Trailer: Crowdsourcing and community with Terry Parris, Jr.

I’m Terry Parris, Jr. I didn’t always want to be a journalist. I started out on a very traditional path of reporting on cops and courts and city council. But eventually I found a different way for me to do reporting. I found this idea of bridging the community and the reporting together so I can do more and better and richer reporting. In this class I will be talking about my philosophy, my experience, my tips and tricks. One of my colleagues from ProPublica, Adriana, will discuss how she engaged mothers who almost died while giving birth as part of an ambitious project about maternal health. So if you’re a student journalist looking for a job, a young journalist hoping to introduce something innovative to your newsroom, a seasoned reporter hoping to change it up a bit, an investigative reporter looking for different ways to engage a community in a long, deeply reported project, welcome to my class and let’s get started.

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