something
new now as always, guys, I appreciate you. Thank you so much for watching today’s video. I hope you guys have a great day, a great
week, and a great life, and I’ll see you in the next video. Bye guys.


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