United – Fantasy Flights Jingle All the Way

[MUSIC PLAYING] For our Fantasy Flight,
we have the children that will show up here in the
morning, we’ll get them ready and get them prepped here, and
we’ll get them on our flight. So we’re fortunate
enough that we’re going to be able to get
airborne so the kids actually are going to think they’re
actually flying to the North Pole. So sit back, relax, and enjoy
your flight to the North Pole. Welcome to the North Pole. We made it. We’re so happy to
bring you here. When they land, they come
into, actually a hangar they’re going to come into. We’ll have a winter
wonderland waiting for them, so they’ll actually think
they’re at the North Pole when they get back. Can you yell, really
loud, Santa, come out! Santa come out! [CHEERING] Fantasy Flight’s important
for a number of reasons, because it brings all the
United employees together at the local fields,
ground support, personnel, flight attendants,
pilots, mechanics all come together to
help do something nice and give something
back to the community. Biggest thing that we enjoy
the most is all for the kids. So we want to make sure we put
smiles on the children’s faces. So here in San
Antonio, what we do, we partner up with
American Cancer Society. So the children we have
on our flight today are struggling with cancer. So their families
are struggling, the kids are struggling. So we just want to
take this moment today to give a little bit of
joy back into their lives today, especially
for the holidays. And I have to say that they
probably had two or three hours of I don’t feel sick. They can forget
that they’re ill. This day is about
forgetting that. This day is about their parents
seeing a smile on their face, and they’re running
and they’re playing. And we got to give that to them. What a joyful experience. We get to share that with them. And that’s what makes
this so special. I just– I love that
part, because we touch those individual lives. I love the Fantasy
Flight because just to see the smiles on
the children’s faces. To really think that they’re
in a winter wonderland. You know, when they leave
this event, some of them actually really think they
were in the North Pole. The kid looks like
at their dad– this happened a couple of
years ago– dad, it’s magic. If we can just look at this
through our child’s eyes, that’s the blessing. That is our blessing. We just get to smile and hug
them and love them and wish them on their way. Merry Christmas. [MUSIC PLAYING]


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