Vi at Bentley Village’s Flying Solo Social Club

(Music) Hello. Hello. (Laughing) My name is Helen Wright. My name is Shirley Hartman (Music) Helen Wright: I just found it … When I first came in as a single woman, it’s very intimidating. Shirley Hartman: So we know what it feels like. (Music) Lynn Smith: Flying Solo is really a social group. It’s just a perfect way to meet new people, especially when you’re new. Some of my best friends I’ve made through that. Nancy Sargent: Just nice to feel like you have your own group. Helen Wright: But as I say, we have some people who come forever and they just love it. (Music) Nancy Sargent: Lots of laughter and talking and visiting. Lynn Smith: And we said Shirley and Helen had a bright idea. Just caught on, caught on fast. Shirley Hartman: One time we had over 40. Helen Wright: Yes, you’re right. We had 44 or something. Everybody was flabbergasted. Shirley Hartman: The more the merrier. Helen Wright: And we just get there and float around and have fun. (Music)

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