VIRGO HORÓSCOPO SEMANAL 2 AL 8 DE DICIEMBRE 2019 + Pregunta Interactiva Tarot

virgo welcome to your weekly reading of 2 to December 8 My congratulations Warriors virgo you have been the first video to be published since have been those who have I had more seen in the previous week this is to keep it in the same way because I want to give a surprise the first videos that leave disclosures for 2020 first four months will be of first videos of this week’s first videos that are 2 to 8 December in the same order then I will publish disclosures for 2020 start working on them so I hope that you share this video because This is where you have to move my Warriors virgo for that so then are inside the first to be published for revelations of the 2020 predictions of the new year I am you jot and jot’re here in my channel tarot I want to invite you to subscribe to activate the bell for you to arrive all my notifications remember me your name and country to keep you in mind when I’m doing my meditations before these readings start virgo want to start giving advice from your spirit guides remember is the weekly reading that’s you think you’re in any situation happening at this moment some you’re having a problem response you need and very taste then here’s my book j tarot tips to guide you in Description is all information how you can get the message you are acting as if they were actually that both want want to be a father You want to be a mother You want to achieve a dream at work because you have to start acting and live as if he had achieved that goal that way then you attract those energies your life and connect your present your future and start to bring it and will manifest in this so that If there say there is also a saying that goes something and get dressed for the position you want not for you currently have and something similar to this reading with this message coming to you that so then you can manifest as fast and for others or for you could be the answer also saying of course that that you have been wishing that they have dear to them manifest by Of course you will realize I want to see what will be your energy This week my warriors virgo or anything they want to talk to two cards He came the letter of love and morality to the backhand and you went crazy letter the reverse also you know that I usually do not read letters to the reverse but I’ll give the message to me are indicating your guides think your moral will be tested during this week I want you to know that some of you will be present opportunity to advance power grow in your life to take a big step in your professional life or your life loving but it seems that here will be something in between are telling me to tell you my Warriors Virgo this week not All that glitters is gold and the message that is coming to me from your guides is careful to sell your soul to the devil obviously has to be literal that you are going to be a pact or anything like that please I was scared but you are indicating there is a person who will put to a certain test and I will say we look offer you have this position but so you can get it you have to so do me a favor will be something there this week where they will get to test where your moral ethics your professional ethics as individual your morality as a human being will be test and has to do with something new you will start in your life some of you are telling me your guides who could be facing a a situation which could find someone who makes you a proposal to have an affair but change something and what came to mind at that moment my guides what They were playing and I were saying it is as if a person tells you good to me and I marry you fix the papers that can stay in this Equis country because no matter country which country here it seems someone is to be testing their morality where you will be asking for a favor change anything but will be well complicated It is also such as to be a person named in political office but the person who is naming He’s saying I’m supporting good with this money so that you stay in that position to have campaign but I want you later when you have in that position to give me hand and help me certain things with certain laws what I’m doing can go to that end great as can be something as simple as proposals who told you about someone He wants to test you regarding I marry well with me and I give you arrangements papers or have this position I work but instead I have to Please make careful with that let’s see my warriors looking at chart it fell to you is in the letter my virgo warriors who came to him I was talking about this letter you still want to keep talking about that situation you can put on a Legal problem very attentive because my beans virgo this situation of morality of this new opportunity that will present but which’ll have to pay a price I could take you to sneak around to face against the justice maybe not now but all that You will come to light at some point and Here you are indicating that you by This situation could be facing to justice for here in these moments I do not say if you are staying in jail or are in trouble if you go but careful with these temptations because You could grab the police could grab at that time as some of these people my warriors This means relaxed not say this is what will happen to you is this situation will present it so if you do not want to be involved in legal trouble because you turn back and do not listen to people like that It is that I’m not decreeing anything that you’re noticing what You can come Now let’s see the energies of your family you had only a little this part of the introduction I ask apologies did not intend to spend so long in this section but your guides have asked me to definitely This message because you need hear my warriors and glass that all the world like I am Here are sending your family looks like out the letter of the trial justice judgment and your friendships chart moon has to be very careful could also be a family because looks back out this letter to you talks about judgment and remember that I read the letters depending on the message I get from part of their spiritual guides textually these letters could have a meaning that goes to a place or to another I I use it as a key receives the