Trump Stooge Craps on Statue of Liberty

>>If you’ve been watching developments in
the Trump Administration immigration policy over the past few years. It’s very easy to see that in this story,
we know who the villain is at this point, but they’re not satisfied. And in an attempt to reach a cartoon super
villain level, they’re taking issue now with even sympathetic poems about immigrants. Ken Cuccinelli, who’s currently the acting
Director of the Citizenship and Immigration Services. Was asked about the famous poem at the base
of the Statue of Liberty. They give me your tired, your poor, and take
a look at his spin on it.>>Would you also agree that Emma Lazarus’s
words etched on the Statue of Liberty, give me your tired, your poor. Are also part of the American ethos?>>They certainly are, give me your tired
and your poor who can stand on their own two feet and who will not become a public charge. That plaque was put on the Statue of Liberty
at almost the same time as the first public charge law was passed, very interesting times.>>Although, you mentioned, the American dream
is built on this idea that this is a place where you can come and build a life.>>It’s part of it.>>It’s part of it, only a part of it? I didn’t know that, so he just literally rewrote
the Statue of Liberty, as long as you’re not gonna be a public charge, costing us money. So all of you suffering from the potato famine,
go back to Ireland where you belong, okay? Go to your s-hole country where there’s a
famine. Okay, we here, we don’t want the government
taking care of anybody, so no poor people, only rich people for now on. No more Irish, no more Italians, right? Cuccinelli? Right, you’re Italian and your ancestors very
likely would have been kicked out under your rule. Did they really come over wealthy, are they
lords or barons of the old empires in Italy? Probably not, probably your parents were poor,
right? And, well, maybe we should think about deporting
you and your entire family, we’ll have to, hey, you know what? Let’s get into the family history of everybody,
because apparently if you’re not rich enough. This country doesn’t want you according to
Trump/Cuccinelli rule. In fact, the last half hour The Young Turks
is just for members, and we members make this show happen. And so in that we’re going to bring on Stevo,
he’s one of our hosts here, one of our employees here. And his family’s Korean, when they came over,
they were dirt poor. And yes, they took some government assistance
while they were on a Green Card.>>In the Trump/Cuccinelli law, they would
have been banned from ever being citizens. You wanna see somebody rage? Watch today’s last half hour of The Young
Turks! In order to do that, members
get an extra half an hour. Now back to Cuccinelli, look, this guy’s deplorable
through and through. If you don’t remember his history-
>>I do.>>When he was in Virginia, the main law that
he tried to pass unsuccessfully, but that he was known for, was to outlaw oral sex.>>No!>>Surely just in a group that he doesn’t
like, right, not overall, for everybody?>>No, everybody, it didn’t matter whether
you were gay or straight, sodomy of all forms, including oral sex. He was trying to make it illegal in the state
of Virginia. So if you have sex in that way, which I imagine
is an enormous percentage of Virginia, given that it is theoretically for lovers.>>percent!>>Okay, he would have arrested almost the
entire state, because he’s a religious, fundamentalist, nut job, and now-
>>Sent them to jail for one to five years!>>Could you imagine? Your Honor, it’s true, I received oral sex. Guilty, go away for four years! What, so insanity, insanity.>>The only person who, other than him, was
excited about that law was, DJ Khaled was gonna move there, but didn’t end up happening.>>Well, back then, there weren’t Incels,
now that there are Incels, they might be excited about it. Woo, then no one else gets to have it, too!>>Okay, so this is the kind of low-life that
Trump finds and fills his government with. And now, the whole point, I love to bring
up that law because it’s so insane. But the second reason is he did it because,
hey, I’m really religious, and I’m gonna impose my religion on you. Well, I’m atheist, I can get all or any kind
of sex I like. No, no, no, no, you gotta to listen to my
religion. Why? Because we live in a free country, okay? But now Mr Religious, all of a sudden Jesus
said if you’re rich, better chance of a camel passing through the eye of a needle. Than a rich man getting into heaven, Jesus
was literally against the rich! Now Cuccineli’s like, if you’re not rich,
you’re not getting in to America, it’s the reverse of the Jesus rule, reverse! And he’s like, well, look, Jesus loved the
rich, and he only wanted the rich to come into the Sacred Land. You don’t believe in Christianity or religion
at all! All you believe in is hate and supporting
the rich donors that gave you the goddamn money in the first place.>>I think they think that the miracles that
Jesus performed were like going up to a person with 20/20 vision. And minorly increasing their acuity, like,
that’s not what he did!>>No.>>He’s helping out the least among us, literally
going to the prostitutes, the lepers and all of that, that’s who he was a fan of.>>No, no, no, you don’t remember the parable
where he goes and makes a millionaire a billionaire?>>mm-hm.>>That’s their insane view of Jesus Christ,
read the Bible, read the Bible!>>Really, I know you want to talk more about
the Bible and that’s totally fine. But I wanna talk a little bit about pop culture,
because I sort of alluded to this and joked about it. The intro where, whenever in like usually
sci fi, whenever they wanna really shock your consciousness. They take an iconic symbol of America and
they pervert it in a little way. In The Handmaid’s Tale, they take the Washington
Monument, they turn it into a cross. In Planet of the Apes, they put an ape on
the Lincoln Memorial. And here he’s taking perhaps the most iconic
poem that serves a function in American politics in society. And turning it as some sort of attack against
people who can’t stand on their own two feet, people who need a little bit of assistance. That is that level, it’s dystopic, the way
that he’s approaching US government.>>Yeah.>>And he’s in charge of it! This isn’t a pundit, this isn’t a candidate,
this is the guy in charge of that process!>>And it’s also Orwellian, so I’m gonna end
on the actual poem, cuz they’ve turned it on it’s head about. Hey, but we don’t want any of your bums, right? So the actual poem is, give me your tired,
your poor, give me your tired, your poor. Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to
me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door. That’s America, that’s America, not Cuccinelli’s
version where it’s a religious theocracy only for the rich. That’s gross, and that is un-American, and
that’s exactly what Cuccinelli and Trump are.


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