We Are Duke Environment: A Community of Purpose and Passion

(happy music) – Hi, I’m Toddi Steelman. Our world today is changing rapidly, and the environmental challenges we face are growing increasingly complex. At the Nicholas School, we’re
a community of innovators, doers, dreamers, and disruptors. A community united in our purpose to address these complex challenges and have a positive impact on the world. As a Master of Environmental Management or a Master of Forestry
student at the Nic School, you can pursue your passion for exploring complex
environmental problems in a real and purposeful way. You will be immersed in a school culture that is academically
rigorous and career oriented. You will interact with other students who are highly motivated, and professors who are
among the most influential in their fields today. The expertise of our 70
full time faculty members spans 16 focal areas ranging from energy, environmental health,
and marine resources, to forestry, biodiversity, climate change, and environmental economics and policy. Our faculty design courses
that address the most pressing environmental issues of today, and give students the knowledge and training needed to help solve them. Our state-of-the-art classrooms,
labs, and internships, help you develop the skill and experience employers are looking for, and apply them in real world settings. (happy music) The 7,000 acre Duke forest
is right in your backyard for field courses,
research and recreation. And you can take classes
and conduct research at the Duke University Marine lab, one of the world’s top ranked
Marine research facilities, located on the beautiful
North Carolina coast. When you graduate, you will
join a tight knit community of thousands of Nic School alums working to forge a
sustainable future worldwide. Nicholas School couldn’t
have a better university to call home. Duke is world renowned for it’s commitment to putting knowledge in
the service of society and walking the walk when it
comes to carbon neutrality and other environmental issues. There’s always something
happening on campus from academic and professional activities to cultural events and
watching Duke basketball in the legendary Cameron indoor stadium. (happy music) As a student of the Nicholas
School in the 1990s, I wanted something more than a degree. I wanted skills, I wanted knowledge, and I wanted community. But I also wanted a career that
would align with my values. If that’s what you’re looking for, then the Nicholas School
is also the place for you. I hope you’ll join us this fall at one of our admission
events or open houses. Or in person this spring
at our visitation weekend. (happy music)

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