message from your guides and then I am the message here me They are indicating that it could be a person with whom you are related friendship friendship friendship could be a person of your cousins ​​family brothers brothers sisters that could be sending you this information or making you this proposal much attention because we know that comes from people close to you people you know with the letter of your friends letter moon in position of your friends tells you to there will be a gap and separating you’ll be discovering what the real are intentions of the people who are around you calling themselves friends that’s that you are inviting these letters although definitely pay attention that because it can come from the side of your can come from family as part of your Friendships are also telling me you have a family which could be the person who has healthy judgment is telling you not know You goals is to come up with anything waves that Virgo people do not leave there and there a friendship that is pulling you come come for here I’ll do this we will do this business this is going to be fine careful to travel and be carrying things that are not yours Okay let’s see what the energies are this your work week there is the card for you if you working out the letter you and 8 of clubs if you are seeking employment leaves you the letter of 6 gold medals if you are in a relationship you have 6 of clubs and If you’re single letter of the Knight of Pentacles well If you’re working on right now There are no messages Communication News calls have to be very aware these opportunities you will be presenting at work my Warriors virgo because definitely this week they make a call can be a wake-up call or it may be that you are receiving this proposed this reading very strong brand for that proposal at work so close attention to these energies can You are receiving messages calls You have been waiting also from the abroad could be in need for an important meeting if you leaves you seeking employment letter 6 de Oros me are indicating that this it will be a week where you could be doing some kind of temporary work a job where you will be paying for hours and I are saying that it can be quite a job enslaving and which you have to then take great care and much careful that you do not go to exhaust because you are indicating that it will be heavy work pay will not be enough but seem to work extended hours and an opportunity you go this week and it seems that It is definitely recommended for you you take it because it will help at least balance a little entries regarding money If you’re in a relationship you have the letter of 6 of Wands appears that some of you might be celebrating during This week some kind of anniversary and either anniversary of when they first met a wedding anniversary could be thinking about doing some kind of or holding some kind of meeting talk about these things might Also to be being invited you an activity which is performed not necessarily celebration of you Doing so may be a third party where you are being invited but I tell me here that you will do as I see recognition as a person who is rising and He is speaking grabbing a microphone and is thanking you It could be the wedding of some of its then children and their children are here rising to thank therefore for the upbringing given to them by see all their teachings that there is a person who is very grateful to you and you as a couple they will to know If you are single letter for you this week is the letter of the Knight of Pentacles Letter Golds Knight tells you since you could estarle doing an invitation to a person or person could be you making a invitation to you during this week invitation looks you have good seems intent here it is going to be one situation to the where they can perhaps person required to pay you half and half and maybe some of you that like to lower them as the mood or lower as the trip but there is a situation money and respect that appointment may you do not have enough money and gives you worth tell the person who can not pay half and half because you’re this week payment has not been very good or this fortnight your payment has not been very good or this month has not been very good your payment as it depends on you coppers Money in your country and this is an opportunity you do not want squander seems to be someone who really strikes you as well trying to be honest this time you invite that person and the next time it we invite you recalls that at the end you have a Interactive question will be using my new cards cards Angels these letters are responses angels and this amount I have are here to You say can have different messages reconsiders choose a new direction if it is not safe if you do not stop no So these are going to be I’ll use from now on hope are more like them are 44 these are they answer no questions CiU before reaching that question not me despair will see what the lucky numbers for you this week have 8 7 have 5 and 4 you can then play with 87 and 54 and the lucky day for you this Week one day where you can be receiving good news or news impactful will be the day Sunday so very attentive to the energies have the day Sunday we will spend that now the question Interactive I’ll get you out of these two cards meantime you can start thinking about your question right now can Pressing pause is a question of whether or no and then come back when I revealed the we are ready option to option b You can ask a question for both letters or you can make a yes or not for each letter we will see if you made the choice to what the answer for you, the answer is clear and simple is not If you took is b what the answer for you wow if some of you tried to juegavivo or take the play alive I want you to know that is the letters you They are not giving two the strong and radical negative procedure in these moments the answer for you is not on screen now they appear like the these videos that I recommend this monthly video on my channel tarot iota secondary side stores and from here is my website can give click and that way you know the different private consultations and offer different prices I am jot and you decree a week full plenty of light and progress


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