Tribes: Early Civilization Final Thoughts

hey everybody final thoughts time for tribes early civilization which is a blast I really enjoyed this game quite a bit which is really not that surprising me because you know the designer are rusting or rust I don’t know how to say your last name hakonsen a hake in the Sun I’m not quite sure but Rustin was the lead designer on Nations which is in my top 10 games of all time it’s my favorite civilization building game of all time so Rustin knows civilization building and I love love love loved the idea of civilization building games because well hey they scratch one of my most biggest important itches in board-gaming a game that lets you actually take a sense of pride in a caution because you have built something but another thing I love about Civilization games is that there’s an opportunity to tell really interesting stories you know as your civilization in question develops because of whatever technologies and the percentages and events that befall them and you know that they take advantage of you know they become a very interesting and colorful collection of traits and you know seeing my tribe get bigger and bigger like in this game I’m playing you know actually gems was the interesting tribe because she was kind of these peaceniks shaman dog huggers who decided to become nomadic and try to become Raiders but they’re really terrible at it but oh man did they make up for that in the baby-making Department where is me I’m you know I’ve only got a fraction of the overall population but we’re we are weapon wielding despots who really appreciate a good cheese I know I mean the game has kind of if you go in with a bit of a sense of humor about it it’s a hoot I mean I very much enjoy the thematic trappings which come from the fact now I actually love this idea that the tech tree is modular it is randomly generated every time you play that is so delightful so much fun to actually come up with somatic reasons for why ah-hum break through a leads to break through B it just really keeps me and keeps my imagination involved while we’re playing and you know it gives me the opportunity to spin stories and it’s one of my favorite things about board games so very much enjoy it for that and then on top of that I very very very much enjoy this gameplay mechanism that again I mean I’m sure it’s been in other games I mean I know I’ve seen the other games but small world and before it Vinci most famously put this idea out the notion that hey here’s there’s a things you want but if you want to get certain things you got to pay to get them and then that gives other people the opportunity to make those resources back it works brilliantly I’m surprised I don’t see this mechanism in like every fifth game that comes out because it works so great and it works wonderfully well here and creates a bunch of really interesting decisions although I will say as much as I’ve enjoyed this game I mean I played it as a two player and a three player game and it was significantly more fun with three than with two Jen I’m we played his – he said yeah that was fun we enjoyed it you know we play it again but I mean we were like oh my god that was the most amazing thing when I played it as a three player game the the restraints and the constrictions and the decisions that have to go into you know this queue of actions really comes alive and I bet it gets even more interesting when you have four people playing because you know as you have more and more people filling this things up with coins so that the the stuff that people skip over that every nobody wants become that much more valuable that much quicker I think it’s the more players you have in this game the better it’s gonna be I have one other slight issue with the game which is man some of these events are really pretty nasty you know a lot of them deal with strength because in the game strength doesn’t get you anything I mean all these other resources and stats give you’ll make you more powerful give you more points but strength doesn’t do anything except for the fact that a lot of these tiles are about strength and you know none of the tiles that have come out in this run-through I just did we’re particularly bad hey you get points if you’re the strongest hey get to do some extra exploration if you’re the strongest but sooner or later you are going to see you know Oh attack other players everybody else if you take this all other players lose tribes equal to your strength level and the more players you have will first of all that’s gonna be a more interesting thing to take because it affects more people but it’s a mean thing – and there are several of these oh of yeah or no actually that one’s fine or maybe they’re only a few of them but man oh yeah yeah lose three tribes either oh yeah oh force other players to eggs to lose tiles as well based on your strength level the fact that there I mean there are pretty much every event in this deck is gonna be seen every single time you play so there is a race on the strength level both to benefit you for certain events that are cataclysmic but also to be sure that you can attack and really mess other people up it only happens a couple times in the game but it’s funny when I did play the three player game I happen to be the strongest player and while my opponents we’re definitely trying to maneuver to ensure that I didn’t get those strength tiles I did I was stable to get them and you know one player I pretty much I’m not gonna say I took them out of contention but man I definitely set them back because I was so strong and they lost so much when I got to that particular top now that just meant it was incumbent on them to ensure that they didn’t let me get that and again that’s where these coins come in that’s where the game gets so interesting with this queue and again the more players you have the more interesting it is the more inching these events are but so I would say it’s it’s a fun little two-player game but really if you’re gonna be able to play it with three and I’m assuming four that’s when it really really shines and if you don’t mind a little bit not too much but a little bit of take that cutthroat backstabbing thrown in for good measure I think you’re gonna find a lot to like in tribes here it’s incredibly fast playing that’s probably the biggest strength is you’re the turns just go SuperDuper quick and even though it’s coming back around to you very quickly when it’s not your turn you have a lot of planning you can do because you’re really thinking in terms of right well am I gonna take more of a gamble on exploring am I gonna move guys around am I going to exhaust tiles rather than hold on to them because I don’t think I’m ever gonna be able to get up to this third level thing so I don’t need that tile but wait what if I needed for this thing because it hasn’t been revealed yet a lot to think about fun smooth rock solid gameplay mechanisms and the thing I personally enjoyed most a really great storytelling opportunity um you know the game has so much character and flavor and that’s it folks that is tribes really a early civilization and you have any questions comments concerns as always please let me know always have a very very nice day oh I forgot to mention of course so on Kickstarter hit that I if you want to learn more if you want to see what the final game looks like instead of my prototype but hopefully have a good idea of whether the game is right for you whether you want to back it so thanks for watching buddy talk to you later so long [Music]


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