VADO A CERTALDO Bellissimo Borgo Toscano – Harley Davidson Sportster 883 Iron

Me and Noise are leaving towards Certaldo It’s a village about an hour and a half from here and it’s beautiful I will also try to do some shooting with the drone hoping that in the old Certaldo there is not too much wind I should also fill up with petrol and in order not to do it at the usual petrol station I do it along the way Shout…shout…good morning Go right now Until 2 o’clock tonight I still hadn’t decided where to go today until I saw the article that talked about Certaldo I convinced myself and said “I’m going to Certaldo” Come on Fiat Bravo Be Bravo Bye Bravo (I’m singing a popular Italian song) As soon as I woke up this morning I thought it was a beautiful day, the window just opened and I saw these clouds The only thought was: I take Noise and blow these clouds away See you soon because we have already done this stretch of road together many times Bye guys Unfortunately we will do a lot of highway because I didn’t organize myself but I like these things at the last minute so much The most important thing is to get to Certaldo What a strange wrecker Fuckin hole Now I have to do some state road even if it takes away the pleasure of the curves in motion Damn it Pisa-Livorno direction I hope to get out of this road soon Come on No stress One more blow and my lungs are in my throat 600 mt and I go out…yeah I love it No signs for Certaldo Right way at this point the view sucks a little I would be a half man without my Noise Yesterday I went to work by motorbike and parked it well in sight People passed by and looked at it and I thought “touch it and I detach your finger” Nobody should touch you I don’t know how you do it but I consider it as a person Let’s go Buy Golf A liter of petrol costs € 1,55 To take a ride like this it is better not to think about how much you spend So far I have made few curves, but it is always better than a highway Come on come on Here I slow down otherwise I end up in there What? Do you remember when I walked through the vineyards? It was right there No way No no No way…what a fuck video link above With the sun cyclists come out like snails after the rain I’m on Certaldo direction It’s the first time I’ve read it on a road sign Hey Ricca, where do you want to go? To plow the field? Beautiful landscape as always around here Today these holes really broke me Awesome Last time I went over there and today I’m going over here Can I come in? Will it be abandoned? I think I’ll make a bad impression This staircase is not perfect I love it There is a gentleman, I have to leave That curve Wow Wonderful landscape I can only say Wow I don’t have a favorite panorama I like them all I am always fascinated by these beautiful views The stress caused by the Chinese is returning to China Go back…go back Olive trees and vineyards as far as the eye can see 3 km to Certaldo I’m really curious to see it even if I think I’ve already been there Damn it…fuckin hole It’s a day to forget today for the holes Here there is no Wow effect in fact the most beautiful part is the old one Block here, detach here, remove here I need to eat A ticket please…thank you Here it is Tuscany, like Umbria, is full of these villages which maintain their medieval origins Walking here you have to get lost because it is a really relaxing and peaceful place Here with me in my backpack or my Mavic Mini before leaving, I see if I can fly with him This is the view that exists with all the beautiful Tuscan hills but on this side it is even more beautiful A new friend Asshole Look at those palace In these places you can really breathe history Do you see this way? In the summer in June they do two long shit all the way and people eat typical medieval food here Medieval hanging clothes I have already walked all over old Certaldo and it was worth it First for the street to get here Second this village must be seen On this way Now I take my Mavic Mini and fly The video I don’t upload it here but I’ll do it separately and I’ll put it in the DJ Mavic mini playlist in my channel I put the drone back in place because I have to go home How come it doesn’t work? I was wrong side I have the wagon all to myself See you in the saddle Noise in 3…2…1 Unfortunately you are seeing that I am already at home and not riding Noise I had the microphone in the helmet and the microphone adapter attached to the GoPro but as a good imbecile I didn’t attack them together So I had an hour of ride while talking all the time and in the end I was talking alone Bad luck went well because the journey to get there and Certaldo we saw them Thank you for staying with me. Subscribe to the channel and click on the Bell to stay up to date Bye guys


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