TRF + Detroit 2020 + Goodbye to loved ones – Rob Konsdorf – EOS Community Conference 2019

is this thing on? Hi everyone
I’m Rob from EOS Detroit and I wanted to tell you guys about the travel
reimbursement fund we’ve been running so thanks to our generous sponsors EOS Rio, EOS Laomao, the BP social fund, and EOS Detroit. I’ve got about 608t EOS to redistribute to everyone who’s come today so in order to opt in,
to be a part of that, you can go to that’s also in the
telegram group I posted it and sign a transaction with an EOS account and
later next week that will be distributed pro rata to everyone who opts in. But in
order to validate you have to come find me after you sign that transaction. You
can use token pocket, you can use Lynx or Scatter. if you don’t have any EOS
account I’d be happy to make you one so let me know if you don’t have one and
this is just a thing to basically, you know, respect the effort and time and
energy it takes for us all to come here and be here together. Basically, I’ve been
inspired by Steem fest. So, Steem fest would redistribute some steem that was
raised through the platform to attendees through subsidies to make the event more
accessible so this is a tradition that we’ve been working on, making, you know,
something that we do every time we have an event and so we’ve been building some
tooling to make it a little easier that’s the short and long of it. If
you have any questions about it feel free to DM me on telegram @rodrigo
that was the first thing I wanted to talk about, the the second thing, thank
you! and really I’m really grateful to be in
this room with all of you this it just always motivates me to come and see all
the energy, all the amazing professionalism in the projects and the
initiatives and just the production of this event is fantastic
so thank you EOS Rio. –what a beautiful country, this is my first time
to South America personally and it’s it’s amazing so –part of my language. So
the next thing I wanted to say is EOS Detroit’s actually a partner for a
nonprofit organization called the Detroit blockchain Center that we’ve
been working on raising and so it’s seeking 501c3 federal tax exemption and
we’ve got a number of projects that we’re focused on, they’re a few of which
haven’t been announced yet but one of the things that we’d like to ask of the
EOS community, would you be interested in us holding the third annual gos
community conference next year tentative dates are currently June 26 through 28
we’ll be having an international conference that’s more generic and
generalized for the blockchain industry but we’d like to invite the EOS
community to come be with us in Detroit and experience this event. So, I just
wanted to state our intent to do that, if there’s other groups that want to
partner, other groups that were planning an event too, perhaps you know we can talk
about it more. So, feel free to give me your feedback on that one on one after
the event and you know I’m interested in what you all think about that so, we
would love to host you in Detroit Thanks! appreciate it!
time? I got another minute or two? cool and you know one thing else that I
wanted to acknowledge while we’re here together. Again, I’m very grateful to be
in this room with all these bright minds and some of the most passionate and
dedicated hard-working people that I’ve met. I’ve learned a lot from all of you. I
wanted to take the time while we’re here together
to acknowledge those who we’ve lost in the community. We’ve lost two people this
year that were, you know, tried and true community members that were all so
passionate and working hard to put time into the the project like we have. David
Margulies or doghouse, who was an amazing, funny, just totally cynical but
curmudgeonly lovable amazing person. I never met him in person but I loved all of the interactions I had with him. and also Ali Ayyash who tragically passed
away. You know, we’re all here together and who knows when it’ll be our last
breath so just cherish the moment because who knows it could happen to us. and yeah I just wanted to, you know, have a a solemn moment for these guys who
bled for the project as we have and who no longer have that opportunity thank you for giving me a slot to talk
sorry didn’t have anything good to look at but please do opt in, the travel
refund is meant to be for everybody so don’t feel like, you know, do I make
enough or not it’s it’s for all of us and so you know if you need help with it
let me know but don’t feel like you shouldn’t sign up because of some
financial purpose. I think it’s the fact that you’ve put in the energy to come
here you should sign up for it, so thank you appreciate it

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